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  • Diesel Catalysts
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    Diesel Catalysts

    By IBIDEN Porzellanfabrik Frauenthal GmbH

    SCR diesel catalysts are highly efficient in reducing NOx in diesel exhaust emissions. As a result they enable diesel engines to comply with the statutory emission limits. They not only relieve the burden on the ...

  • Open Loop System
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    Open Loop System

    By EcoSpray Technologies S.r.l.

    The ECO-EGC OPEN LOOP system, uses only seawater to neutralize the SO2 contained in the exhaust gas. The efficiency of the system always meets and even exceeds the IMO limits for both gas emissions and wash water ...

  • Diesel Oxidation Catalysts
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    Diesel Oxidation Catalysts

    By Nett Technologies Inc

    M-Series DOC`s utilize a precious metal diesel oxidation catalyst bonded to a monolithic, `flow-through` catalyst core. The cores are made of corrugated, high-temperature resistant stainless steel foil packaged into ...

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  • Cummins Inc.  - Cummins Emission Solutions

    Cummins Inc. - Cummins Emission Solutions

    Cummins Emission Solutions is a global leader in designing, manufacturing and integrating exhaust aftertreatment technology and solutions for the ...

  • Synergy Catalyst

    Synergy Catalyst

    We specialize in manufacturing emission catalysts custom-tailored to your specific needs. Whether your final solution is to be applied to a single ...

  • BASF Catalysts

    BASF Catalysts

    BASF’s Catalysts division is the global market leader in catalysis. The division develops and produces mobile emissions catalysts as well as process ...