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Dust Control Sprayers equipment for Air and Climate

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    Shred-Tech - Plant-Based Document Destruction Systems (DDS)

    Our Document Destruction Systems have been engineered to fit into your existing facility using a modular design philosophy. They are engineered to integrate seamlessly with your Mobile Shredding and Collection Trucks. Our innovative and patent pending Securistak systems are offered on both the DDS-35 and DDS-75.

    By Shred-Tech Corp. based in Cambridge, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Plant-Based Document Destruction Systems (DDS) Product line

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    HAAS - Model TYRON 2000XL - Double Shaft Slow Speed Shredder

    The most versatile shredder on the market is now available in North America, exclusively from Shred-Tech. The Haas Tyron 2000 Xl is available in capacities ranging from 25 tons per hour to 100 tons per hour depending on the application and material. Available options include: stationary, trailer or track mounting, hopper extensions, cross belt ...

    By Shred-Tech Corp. based in Cambridge, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Shredding Systems - Primary Shredders Product line

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    Piranha - Industrial Water Cannons

    Industrial water cannons provide a means for an individual to deliver massive water streams. This feat cannot be accomplished by any other type of equipment. Our high-pressure water cannons are the original single flow path water cannon. Other single waterway cannons are merely imitations of our design. Don’t be fooled into purchasing a dual ...

    By Piranha Pumps & Dredges - Equipment Specialties Co., Inc. based in Albuquerque, NEW MEXICO (USA). from Other Products Product line

  • Sly - Venturi Wet Scrubber

    The Sly Venturi scrubber efficiently collects fine particulate and mists. Scrubbing liquid is atomized into fine droplets which entrap particles. Adjustable throats for efficiency optimization are standard. Capacities to 76,000+ CFM per unit.

    By Sly, Inc. based in Strongsville, OHIO (USA). from Wet Scrubbers Product line

  • Italfog - Ventilation/ Fans

    Italfog is a leading provider of misting fans systems and pumps for residential and commercial use. Italfog misting fans are designed for effective climate control for small medium and big areas. The misting fans are suitable for cooling, humidification and limited dust control application.

    By Italfog based in Reggio, ITALY. from Ventilation / Fans Product line

  • AirPol - Absorption Spray Towers

    AirPol’s acid gas absorbers or packed absorber have demonstrated long-term compliance with Federal Maximum Achievable Control Technologies (MACT) and Best Available Control Technologies (BACT) Standards.

    By AirPol based in Ramsey, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Acid Gas Absorbers Product line

  • Enviroflex - Model MK2400 - Industrial Electronic Air Cleaner

    The MK2400 Air Cleaners are Industrial Self-Contained Electronic Air Cleaners that can be installed for general ventilation or ducted for source capture. They are highly effective for the removal of smoke, dust, fumes and oil mist down to a size of .01 micron. The units incorporate a life long filtration system that only needs to be washed. There ...

    By Enviroflex International Inc. based in Buffalo, NEW YORK (USA).

  • HORIBA - Model FIA-510 - Online Process

    Employs FID method featuring superb response characteristics and stability. Allows highly sensitive and highly precise continuous measurement. Measurement can be performed in 7 ranges and in a range ratio of 0 to 10/30,000 ppm C, making it possible to safisfy a wide variety of applications.

    By HORIBA Europe GmbH based in Leichlingen, GERMANY. from Process & Environmental - Process Product line

  • O.D.S. - Fixed Nozzle

    Oodur and Dust Solutions can supply various systems for odour control and dust control. The fixed system for odour control can be fitted indoors or outdoors to allow neutraliser or fragrance to be sprayed.

    By Odour and Dust Solutions Ltd based in Stewarton, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Full Cone Nozzles

    There is a distinction between axialflow full cone nozzles and tangential full cone nozzles. Tangential full cone nozzles operate without swirl insert and are therefore particularly non-clogging.

