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ProAsh - Low-Carbon Fly Ash

by Separation Technologies LLC.     based in Roanoke, VIRGINIA (USA)

The most consistent and reliably available low-carbon fly ash, allowing for better control of concrete mixtures, fewer batch-plant and job-site delays, fewer rejected loads of concrete, and superior, predictable in-place concrete properties.

Low Carbon Steel Wire

by Dorstener Drahtwerke H.W. Brune & Co. GmbH     based in Dorsten, GERMANY

A wide range of options – from wire rod treatment to final surface coating - we draw iron wires (carbon content – max. 0.15 %) with the following specifications:

FY-XL - Model 035 - Low Carbon Galvanized Wedge Wire Screen Tube

by Anping County Xinlu Wire Mesh Products Co     based in Hengshui City, CHINA

Low Carbon Galvanized Wedge Wire Screen TubeHeat pumps are properly known as geothermal air conditioners. They transfer heat into or out of the ground to cool or heat your home by using a water well as a heat sink. The water well screen is a key component of geothermal wells, keeping sand out of the water pumping systemOrder Information Screen ...

Model AG044 - Low Carbon Punted Claret 750 ML Glass Wine Bottle

by Amcor     based in Hawthorn, AUSTRALIA

Our new glass furnance techology has enabled us to reduce the weight of this bottle by nearly 10%. Ideal for wine producers wanting to reduce their carbon footprint through reduced freight weight. Save 57 kg per pallet just in reduced glass weight. Completely recyclable and made with at least 40% recycled glass. This punted Claret Bottle can be ...

Model 12 x 40 - Acid Washed Granular Activated Carbon

by Encotech, Inc. / Carbon Service and Equipment Company a Division of Encotech, Inc.     based in Eighty Four, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

Carbon Service and Equipment Company's virgin acid washed granular activated carbon is made from selected grades of bituminous coal combined with suitable binders to give superior hardness and long life. With a low acid soluble iron content, it is designed for the purification and decoloiization of many aqueous and organic liquids. Produced by ...

Model 4mm - Pellet Activated Carbon

by Encotech, Inc. / Carbon Service and Equipment Company a Division of Encotech, Inc.     based in Eighty Four, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

Carbon Service and Equipment Company's 4 nun pellet activated carbon is designed for air and gas purification applications. 4 nun pellet is produced by high temperature steam activation of coal which produces a porous material with a high surface area allowing it to adsorb a wide range of organic compounds. Utilizing coal as a raw material also ...

Model CSEC 830 R - Granular Reactivated Carbon

by Encotech, Inc. / Carbon Service and Equipment Company a Division of Encotech, Inc.     based in Eighty Four, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

Carbon Service and Equipment Company's (CSEC's) reactivated 830 R reactivated carbon is recommended for use in liquid applications involving the removal of organic contaminants from industrial wastewaters and for groundwater remediation projects. It is a reactivated carbon processed from select grades of spent bituminous coal based activated ...

Calgon Carbon - Model PWA - Acid Washed Powdered Activated Carbon

by Calgon Carbon Corporation     based in Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

PWA is a powdered activated carbon with low acid soluble iron content. It is specifically designed for use with low pH liquids or when a low metal/ash leachable activated carbon is desired. The product is acid washed during the manufacturing process resulting in a product with very low acid soluble iron content. PWA powdered carbon has a particle ...

Calgon Carbon - Model SGL 8x30 - Granular Activated Carbon

by Calgon Carbon Corporation     based in Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

SGL 8x30 is a granular activated carbon designed to efficiently purify and/or decolorize many aqueous and organic liquids. Its particle size of 8x30 mesh has been selected to give optimum adsorption characteristics and low resistance to flow with liquids of high viscosity.

Green Carbon - Model FX-GAC - Granular Activated Carbon

by Global EcoCarb Pvt Ltd.     based in Bangalore, INDIA

FX greencarbon is coconut shell based Activated Carbon, which is predominately micro porous and is well suited for organic adsorption. Coconut shell based activated carbon are least dusty, very low contaminates (ash content < 3%) and has the most hardness compared to other types of activated carbons which makes it the ideal carbon for water ...

