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    Macpresse - Dust Collection System

    The press can be equipped with a dust extraction systems which are formed during the pressing cycle. A screw system reinserts the powder into the compaction chamber. This system improves the air quality in the ‘working environment.

    By Macpresse Europa S.R.L based in Vernate, ITALY. from Accessories Product line

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    Air Conveyor & Dust Collection Systems

    REI offers systems for trim removal as well as dust collection and control.

    By Recycling Equipment Inc. (REI) based in Newton, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Others Products Product line

  • Twister - Model RP1 - Dust Collection Systems

    Micro Air RP1 Twister single cartridge, 1000 CFM collector is the ideal choice for capturing contaminants in welding, grinding, routing, or bag-filling stations.

    By Micro Air based in Wichita, KANSAS (USA). from Dust Collection Systems Product line

  • ECGRACE - Dust Collecting System

    SpecificationsApplication: Cement plant ,Steel plant electric furnace ,firing system Dust Type: Cement Specificationsindustrial dust collector 1.High efficiency and low cost 2.Compact design collector 3.Long using life 4.Small area coveredWoodworkingCement productionPowder processingSteel meltingMaterial handlingPrimary metals, including ...

    By Zhejiang Grace Envirotech Co., Ltd based in XIAOSHAN, CHINA. from Dust Collector Equipment Product line

  • Dust Collection System

    Dust collected to minimize dispersion into the environment

    By TES-AMM based in Irvine, UNITED KINGDOM. from Pollution Control Equipment Systems Product line

  • JDB Dense Flow - Dust Collection Systems

    JDB Dense Flow Dust Collection Systems consist of two styles of compact bin vents which range in capabilities from 252 - 1856 CFM.  All JDB bin vent models feature a compact design, clean pulse technology, easy cartridge removal, and spun bond filter cartridge media.  All units use a minimum of 3 filter cartridges to allow for sufficent cleaning ...

    By J.D.B. Dense Flow Inc. based in Palm Harbor, FLORIDA (USA).

  • Kernic - Dust Collection Systems

    Kernic Systems is committed to assisting you with solutions to provide a clean work place environment for today and tomorrow. As a designer and supplier of complete Dust Collection Systems, our high quality equipment and exacting engineering standards deliver you a OneSource solution to your clean air requirements.

    By Kernic Systems Inc. based in Burlington, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Fiber Recovery & Recycling Systems Product line

  • Model DCC Series - Vertical Cartridges Dust Collection Systems

    The Airex Industries line of 26' vertical cartridges dust collection systems offer extremely efficient economical systems due to the continuous venturi assisted reverse pulse jet cleaning system. The system allows on line cleaning without significant loading thus maintaining constant internal static pressure levels.

    By Airex Industries Inc based in Laval, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Cartridge Dust Collector Product line

  • Dustkop Pull-Through Cyclone Dust Collection Systems

    The pull-through cyclone separator is one of the most efficient metal or wood dust collectors available for its cost. It is available up to 20 HP and is recommended for more abrasive materials. The SN Series dust collector cyclones shown here are equipped with top mounted motors and fans which pull contaminated air into the cyclone through the ...

    By Aget Manufacturing Company based in Adrian, MICHIGAN (USA). from Dust Collectors Product line

  • Martin - Passive Dust Bag Collection System

    Passive dust collection system installs above conveyor loading zone to capture dust without energy-consuming fan; when loading stops, the Martin® Dust Bag relaxes to return material to belt.

    By Martin Engineering based in Neponset, ILLINOIS (USA). from Filtration Product line

  • Direct Drive Cyclone & Belt Drive Industrial Dust Collection Equipment & Systems

    The basic push-through DUSTKOP is a cyclone type dust collector, which forces contaminated air through the unit at high velocity, creating a vortex or cyclone action. This vortex causes the dry particles from the air stream to drop via gravity into a drum or hopper. The clean air that rises through the center can then be circulated back into the ...

