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  • Using flexible extraction arms

    Using flexible extraction arms

    At-source extraction protects workers in the metal industry and prevents the accumulation of welding fumes, oil mist or grinding dust in the workspace. The use of flexible extraction arms is a good method of removing dangerous fumes and dust when working on small or medium sized objects. These arms can be positioned close to the work area to capture toxic fumes, dust particles and remains of ...

  • Cereform - case study

    Cereform - case study

    As part of the global AB Maury Group, Cereform is providing a comprehensive range of technical bakery ingredients like dough conditioners and softeners, bread mixes and concentrates, soya flours, ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Mobile Filter Unit

    Mobile Filter Unit

    The filter unit M 802 is a mobile filter unit that can be used for many applications requiring the filtration of fumes, dust and gases. The unit is IFA certified for welding fume category “W3” (certification IFA: 1005029); separation efficiency > 99,9 %. At approved use the M802 filter unit is suitable for the separation of fumes, which are released during welding works of carbon ...