Calgon Carbon - Model 14 - Modular Carbon Adsorption Vessel

by Calgon Carbon Corporation     based in Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

The Calgon Carbon MODEL 14 is an adsorption vessel designed for the removal of dissolved organic contaminants, including disinfection byproducts (DBP) or natural organic matter (NOM) from liquids using granular activated carbon (GAC). The vessel is sized to hold 60,000 pounds of GAC which provides the additional contact time required to remove ...

Model ASTM A333 - Low Temperature Pipe

by Federal Steel Supply Inc     based in Chesterfield, MONTANA (USA)

ASTM A333 (ASME S/A-333) Pipe grades permit low temperature service. This specification covers nominal (average) walled pipe almost exclusively in seamless.  Several grades of ferritic steel are included. Some product sizes may not be available under this specification because heavier wall thicknesses have an adverse effect on low-temperature ...

CARBSORB - Coal Based Granular Activated Carbons

by Chemviron Carbon     based in Belgique, BELGIUM

CARBSORB range are coal based granular activated carbons designed to provide a cost effective solution for water and liquid phase applications. CARBSORB offers a number of operating advantages over low cost liquid phase carbons that exist in the market.

DESOREX - Activated Carbon

by Donau Carbon GmbH & Co. KG     based in Frankfurt am Main, GERMANY

DESOREX, mainly for Air and Gas Treatment, is available in the following qualities:Desorex K 47,Desorex K 43,Desorex PI 50 K,Desorex KF 30x60,Desorex HGD 4 S,Desorex K 43 J.In many exhaust air cleaning applications, the air to be treated not only contains low-molecular-weight substances - usually inorganic substances which are difficult to adsorb ...

Model ASTM A106 - Carbon Seamless Steel Pipe

by Hunan Great Steel Pipe Co., Ltd.     based in Changsha City, CHINA

According to the different applications, as for cold draw seamless steel pipe ,hot rolled seamless steel pipe or the hot expansion steel pipe seamless carbon steel tubes can be divided into low pressure pipe medium pressure pipe, high pressure boiler pipe, alloy steel pipe, petroleum cracking pipe, and for construction, for linepipe.

Honeycomb - Activate Carbon Filter

by Airdot Environmental Technologies Ltd     based in Jing’an, CHINA

Specification: Metal or plastic frame option, Airdot offer a variety of standard size as well as customized size. These filters reduce energy cost, have low air flow resistance, are lightweight and durable. The unique honeycomb design along with granular activated carbon gives exceptional performance and long life for recalculating air ...

Garlock - Model Style 98 - Tough and Versatile Carbon Packing

by Garlock Sealing Technologies     based in Palmyra, NEW YORK (USA)

Manufactured from high purity (95+ carbon assay) premium carbon staple yarn. Individual yarns are single-end coated and single-end dried prior to braiding with high temperature non-petroleum based lubricant with graphite dispersion. Low coefficient of friction for longer equipment life. High thermal conductivity means process runs cooler, and ...

Garlock - Model Carbae™ 105 - Carbon Fiber Pump Packing

by Garlock Sealing Technologies     based in Palmyra, NEW YORK (USA)

Carbae 105 is a state-of-the-art carbon fiber packing that controls your maintenance costs, without compromising performance. Carbae 105 is made from a 95% carbon assay, aerospace-grade fiber, coated with PTFE throughout. Carbae 105 provides a low coefficient of friction and high thermal conductivity, so your process runs cooler and the packing ...

Espey - Model WD200 - Shaft Seals

by Eagle Burgmann     based in Wolfratshausen, GERMANY

Multi-part seal rings, radially cut. Split housing design. Very small operation gap - low leakage. Dry running.Self-adjusting seal rings. Compensation of radial and axial shaft deflections.No sealing components mounted on the shaft and hence no additional shaft vibrations.Seal rings running contact-free - sliding faces and machine consume no ...


by TDA Research, Inc.     based in Wheat Ridge, COLORADO (USA)

TDA is a leader in fullerenes and nanotubes, including low cost production, separation, and medical applications. Our production process is used in the Frontier Carbon Corp. 40 ton/year plant, TDA is pioneering the development of the large (small-bandgap) fullerenes with 82 or more carbon atoms, and we are developing medical and imaging ...

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