    By Aget Manufacturing Company based in Adrian, MICHIGAN (USA). from Dust Collectors Product line

  • Baghouses - Fabric Dust Collectors

    Baghouse.com Brand dust collectors are known the world over as the most powerful and longest lasting Baghouses available. Standard value-added features include such as larger inlet diffusers to prevent hopper turbulence, re-entrainment and facilitate material drop-out. Our Baghouses also include an added expanded quiescent free-board zone between ...

    By Baghouse.com based in Las Vegas, NEVADA (USA). from Dust Collection Systems Product line

  • Bag Dump Station

    Cyclonaire’s Bag Dump Station offers safe and simple handling of bagged materials in a dust free environment. The operator-friendly design includes bi-fold hinged door, heavy-duty bag support grate, and easy bag piercing. Self-contained fan and self-cleaning pulse jet style filter elements trap fugitive dust for recycling. The unit has a ...

    By Cyclonaire Corporation based in York, NEBRASKA (USA). from Dust Collection Product line

  • TubeJet - Pulse Jet Dust Collectors

    Sly TubeJet dust collectors offer you on-line cleaning with a steady pressure drop. Bag changes are exceptionally easy with our  'no tools required ' design. We offer a full range of collector designs and media choices to solve the toughest pollution control problems involving high temperatures, pressures and corrosives. Capacities to ...

    By Sly Filters Europe Ltd based in Leicester,, UNITED KINGDOM. from Baghouse Dust Collection Systems Product line

  • Pactecon - Envelope Filter Collectors

    Sly Pactecon dust collectors offer air pollution control advantages only available with envelope bags: low headroom, outside bag removal and compact overall size. Additional advantages are continuous operation with off-line cleaning, and downflow design which leads to long bag life. Easy installation; bags shipped installed. Capacities to 100,000+ ...

    By Sly Filters Europe Ltd based in Leicester,, UNITED KINGDOM. from Baghouse Dust Collection Systems Product line

  • Scientific Dust Collectors - Model SDT - Downdraft Table is a Self Contained Collection System

    Scientific Dust Collectors (SDT) Downdraft Table is a self contained collection system that is ergonomically designed to  provide a clean and safe working environment. It is ideal for grinding, polishing, sanding, buffing, and any manual finishing operations. It is a heavy duty work base table that can handle a capacity of up to 3000 lbs ...

    By Scientific Dust Collectors based in Alsip, ILLINOIS (USA). from Cartridge Dust Collectors Product line

  • Cyclone Collectors

    Cyclone Collectors are often employed as an Initial Stage Collector to lighten heavy dusts loads before being sent to a Primary Stage Fabric Collector. By removing coarse particles from the gas stream, and allowing later stage Fabric Collectors to solely remove finer particles, these collectors increase the efficiency and service life of Fabric ...

    By Baghouse.com based in Las Vegas, NEVADA (USA). from Dust Collection Systems Product line

  • Dust Pro - Model 455DR - Dust Collectors

    T&H’s Dust Pro Collection is the ideal solution for dry dust or fume removal. They can be used for light dust, abrasive blasting, heavy loads, and granular dust or fumes. The cartridges mount vertically and are available in a variety of filter choices. This versatility allows for an accurate selection of the media type specific to the ...

    By T & H Industries, Inc. based in DeKalb, ILLINOIS (USA). from Dust Collectors Product line

  • Herding - Model Comp - Filter Unit

    The Herding COMP stands for space-saving, compact units for volumetric flows of up to 6000 m³/h. The housing consists of a rugged steel structure. A vertical slotted plate divides the housing into a raw gas compartment and a front-end clean gas compartment. The Herding filter elements are installed horizontally and fastened to the slotted ...

    By Herding GmbH Filtertechnik based in Amberg, GERMANY. from Dust Collection - Filter Units Product line

  • Portable Air Cleaner

    Our portable air cleaner, the MAX MOBILAIR, offers you high filtration efficiency with the convenience of portability as these units can be moved as the workflow dictates. Conceived for the control of smoke and other airborne contaminants, the filter system is capable of capturing particles as small as .5 microns. The base model incorporates a ...

    By Texas Electronics Canada Inc. based in QUEBEC (CANADA). from Dust, Fume And Mist Collection Product line

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