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Land - Model 4500 MkIII - Opacity and Dust Emissions Compliance Monitor

by AMETEK Land     Office in Chao Yang District, CHINA

The Land Model 4500 MkIII has reset the industry standard on compliance opacity and dust concentration measurement. Combining the unique features of three patented technologies, the 4500 MkIII achieves the highest available specification for the principal performance parameters, as defined by the internationally recognized ASTM Standard D 6216-07.

Land - Model 4200 - Non-Compliance Dust Emissions Monitor

by AMETEK Land     Office in Chao Yang District, CHINA

The Model 4200 is a compact smoke, dust and particulate monitor for measuring dust emission concentrations on industrial processes and non-compliance applications. This dust monitor is ideally suited to multiprocess plants with common exhaust stacks.

StackGuard - Dust Emission Measuring System

by Sigrist-Photometer AG     Distributor in VIETNAM

The StackGuard continuously monitors the scatted light intensity of an extracted, withdrawn sample of gas. The laser light source minimized stray light and improves sensitivity to the µg/m³ level, the filtered purge air prevents from window soiling. A calibration check is performed by means of a checking rod. The sample air is led out ...

Particulate Scrubber for Industrial Emissions Control

by Babcock & Wilcox MEGTEC     Office in Jiuting Town, CHINA

Wet particulate scrubbers can be used to separate particulate from a flue gas stream, thereby reducing particulate emissions. B&W MEGTEC offers wet particulate scrubbers, including B&W’s Turbulaire® and Microdyne scrubber designs and the TurboVenturi scrubber to control emissions from many industrial process operations, including ...

DUSTHUNTER - Model T50 - Transmittance Dust Measuring Devices

by Sick     Office in Mumbai, INDIA

The DUSTHUNTER T50 is an economic measuring device for dust at medium to high concentrations in gases above the dew point. Transmittance is the basic measuring value. Opacity and extinction can be calculated and displayed as well as the dust concentration after gravimetric calibration.

DUSTHUNTER - Model C200 - Transmittance Dust Measuring Devices

by Sick     Office in Mumbai, INDIA

The DUSTHUNTER C200 is a type-approved measuring device which combines the advantages of the measuring principles of transmittance and forward scattered light. It is, therefore, ideal for measuring very low to high dust concentrations. Automatic self-alignment optimizes the position of the measuring beam and prevents incorrect measurement. An ...

Dust Detection Devices

by SWR engineering Messtechnik GmbH     Office in Chaoyang Dist, CHINA

ProSens was specially developed to carry out reliable dust measurement on clean sides after filters. The measuring device provides measurement values for dust concentration, either as a trend signal or as absolute values for emission measurement.

Model CVA-1030 - Dust Collector

by Chiko Airtec     Office in Osaka-fu, JAPAN

Dust, more dense than the air, penetrates inside the cyclone over the top. It is caught in a circular movement towards the partition and fall inside the container by gravity. The clean air and micro-particulates go to the cyclone central zone in an inverted circular movement and are evacuated towards the dust collector. A second cyclone separates ...

Laoshan Electric - Model WJ-60B - Type WJ-60B Full-automatic Pitot Tube Sampler for Fume and Smoke Dust

by China Qingdao Huankong Equipment Co,.Ltd.     based in Qingdao , CHINA

The stack emission sampler is used to sample the stack dust and measure the gas concentration.It used Isokinetic method. Compact,ergonomic and safe.

Electrostatic Precipitators (ESP)

by FLSmidth A/S - Airtech     Office in Tamil Nadu, INDIA

FLSmidth’s electrostatic precipitator (ESP) technology is designed to match fabric filters in efficiency, delivering highly reliable dust emission control down to 5mg/Nm³.

Electric Bag Filter

by Intensiv-Filter Himenviro GmbH     Office in Nodia, INDIA

The superior technology of bag filters has already caught up with the advantages of electrostatic precipitators. In particular, compliance with current - and in the future even more stringent - typical values for the dust emission is not observed with electrostatic precipitators. Plant operators have still propagated without braking interest in ...

Air Slides

by Chuangshiji Filter Materials Co.,Ltd     based in Yingkou, CHINA

Air Slide Fabric, is a transporter for carrying fine-grain powder in bulk at a very low velocity and also at a high velocity as per need of the individual industry. Carrying of fine dry products like Cement is a unique example. It can also carry Fly Ash, Iron Powder, Gypsum. This transport system consumes less energy and demand low attention for ...

Spark - Air Filter for Smoke

by LOSMA S.p.A.     Office in District: Pune, INDIA

SPARK i san air filter for smoke and gas emissions for machine tools. Suitable for thermal and/or electric processing which generate smoke, odours and light dusts: cutting, engraving and marking machines with laser light and low temperature welding, in the absence of liquids. This air filter is also ideal in small laboratories thanks to its small ...

Amisy - Radiator Fin Crushing & Separating Line

by Amisy Metal Recycling Machinery     based in Zhengzhou, CHINA

The Introduction of Radiator Fin Crushing & Separating LineLarge Capacity Radiator Fin Crushing and Separating Line is specially designed to process AC radiator and car radiator for recycling copper, aluminum and iron. This equipment has a good performance on separating copper, iron and aluminum in the radiator and the separation rate is up to ...

Fabric Filters

by FLSmidth A/S - Airtech     Office in Tamil Nadu, INDIA

Our customisable fabric filter solutions offer significantly longer bag life, minimal maintenance and reliable, cost-effective operation that can deliver emissions below 2.5 mg/Nm³.

Sirius - San Air Static Filter

by LOSMA S.p.A.     Office in District: Pune, INDIA

SIRIUS i san air static filter for smokes and odours for machine tools designed to eliminate emissions given off by spark erosion machining. The air is purified from smoke, odours and PAHs generated by dielectric fluids. This air filter is ideal for use on spark erosion machines, dry-machining producing odours and in presence of unpleasant and/or ...

CityCat - Model 2020 - Compact Sweeper

by Bucher Municipal     Office in Siheung-City, SOUTH KOREA

Thanks to a low-polluting diesel engine with AdBlue and exhaust gas after-treatment system, the 2m³ compact sweeper meets the stringent Euro 6 emission standard. Tried and true articulated steering provides exceptional agility, manoeuvrability and maximum directional stability, allowing the driver to concentrate fully on sweeping without ...

CityCat - Model 5006 - Compact Sweeper

by Bucher Municipal     Office in Siheung-City, SOUTH KOREA

The CityCat 5006 compact sweeper represents a milestone for compact sweepers due to its exceptional basic construction and its pioneering technology. With its powerful 118 kW diesel engine with AdBlue additive and exhaust gas after-treatment system, the CityCat 5006 compact sweeper fulfils the stringent requirements of the Euro 6 emission ...

On-Grid Power Station

by Shanghai Topsolar Green Energy Co.,Ltd.     based in CHINA

This system includes solar module array, DC conflux system, inverter, step-up system, and monitoring system. In the sunshine condition, the solar module array outputs electric energy which goes through the DC conflux system and is transmitted into large-scale centralized inverter; the inverting step-up system of inverter outputs 400V three-phase ...

Joss Paper Furnace for Temple

by Kelantechnics Environmental Products Co., Ltd.     based in Foshan City, CHINA

The joss paper furnace for temple is a type of special equipment applied to comburent disposal, and can rapidly makes full of burning, and eliminates the dark smoke, particular odor Generated due to burning. Thereby avoids polluting the environment. The smoke that disposes through the temple purifier can be qualified to discharge uptown. The Joss ...

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