    By Lechler GmbH based in Metzingen, GERMANY. from General Industry Products Product line

  • Lead Grip

    Lead Grip was created for lead dust control during the demolition of structures containing lead paint. Simply spray one coat on to surfaces that have lead paint. Lead Grip has a sticky finish that prevents lead dust particles from becoming airborne during the demolition process.

    By LEAD TEST Home Analysis Services based in Edinburgh, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Dust Control Misting Systems

    Probe Industries USA's Rotary Atomizer is a revolutionary wet dust suppression system that uses less water and electricity to control dust than nozzle based systems. The Rotary Atomizer is a low pressure, no-nozzle misting system that produces a spray which covers a remarkable 90 feet by using a spinning head to produce millions of microscopic ...

    By Probe Industries USA. based in Jay, MAINE (USA).

  • Sentinal Misting System

    The Sentinal is a 2.5 meter high, floor mounted, stand-alone unit. The Sentinal is secured to either a concrete base or similar fixed-level surface using Rawl bolts or clamps. The unit can be located internally or externally for odour & dust control. The Static Sentinal gives a linear spray of between 20 and 30 meters with a 10 degree ...

    By Probe Industries USA. based in Jay, MAINE (USA).

  • Combo - Combined Sweeps-Scrubs-Dries

    Combo, the latest generation combined unit, arises from the philosophy of RCM, which, for over 40 years, has been manufacturing all of its sweepers with frontal operator positions and natural driving, thanks to the front directional wheel which ensures a maximum visibility, manoeuvrability and safety.

    By RCM S.p.A based in Casinalbo, ITALY. from Combined Product line

  • FullJet - Standard Spray Nozzles

    No other supplier can match our broad range of spray nozzles. You can choose from tens of thousands of options and get the exact performance you need for your cooling, coating, cleaning, lubricating, humidifying, dust control and fire protection applications. Our popular FullJet, VeeJet, WhirlJet and SpiralJet nozzles are industry standards and ...

    By Spraying Systems Co. based in Wheaton, ILLINOIS (USA). from Spray Nozzles Product line

  • Andela - Model GP2-HD - Glass Pulverizer System

    Andela’s highest output glass pulverizer, the GP-2HD features a twin barrel design capable of processing up to 20 tons of waste glass per hour. This unit uses patented flexible impactor technology to selectively reduce glass material while leaving non-glass contaminants (paper labels, metal caps, corks, etc.) intact for hands free removal ...

    By Andela Products based in Richfield Springs, NEW YORK (USA). from Glass Pulverizer Systems Product line

  • O.D.S. - Mobile Atomiser

    Odour and Dust can supply mobile spray machines for odour control or dust control. Each mobile atomiser unit has an extendable mast, fan assisted rotary atomiser, 1100 litre bowser. Mobile atomiser units can be mounted on a road trailer or site trailer for ease of movement around the working area. As a self contained mobile atomiser unit it has ...

    By Odour and Dust Solutions Ltd based in Stewarton, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Flat Spray

    Flat spray nozzles are one of the most common nozzles in use today. Available in virtually any material and numerous spray angles, the pattern generated by this type of nozzle concentrates the fluid in a thin line. Not all flat sprays are created equal! Spray nozzle design and precision machining have a significant effect on the stability of the ...

    By Technical Products and Services based in Blairstown, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Spray Nozzle Product line

  • ADLER - Model K 600 - Sweeper

    The ADLER K 600 offers you an ideal price-performance ratio. We’ve combined the brush diameter, the hopper capacity and the mounting options so that the K 600 has all that you need: outstanding cleaning results at a reasonable price.

    By ADLER Arbeitsmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG based in Nordwalde, GERMANY. from Sweepers Product line

  • Ultra Ever Dry

    Ultra-Ever Dry is a superhydrophobic (water) and oleophobic (hydrocarbons) coating that will completely repel almost any liquid. Ultra-Ever Dry uses proprietary nanotechnology to coat an object and create a barrier of air on its surface. This barrier repels water, oil and other liquids unlike any coating seen before. The other breakthrough ...

    By MEP Environmental Products based in Winnipeg, MANITOBA (CANADA). from Environmental and Spill Containment Product line

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