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  • Importance of Dust Control Polymer For Mine Tailings

    Importance of Dust Control Polymer For Mine Tailings

    While separating the minerals from the ore, the residue is a concern for the environment. Tailings are the leftover material after the process. Mine tailings are toxic therefore are recommended to be kept away from the environment. While leaching, the chances are high that the toxic material might get into the water. It pollutes the streams and leads to destructive environmental conditions. The ...


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  • Dust Control Polymers

    Dust Control Polymers

    With over 27 years in the industry, our certified experts know exactly how to eliminate dust on your site. Over the years, we have developed dust control polymers that work effectively & deliver clients maximum value on their investment. Envirotac dust control polymers reduce fugitive dust emission effectively and are ideal for road construction, airfields, helipads in remote sites & ...