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Environmental Crises

by Springer

The book studies the art and science of analyzing, assessing and anticipating environmental change. Among the issues considered are the observational evidence, statistical analysis and dynamic modeling as well as visioning of not-implausible changes in the environment, the changing public perception of the environment, functions of the environment ...;

Transport, Trade and Economic Growth - Coupled or Decoupled?

by Springer

Over the past decade, the transport industry has become an increasingly popular scapegoat for polluting the environment with emissions and noise. Therefore, additional transport infrastructure investments, especially in road transport, are becoming more and more contentious. Conversely, the advocates of free trade stress the importance of ...;

Zero-Carbon Energy Kyoto 2009

by Springer

Emissions of CO2 have come to be regarded as the main factor in climate change in recent years, and how to control them has become a pressing issue. The problem cannot simply be labeled a technological one, however, because it is deeply involved with social and economic issues. Since 2008, the Global Center of Excellence (COE) program titled ...;

Monitoring Structural Integrity by Acoustic Emission

by ASTM International

The symposium on Monitoring Structural Integrity by Acoustic Emission was presented in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., 17-18 Jan. 1974. The symposium was sponsored by Committee E07 on Nondestructuve Testing, American Society for Testing and Materials. J. C. Spanner, Westinghouse Hanford Co., presided as symposium chairman. J. W. McElroy, Philadelphia ...;

Efficiency and Equity of Climate Change Policy

by Springer

Efficiency and Equity of Climate Change Policy is a comprehensive assessment of the economic effects of climate change policy, addressing the issues with a quantitative modelling approach. The book thus goes beyond the usual statements on the efficiency of economic instruments to identify the way gains and losses are distributed; who gains ...;

Sustainable Development in the Baltic and Beyond

by Peter Lang AG - European Academic Publishers

This book documents and promotes the experiences from the 2nd Conference on Integrative Approaches Towards Sustainability (SHARING), held in Jurmala, Latvia, on May 11th to 24th, 2005. Attended by over 200 delegates from across the Baltic Sea region and beyond, the event provided an important contribution towards strengthening the integration of ...;

Dayside and Polar Cap Aurora

by Springer

The auroral emissions in the upper atmosphere of the polar regions of the Earth are evidence of the capture of energetic particles from the Sun, streaming by the Earth as the solar wind. These auroral emissions, then, are a window to outer space, and can provide us with valuable information about electrodynamic coupling processes between the solar ...;

Emissions of Air Pollutants

by Springer

Well founded and reliable emission data are necessary to implement strategies to investigate and control air pollution caused by the transport and chemical transformation of air pollutants. This book contains a wealth of new information that enables environmental scientists and authorities dealing with air pollution to design methods for measuring ...;

Evaluation of GHG Emissions from Septic Systems

by IWA Publishing

The emission rates of greenhouse gases (GHGs) from individual onsite septic systems used for the management of domestic wastewater were determined in this study. A static flux chamber method was used to determine the emission rates of methane, carbon dioxide, and nitrous oxide gases from eight septic tanks and two soil dispersal systems. A ...;

Acoustic Emission and Critical Phenomena: From Structural Mechanics to Geophysics

by CRC Press/Taylor & Francis Group

Based on contributions from international experts, this book brings together the state-of-the-art information on topics ranging from the mechanics of materials to geophysics, and outlines the potential of the AE technique in terms of practical applications and theoretical developments. Divided into two parts, it covers Acoustic Emission and ...;

Measuring Methane Production from Ruminants

by Springer

This book gives a comprehensive account of the methodologies for measuring methane from in vitro fermentation systems, and from stall-fed and grazing animals. The chapters have been contributed by experts in the field and methods and protocols have been presented in simple format for direct practical use. A variety of techniques for measuring ...;

Rock Physics and Natural Hazards

by Springer

Natural hazards events such as earthquakes or volcanic eruptions involve activation of coupled thermo-hydro-chemo-mechanical processes in rocks. The 7th Euro-conference of Rock Physics and Geomechanics was held September 25 to 30, 2007, in Erice (Italy), to explore how rock physics experiments and models can facilitate understanding and constraint ...;

Protecting the Ozone Layer Vol 3, Fire Extinguishing Substances

by Earthprint Ltd

Bromine is present in the halons controlled by the Montreal Protocol. The presence of bromine in the halon molecule enhances fire fighting effectiveness. Unfortunately, bromine radicals are also strong ozone-depleting agents. For the past 30 years, halons have been widely used in fire fighting equipment, and have been released into the ...;

Nonpoint Source Pollution Regulation: Issues and Analysis

by Springer

The book provides an overview of recent advances in the theoretical analysis of NPS pollution and regulation from an economic perspective. Besides specific policy recommendations, a common theme in the essays is the attempt to suggest regulatory approaches starting from the recognition of the problems of incomplete information encountered ...;

Innovation for Sustainable Electricity Systems

by Springer

Innovation is key to achieving a sustainable electricity system. New technologies and organizational changes can bring about more sustainable, climate-friendly electricity structures. Yet the dynamics of innovation are complex, and difficult to shape. This book, written by experts in the field, sets out to explore the dynamics, the drivers and the ...;

Surviving 1000 Centuries

by Springer

The circumstances that will shape the long-term future of our planet will be constrained by what is physically possible and what is not. This book provides a quantitative view of our civilization over the next 100,000 years, in comparison to the 40-60,000 years it took for modern humans to emerge from Africa, on the basis of contemporary ...;

The Impact of International Climate Change Policies: Leading Lawyers on Counseling Clients, Navigating Recent and Upcoming Developments, and Recognizing the Economic Impact of Climate Change Policy (Inside the Minds)

by Thomson Reuters (West)

This product provides perspective on recent changes and upcoming developments in climate change law in the United States and abroad. Featuring partners from leading national firms, it guides the reader through policies already set in place and those that may be implemented in the future. It offers advice on managing the legal side of environmental ...;

Remote Sensing of the European Seas

by Springer

The enclosed and marginal seas surrounding the European continent exhibit a wide spectrum of environmental traits, ranging from sub-polar to sub-tropical climates, from shallow continental shelves to deep oceanic basins, from pristine marine reserves to regions impacted by countless economic and recreational activities. Understanding the inner ...;

Twenty-First Century Macroeconomics

by Earthprint Ltd

The authors and editors of this volume challenge traditional assumptions about economic growth, and develop the elements of a reoriented macroeconomics that takes account both of environmental impacts and of social equity. Policies including carbon trading, revenue recycling, and reorientation of private and social investment are analyzed, ...;

Grandfathering, New Source Review, and NOx- Making Sense of a Flawed System Report

by Environmental Law Institute (ELI)

This article, which originally appeared in the July 21, 2000, issue of Environment Reporter, examines the current 'end-of-pipe' methods of reducing NOx emissions and suggests that a better method would be investing in new, combined cycle natural gas plants, cogeneration and efficiency gains. The second approach would not only reduce NOx emissions ...;

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