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Instrumatic OXYDAN - Model DPIII/79x - Stack Gas Dilution Sampling Probe

by Instrumatic A/S     based in Ry, DENMARK

Instrumatic is a world leader in design and manufacture of exhaust gas dilution probe systems. In compliance with Environmental Protection Administrations and tested by International Association of Instruments Users SIREP-WIB-EXERA 1993.No matter how good or precise the analyzer/sensor are the result never better than the sample provided to the ...

Zero-Emission Bio-Reactors

by Specialty Systems Integrators, Inc.     based in Plymouth, MINNESOTA (USA)

SSI’s Zero-Emission Bioreactor is an example of a custom built remediation system. Our system extracted contaminated water which was transferred to a bioreaction tank. The ex-situ Bioreactor-based water treatment involves pumping groundwater out of the ground, mixing it with active microorganisms in a bioreactor system, and discharging the newly ...

Aqualogic - Zero Emission Condensate Recovery Unit

by Aqualogic     based in North Haven, CONNECTICUT (USA)

Aqualogic Condensate Recovery Unit is designed to condense the water from atmospheric evaporator discharges and return the air to the Evaporator, providing a zero-emission closed loop system and eliminating exhaust stacks to atmosphere. The recovered water is typically suitable for reuse* as make-up or rinse water, depending upon requirements. The ...

Model 3R - Zero Emission Carbon Bio-Refinery Technology

by Terra Humana Ltd.     based in Polgárdi, HUNGARY

Added value recycling and reuse of biomass waste streams for advanced and safe horticultural food crop nutrition and transport bio-fuel / bio-oil productions by integrated 3R pyrolysis, catalytic and biotechnological process. In a world with finite resources there is no infinite development opportunity with sustainability, unless circular economy ...

Land - Model 4500 MkIII - Opacity and Dust Emissions Compliance Monitor

by AMETEK Land     based in Dronfield, UNITED KINGDOM

The Land Model 4500 MkIII has reset the industry standard on compliance opacity and dust concentration measurement. Combining the unique features of three patented technologies, the 4500 MkIII achieves the highest available specification for the principal performance parameters, as defined by the internationally recognized ASTM Standard D 6216-07.

Land - Model 4200 - Non-Compliance Dust Emissions Monitor

by AMETEK Land     based in Dronfield, UNITED KINGDOM

The Model 4200 is a compact smoke, dust and particulate monitor for measuring dust emission concentrations on industrial processes and non-compliance applications. This dust monitor is ideally suited to multiprocess plants with common exhaust stacks.

Gasmet - Model CEMS II - Continuous Emissions Monitoring System

by Gasmet Technologies Oy     based in Helsinki, FINLAND

Gasmet CEMS is a modular construction that typically comprises of Gasmet CX4000 FTIR gas analyzer, heated sampling unit, industrial PC and a Zirconia oxygen analyzer which are installed in an air-conditioned cabin. All modules are 19' rack mounted in pull-out shelves for easy accessibility & service. Gasmet CX4000 FTIR gas analyzer allows the ...

Environnement S.A. - Model GRAPHITE 52M - Heated FID Total Hydrocarbon (THC, COV, CH4) Analyzer

by Environnement S.A     based in Poissy, FRANCE

Heated FID Total Hydrocarbon (THC, COV, CH4) Analyzer. 3 versions available : GRAPHITE 52M-S : Total Hydrocarbon monitoring (THC, COV). GRAPHITE 52M-D : Total Hydrocarbon (THC, COV) and Methane (CH4) simultaneous monitoring. GRAPHITE 52M-W : Total Hydrocarbon (THC, COV) simultaneous monitoring on 2 independent streams.

Gasmet - Engine Emissions Monitoring System (EEMS)

by Gasmet Technologies Oy     based in Helsinki, FINLAND

The Gasmet engine emissions monitoring system EEMS has been designed engine emissions monitoring which require for fast response time. A typical application for Gasmet EEMS consists of H2O, CO2, CO, N2O, NO, NO2, SO2, HCl, HF, NH3, CH4, C2H6, C3H8, and C2H4, but it can be e

Model HCT 2000G - Monitors

by Seres Environnement     based in La Duranne, FRANCE

The HCT 2000G is one of SERES’ 2000G series monitor using unique modular electronics. Easy operation and metrological qualities are proven features of this advanced design analyser that incorporates the latest achievements in continuous Hydrocarbon measurement.

