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  • Downdraft Booths
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    Downdraft Booths

    By Diversitech

    The DD 2x4 downdraft booth provides an all-in-one solution for the capture and collection of airborne particulate, overspray and fumes from many industrial applications. The table comes with a 48” high enclosure ...

  • Ducted Downdraft Table
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    Ducted Downdraft Table

    By Diversitech

    This modular, heavy-duty 3x4 downdraft table draws contaminants away from the operators breathing zone through the perforated grating. An integrated baffle tray maintains even velocity over the operator’s working ...

  • Mini Wet Downdraft Table
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    Mini Wet Downdraft Table

    By Diversitech

    The MONSOON™ Wet Downdraft Table is the most cost-effective, high performance and compact wet dust collection solution on the market. Diversitech’s self-contained design allows operators to fill up the dust ...

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    Pyradia was founded in 1973 initially conceiving and manufacturing industrial ovens & furnaces, slowly becoming a specialist in aluminum heat ...