Flue Gas Cleaning

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  • Multi-Screw Feeder
    Showcase Product

    Multi-Screw Feeder

    By ProMinent Group - ProMinent GmbH

    Reduce costs with precision and reliability when metering dry products. Tomal Multi-Screw Feeders reduce the costs of your production process by providing consistent emptying and precision metering. This avoids ...

  • Big Bag Emptying Unit
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    Big Bag Emptying Unit

    By ProMinent Group - ProMinent GmbH

    Emptying of Big Bags up to 1,000 kg; This emptying unit is used to accommodate and empty Big Bags weighing up to 1,000 kg. The Big Bags are suspended in the frame with the aid of a lifting cross bar. The 30-litre powder ...

  • Process Heater With Recirculation
    Showcase Product

    Process Heater With Recirculation

    By Process Combustion Ltd

    If you want to improve efficiency and reduce NOx then the addition of hot flue gas recirculation is the answer. Fresh air is introduced through the burner and the equivalent mass of combustion products is exhausted into ...

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  • CelSian Glass & Solar B.V.

    Industrial process measurements (Flue gas, Combustion Gas and Emission measurements and Energy balance measurements) at industrial glass ...

  • KRR ProStream

    KRR ProStream

    At KRR ProStream our approach to your operation is driven by our technical prowess and engineering know-how. We have many years of experience in the ...

  • ERC Emissions-Reduzierungs-Concepte GmbH

    ERC Emissions-Reduzierungs-Concepte GmbH

    ERC stands for Emission Reduction Concepts, the art of achieving improved combustion processes with lower emissions. That is our goal and claim with ...

  • LKW teknik AB

    LKW teknik AB

    Based in Sweden with over 20 years of experience in environmental engineering and industrial purification systems, we provide effective high tech ...

  • Radscan Intervex AB

    Radscan Intervex AB

    Radscan AB was established in 1976, specializing in industrial energy sector and environmental management. The company had offices and manufacturing ...