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Emissions Offsetting equipment for Air and Climate

  • adVantage - Duct Burner

    Duct Burners from Forney Corporation meet the complex needs of the combined cycle and cogeneration industry. Forney’s adVantage duct burner is the choice for the most demanding conditions of advanced gas turbine applications, where inlet oxygen of the Turbine Exhaust Gas (TEG) is low or the water vapor is high. Low inlet oxygen and high ...

    By Forney Corporation based in Addison, TEXAS (USA). from Burners Product line

  • Triple Offset Butterfly Valves

    4Matic triple eccentric butterfly valves are suitable for both throtting and positive isolation applications. These valves are capable of bi-directional flow control, zero leakage, low fugitive emissions and stream-based applications (up to 550.c). Due to the triple offset sealing system, the disc moves smoothly and free of friction at all points ...

    By Aira 4matic Valve Automation based in Chicago, ILLINOIS (USA). from Other Valves Product line

  • Broadleaf One

    Show off your branding. Customisation options for Broadleaf One don’t stop with the specs. We can add a custom designed full colour front panel, colour match your branding or you can select from a range of colours. If colour is not your thing, then keep it simple with laser etching or a cool metal badge. With customisation options like ...

    By VeryPC based in Sheffield, UNITED KINGDOM. from Green PC Product line

  • Model OpTE - Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve

    High torque and triple offset design ensures zero leakage.The Optimux OpTE™ triple offset design provides bubble-tight shut-off for critical applications in a wide variety of industrial processes such as petroleum refining, cryogenics applications, pulp and paper and many others. Our unique design also assures low industrial ...

    By Trimteck LLC based in Coral Springs, FLORIDA (USA). from Control Valves Product line

  • Track Record Services

    Climate Bridge is one of the leading global voluntary offset players.  The company has been active in the voluntary carbon markets since 2006 and has built a very substantial portfolio and a strong track record in project development.

    By Climate Bridge based in London, UNITED KINGDOM. from Voluntary Carbon Product line

  • The Aerobic Landfill System

    How it works: Injection System Distributes Oxygen throughout the Landfill. Aerobic Micro-Organisms Replace Aerobic Microbes. Landfill Is Converted to an Aerobic Bioreactor. System is Capable of Maintaining Either Positive or Negative Pressures.

    By SPL-Beatty Limited based in Vaughan, ONTARIO (CANADA). from The Aerobic Landfill Product line

  • Sustainability - Sustaining Our Energy

    Energy sustainability and security is a global issue. Fast depleting oil reserves, increasing pollution, soaring demand and political uncertainty and unrest all mean that alternative fuel – and food - supplies are needed. There is no silver bullet, no one source that will solve our energy needs, the best answer is to have a mix of ...

    By Vivergo Fuels Limited based in East Yorkshire, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Biofuel - A Greener Transport Fuel

    The International Energy Agency predicts that by 2020 there will be twice as many cars on the road as there are today. And with transport emmissions being a major source of pollution globally, there is a growing need to make our fuel greener by reducing Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions in the transport sector - coupled with the fact that oil ...

    By Vivergo Fuels Limited based in East Yorkshire, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Commercial Biomass Systems

    Korrie Renewables have designed and installed a large number of commercial biomass systems to a wide range of customers; from an 800kW boiler to heat a school and swimming pool to a 16kW external boiler to provide heating for a store house. Korrie also offer a comprehensive aftercare service which includes various servicing options. We have a ...

    By Korrie Renewables based in Inverness, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Double Offset Valve (DOV)

    The DOV valve (Double Offset Valve) extends the technology from the HCV and delivers a rotary valve with dual mechanical wedge seals. The standard DOV is a trunnion mounted design that provides a Double Isolation and Bleed without the use of seat springs or line pressure to ensure a bubble tight seal. The DOV maintains the UNIQUE

    By Chromatic Industries, Inc. based in Conroe, TEXAS (USA).

