Exhaust Treatment

Equipment & Solutions

  • BS-216S Barbecue ESP
    Showcase Product

    BS-216S Barbecue ESP

    By Kelantechnics Environmental Products Co., Ltd.

    Idea from professional barbecue chef, design of senior specialists. Patent product. Product applied Kelan environmental patent, of tube style`s honeycomb and technology of electrostatic exhaust purification. Over 95% ...

  • Reliable SCR Systems for Marine Vessels
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    Reliable SCR Systems for Marine Vessels

    By Hug Engineering AG

    Marine engines in vessels with keel-laying dates on or after January 1, 2016, must comply with specified nitrogen oxide emission limits in ECA zones under the new IMO Tier III rules. Based on current technology, the ...

  • Gasoline Ceramic Substrate
    Showcase Product

    Gasoline Ceramic Substrate

    By Standard Teco Limited

    Automobile exhaust gases are conventionally purified with a catalyst supported on a ceramic substrate body able to withstand high temperatures. The preferred catalyst support structure is a honeycomb configuration ...