ETG - Model FID - Emission Monitoring Analyzers System

by ETG Risorse e Tecnologia     based in Montiglio, ITALY

The FID technology (Flame Ionization Detection) is widely used for monitoring VOC (volatile organic compunds) and could be espressed as THC (total hydrocarbons) and it’s officially used as the standard technology used in the emission and immission control, and moreover is used for control process.The actual line include two versions: fixed ...

EiUK Rasi - Model 800 - Portable Combustion/Emissions Analyser

by Eurotron Instruments (UK) Ltd. (EiUK)     based in Daventry, UNITED KINGDOM

The MCERTS certified EiUK Rasi 800 is a portable combustion and emissions analyser capable to monitor up to 9 gases simultaneously. The MCERTS certified Rasi 800 is a portable emission and combustion analyser designed for emissions monitoring,  maintenance and tuning of combustion processes such as industrial boilers, burners, gas and diesel ...

KANE - Model 9206 Series - Quintox - Emissions Monitoring Solution

by Kane International Ltd     based in Welwyn Garden City, UNITED KINGDOM

Independently tested by TUV SUD to EN50379 the new KANE9206 Quintox Flue Gas Analyser & Emissions Monitor is a cost effective and versatile modular system and the standard kit provides the platform to build a complete solution to suit your specific monitoring application.

VIG Industries - Model System 4 - Continuous Emissions Monitoring ( CEM ) Systems

by VIG Industries     based in Anaheim, CALIFORNIA (USA)

This system incorporates two VIG hydrocarbon analyzers, a multi-point sequencer and a combustion / zero air generator. All sample line temperatures a controlled by the custom sequencer along with the automatic sequencing functions. The zero air generator provides bottle free zero air and clean combustion air.

LASAR - Laser Absorption Spectrometer

by Sensors, Inc.     based in Saline, MICHIGAN (USA)

The SEMTECH LASAR is a multi-gas analyzer that accurately measures gas concentrations from trace levels to full concentrations. SEMTECH LASAR is an optical feedback, cavity enhanced, laser absorption spectrometer, capable of measuring both trace levels and high concentrations of a wide range of gases. This high precision, multi-gas analyzer has ...

Model LDV - On Board Emissions Analyzers

by Sensors, Inc.     based in Saline, MICHIGAN (USA)

The SEMTECH LDV meets or exceeds all known standards set for the European RDE-LDV program and introduces many new and exciting features. The SEMTECH LDV, Sensors' 5th generation PEMS, is the culmination of fifteen years of experience in the design, development, and application of PEMS. The system directly addresses the challenges created by the ...

MRU - Model SWG 200-1 - Process Gas Analyzers

by MRU Instruments, Inc.     based in Houston, TEXAS (USA)

Low cost, extractive cold&dry, continuous process gas, single- or multi-gas analyzer. Using electrochemical cells, infrared (NDIR) technique and thermal capacity detector, the system is highly customized for many applications.

Testo - Model 340 - Portable Combustion Analyzer

by Testo Inc.     based in Sparta, NEW JERSEY (USA)

The ultimate instrument in portable combustion and engine tuning. Optimizing combustion, increasing efficiency and minimizing fuel use are necessary to compete in today's market. The Testo 340 provides the information to understand your process, enabling you to make informed combustion decisions. It is the ideal tool to confirm proper ...

Model EFM-HS - High Speed Exhaust Flow Meter

by Sensors, Inc.     based in Saline, MICHIGAN (USA)

The High Speed Exhaust Flow Meter samples at rates up to 2500Hz. Sensors’ High Speed Exhaust Flow Meter, the SEMTECH EFM-HS, replaces our EFM 2 and adds exciting capabilities and features to the product line. With a sampling rate of up to 2500 Hz and four differential pressure transducers, the EFM-HS accurately measures every forward and ...

IMR - Model 1440 FL/FLCO - Forklift Emissions

by IMR Environmental Equipment, Inc.     based in St. Petersburg, FLORIDA (USA)

Portable, continuous measuring flue gas analysis instrument housed in an aluminum case for measuring air temperature, flue gas temperature, Oxygen O2, Carbon monoxide CO (H2 comp.), Nitric oxide NO, losses, excess air, combustion efficiency, draft, Carbon dioxide CO2 and soot. Simultaneous display of eight measured parameters on the illuminated ...

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