  • Green Mountain Driver

    The driving you do every day may not be pollution-free. In fact, transportation is the second largest cause of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in the U.S., and likely a large contributor to your carbon footprint. By becoming a Green Mountain Driver, you can help offset your vehicle's CO2 emissions for a whole year and reduce your impact on the ...

    By Green Mountain Energy based in Austin, TEXAS (USA).

  • Minisonic - Model G - Ultrasonic Flow Meter

    Minisonic G is an accurate and economical ultrasonic flow meter for the instantaneous actual flowrate measurement of gas. This ultrasonic flow meter accepts the PTZ corrector to obtain the normal flowrate. This ultrasonic instrument resolves all industrial needs.

    By Ultraflux based in Le Technoparc, FRANCE. from Flow Meter - Flow Meter for Gas Product line

  • Planet Supra Thermal Barrier Paint

    Planet Supra is an innovative nanotechnology heat reflective and insulating coating. than makes buildings and vehicles instantly energy-efficient. Water-based, VOC-free and 100% eco-friendly, it reflects almost 95% of solar radiations for up to 10 years. Applicable on most surfaces including fabric thanks to its amazing elasticity, it was the ...

    By Trading Green Ltd. based in Bangkok, THAILAND.

  • Enerworks - Focus Pre-Heat System

    Used in residential applications, the Enerworks Focus Pre-Heat System is a reliable, year-round solution specially designed for use in tropical climates. The Focus Pre-Heat System uses free solar energy to heat your water, offsetting greenhouse gas emissions, saving money on your energy bill and becoming your primary source of hot ...

    By Enerworks Inc based in Woodstock, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Residential Product Lines Product line

  • Model E Class - US Coast Guard Sea Eagle FRC

    SCOD Presents the US Coast Guard Sea Eagle; The Ultra Green Homeland Security vessel that’s tough on the bad guys, but kind to the Ecology. The first Coast Guard Cutter to provide extensive surveillance, on , above and below the ocean. The E Class Search and Rescue Sea Eagle with Helipad and underwater ROV (Remote Ocean Vehicle) uses half as ...

    By Sauter Carbon Offset Design based in Kuta, INDONESIA.

  • High Performance Butterfly Valves

    High performance butterfly valves for bi-directional* shut-off and modulating service for standard industrial process lines. Materials of construction options include Carbon Steel, Stainless Steels, Duplex Grade Steel and high quality custom materials for desired applications.

    By Aira 4matic Valve Automation based in Chicago, ILLINOIS (USA). from Double Offset Butterfly Valves Product line

  • Double Block & Bleed Valves

    Double Block & Bleed Valves for double the performance, SIL 3 certification requirements or when the process media is to be stopped in line and evacuated from the cavity via the bleed, our double block and bleed solution is the natural choice. The Hobbs double isolation valve is also used to maintain media separation or even to self-sweep its ...

    By Hobbs Valve based in Caerphilly, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Model DFL-10 - Economical Fluorescence Detector

    The new D-Star Instruments DFL-10 HPLC Fluorescence detector provides the sensitivity and the specificity of fluorescence detection at a price consistent with most low cost UV detectors. Sensitivity is enhanced in the DFL-10 by the new analytical flowcell that employs a unique excitation and emission geometry, a completely closed optical ...

    By D-Star Instruments Inc based in Manassas, VIRGINIA (USA). from Components Product line

  • Commercial Solar

    Good business starts with smart, informed decisions. And with electricity prices set to rise further, switching to solar power could be one of the brightest decisions you make. Essentially, anyone with a large roof space can take advantage of solar power. If you are a business, farm or commercial property owner considering installing a large ...

    By Nu Energy based in Victoria, AUSTRALIA.

  • Green Mountain Traveler

    Whether for business or pleasure, most of us find ourselves traveling on airplanes sometimes. But emissions from air travel are a significant contributor to global climate change. By purchasing the Green Mountain Traveler, you can neutralize the CO2 emissions associated with your air travel and significantly reduce your impact on the environment. ...

    By Green Mountain Energy based in Austin, TEXAS (USA).

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