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Emissions Reductions equipment for Air and Climate available in Kuwait

  • KTI - Emission Reduction System

    Complete turnkey services are available — Design, Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Commissioning for any Emission Reduction project, including: Process Furnaces (Crude, Vacuum, Coker, CCR, Charge Heaters). Gas Turbines - Simple and Combined Cycle. Boilers and IC Engines. Reformer Furnaces. Ethylene & EDC Crackers. Steam ...

    By KTI Kinetics Technology International based in Houston, TEXAS (USA).

  • The Cerenzie Process

    The Cerenzie Process is a proven, cost effective GHG reduction technology which has two patents pending that are owned by GGSSI. This technology uses a combination of pure oxygen combustion, membrane separation and ozonation scrubbing mechanisms. The Process is unique in that, compared to competing technologies, it costs less to implement and it ...

    By Greenhouse Gas Separation Systems Inc. (GGSSI) based in Calgary, ALBERTA (CANADA).

  • CENTROX - VOC and Odour Emission Reduction Reactor

    CentrOx is an industrial particle, VOC and odour emission reduction solution for customers within industrial food processing, energy production, plastic and rubber manufacturing, painting and paint manufacturing and other industrial processes generating airborne emissions of particles, VOCs and odour.

    By Centriair AB based in Sävedalen,, SWEDEN.

  • Triase+ - Model SPAi - Single Wafer Plasma Treatment System

    TEL developed the Triase+ SPAi in response to market needs for high productivity and a reduced environmental load. The TEL Trias SPA (slot plane antenna) Series has an excellent production record at semiconductor mass-production facilities around the world and a proven track record for high reliability. The SPA plasma-generation technology that ...

    By Tokyo Electron Ltd based in Austin, TEXAS (USA). from Single Wafer Plasma Treatment System Product line

  • ts-systemfilter - Vacuum Operation

    A connection A (cover and connection piece for vacuum operation) is required to operate a filter apparatus under vacuum conditions. It can also be used to reduce the sound emission of the regeneration impulse.

    By ts-systemfilter gmbh based in Ahorn-Berolzheim, GERMANY. from Vacuum Operation Product line

  • CFC Solutions for Reducing Refrigerant Emissions

    EOS Climate is a pioneer in developing market-based solutions to reduce emissions of high global warming gases and driving the transition to climate-friendly technologies. To learn about partnering with EOS and earning money for CFCs.

    By EOS Climate based in San Francisco, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Composite - Fan blades

    GKN Aerospace’s development of composite fan blades is based on our position as the industry leader in composite technology. Our design expertise, process development capability and materials knowledge have allowed us to taking a lead role on the Environmental Lightweight Fan (ELF) research program along with our partner Rolls-Royce.

    By GKN Land Systems based in Redditch, Worcestershire, UNITED KINGDOM. from Fan blades Product line

  • Rechargeable Battery Materials

    Umicore Rechargeable Battery Materials provides its customers with the best cathode active material, which leads to greater mobility and a reliable source of energy. One in five Li-ion batteries ever produced for portable electronics contains Umicore materials. Our materials are used in the hybrid automotive industry to reduce emissions of carbon ...

    By Umicore Group based in Brussels, BELGIUM. from Rechargeable Battery Materials Product line

  • COLDOX - VOC and Odour Emission Reduction Reactor

    ColdOx is an industrial VOC and odour emission reduction solution for customers within food, waste water and solid waste handling, biogas, slaughterhouses and other industrial process generating airborne emissions of VOCs and odour. ColdOx oxidizes VOCs and eliminates odour through the use of high intensity UV, excess ozone, and photo chemical ...

    By Centriair AB based in Sävedalen,, SWEDEN.

  • HFC Solutions Technologies

    Building on its expertise in ODS destruction, EOS has expanded its efforts to mitigate refrigerant emissions to include HFCs. While HFC’s do not deplete the earth’s protective ozone layer, they are powerful greenhouse gases (GHGs), which, under business-as-usual are expected to be a major contributor to climate change.

    By EOS Climate based in San Francisco, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Bioflying - Model IP40 - Stainless Steel UV-light Fly Catcher

    Stainless steel UV-light fly catcher. Can be position on the ceiling or against the wall. Catches insects through a glued board. IP40.

  • Monitoring & Verification Services

    With over 40 successful Verifications of Chinese emissions reduction projects since 2007, few can rival Climate Bridge’s experience. We also provide real-time information to our clients through our web platform.

    By Climate Bridge based in London, UNITED KINGDOM. from Monitoring & Verification Services Product line

  • Gasolina - Enhancement Reagent

    SOL POWER Plus Petrol, is an Enhancement Reagent that hydro-oxygenates petrols. When mixed at a rate of 0.25%, it significantly reduces carbon monoxide (CO), likewise reducing the levels of other pollutants thanks to improved combustion.

    By Sol Power Plus S.L based in Salamanca, SPAIN. from Enhancement Reagent Product line

  • Model MgO - Chemical Recovery/ Process Technology

    We have developed and continuously improved the Lenzing Mg base recovery process. This system facilitates the elimination of environmental impacts and provides a significant reduction of production costs brought about by high absorption efficiency and the integration of diffuse emissions.

    By Lenzing Technik GmbH based in Lenzing, AUSTRIA. from Chemical Recovery/ Process Technology Product line

  • AGCO Power - Land Generating Engines

    AGCO POWER engines fulfil the European Stage 2 emission requirements. Solutions used for reducing emissions have simultaneously enabled the increase of power density and torque level while maintaining good fuel economy. Reduction in combustion noise has been achieved by the use of pilot injection. Also the new gear design and profile of timing ...

    By AGCO Power based in Linnavuori, FINLAND. from Land Generating Engines Product line

  • MagPower - Hydrogen Inhibitors (HI)

    MagPower has developed powerful, reliable and environmentally friendly non-toxic inhibitors that have been shown to control the formation of hydrogen in certain commercial applications. The commercial application for the hydrogen inhibitors will significantly reduce power consumption and increase the efficiency in the electrowinning production of ...

    By MagPower Systems Inc. based in White Rock, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA).

  • Stratis - Model LCV220 - Variable Speed Fan Drives

    LCV220 is equipped with a rear mounted cable harness and the fan is uniquely installed on the front of the fan drive to increase airflow and improve cooling. The integral fan speed sensor provides close loop control. An optimized magnetic design speeds up reaction time for better modulation and cooling. Plus, the fan drive’s housing and ...

    By Horton, Inc. based in Roseville, MINNESOTA (USA). from Variable Speed Fan Drives Product line

  • Gasoil - Enhancement Reagent

    SOL POWER Plus Fuel is an Enhancement Reagent that hydro-oxygenates diesel fuels. When mixed at a rate of 0.25%, it improves engine performance, exploiting the fuel’s properties to the maximum. This factor entails a major reduction in consumption, leading to a lower amount of unburnt fuel, and likewise reducing pollution rates and ...

    By Sol Power Plus S.L based in Salamanca, SPAIN. from Enhancement Reagent Product line

  • Project Assessment Services

    Climate Bridge has developed a thorough Project Assessment process to evaluate project quality, based on its experience of developing over 100 CDM projects.

    By Climate Bridge based in London, UNITED KINGDOM. from Project Assessment Services Product line

  • Model 4150 and 4160 LE - Controllers

    The CVS 4150 and 4160 are pneumatic pressure controllers that utilize a bourdon tube or bellows for sensing vapor, liquid or gas pressure, and differential pressure. The CVS controller can be reconfigured from direct, to reverse acting or vice versa without any additional parts. The CVS 4150LE controller uses up to 6 time less fuel gas than a ...

    By CVS Controls Ltd. based in Edmonton, ALBERTA (CANADA). from Controllers Product line

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