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Gas Filtration Equipment

  • Model APS-500 - Air Purification System

    The APS-500 represents a high performace system which integrates rugged component materialsused by Circul-Aire in the industrial sector. This filtration technology has been adapted and packaged into a compact commercial unit to easily integrate within any indoor environment.

    By Circul-Aire based in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Gas Phase Filtration Equipment- Air Purification System Product line

  • Sulfox SAR – for Acid Regeneration

    Diluted acids resulting from, for example, metallurgical processes are converted along with fuel gas and compressed air into aerosols by means of ultrasonic atomization. The additional use of hydrogen sulfide gas permits the reduction of costs. The resulting aerosol mixture is thermally treated in a combustion chamber in which the sulfur ...

    By Kanzler Verfahrenstechnik GmbH (KVT) based in GRAZ, AUSTRIA. from Gas Cleaning Product line

  • Hot Gas Filtration

    Norafin offers a variety of spunlaced filter media for process liquid and air filtration. The spunlace technology offers various product opportunities and performance advantages not only in liquid, but also in air filtration as for example in hot gas filtration. Thanks to the hydroentangling process, which binds the fibers in a homogeneous and ...

    By Norafin Industries (Germany) GmbH based in Müllheim, GERMANY. from Filtration - Filter Bags Product line

  • Ceramic Filters

    Ceramic filters are installed in biogas gas pipelines, usually before energy recovery plants, for the removal of fine particles and for condensate water collection and disposal. Biogas filtration is achieved by means of special ceramic candles (pore size 60 microns) that can be easily removed for routine cleaning. An external water trap device ...

    By Progeco s.r.l. based in Brescia (BS), ITALY. from Biogas Filters Product line

  • Hogfish - Hot Gas Filtration System

    The Hot Gas Filtration system (known most commonly by its nickname, the “Hogfish”) is a custom engineered technology.  Each Hogfish system has been designed for a specific customer application to filter harmful particulate matter from a processing stream.  For most of these customers, wet, sticky particulates collect on ...

    By Cambridge EnTech based in Cambridge, MARYLAND (USA).

  • Model AmAir/C - Pleated Filters

    AmAir/C, AmAir/C+SAAFOxi, AmAir/SAAFOxi, and AmAir/CP filters. Disposable Filters for Economical, Effective,Long-Lasting Gas-Phase and Particulate Filtration. The effectiveness of any gas-phase filter corresponds to the density (weight per square foot) of activated carbon contained in the product. AmAir/C, AmAir/C+SAAFOxi, and AmAir/SAAFOxi ...

    By AAF International based in Louisville, KENTUCKY (USA). from Gas Phase Product line

  • Bühler - Model AGF - PV - 30 - Sample Gas Filter

    Sample gas streams must be conditioned to provide particulate and moisture-free gas to the analyzer. TheAGF-PV-30with the Buhler Unique QC bracket provides fine filtration and easy replacement of the filter media without the use of tools. This means the filter media can be changed in a matter of seconds.

    By Bühler Technologies GmbH based in Ratingen, GERMANY. from Gas Analysis - Sample Gas Filters Product line

  • Bühler - Model AGF - T - 30 - Sample Gas Filter

    Sample gas streams must be conditioned to provide particulate and moisture-free gas to the analyzer. Some applications require components made of highly corrosion resistant materials while others require inert materials.

    By Bühler Technologies GmbH based in Ratingen, GERMANY. from Gas Analysis - Sample Gas Filters Product line

  • Filter Bags

    Testori supplies filter bags for any filtering application. We guarantee complete traceability and high customization level; all products and production steps are checked according to quality test plan specifically defined with the customers.

    By Testori based in Novate Milanese, ITALY. from Gas Filtration Product line

  • Model 7000FM - Gas Filter Correlation Analyzers

    The Series 7000FM relies on the Gas Filter Correlation technique of the NDIR gas measurement principle.  This IR gas analyzer also features a solid state detector and long life IR source.

    By K2BW Environmental Equipment Co. based in Willow Grove, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Gas Analyzers Product line

  • Model BPU-T SERIES - Gas Phase Filtration

    Air Borne Contamination is an undesirable by-product of the changing lifestyles of mankind. Greater demand for more efficient products and services has led to rapid industrialization, which in turn has put excessive pressure on the environment into accepting higher than safe levels of pollutants that it can safely eliminate.

    By Bry-Air Asia based in Gurgaon, INDIA. from Gas Phase Filtration Product line

  • Model APS-400 - Air Purification System

    The APS-400 is a compact, self-contained air purification and recirculation unit combining gas phase and particulate filtration; it offers maximum odor and particulate removal at high efficiency. With filters and chemical media readily shipped in the unit, this 5-foot tall purifier is complete with plug, castors, and a disconnect switch or ...

    By Circul-Aire based in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Gas Phase Filtration Equipment- Air Purification System Product line

  • Glassfiber Needle Felt

    The glass fiber needle punched felt is one kind of high temperature resistant filter material with reasonable structure and excellent performance, it could be high temperature resistant, anti-abrasion, stable size, little elongation shrinkage ratio, high intension, also ultimate fiber of felt layer fiber, three-dimensional micro pore structure, ...

    By Zhejiang Heading Filter Material Co.,Ltd based in Tiantai County, CHINA. from Fiberglass Filter Medias Product line

  • FSX Solutions - Model XM Series - Medium Pressure Filters

    The XM series of medium pressure filters are used to remove solid, liquid and, when using activated carbon cartridges, gaseous contaminants from compressed gas flows. In addition to liquids and dust, these filters eliminate oil droplets and finest dust particles from the compressed gas. With AC or ACC grade elements oil aerosols and odours will be ...

    By Xebec Adsorption Inc. based in Blainville, QUEBEC (CANADA). from FSX Solutions - Natural Gas Filtration Product line

  • NGX Solutions - Model X Series - Natural Gas Filters and Elements

    The high-grade, cast aluminum filter housings (XL and XM series) are chromatized for corrosion protection and finished with an impact and abrasion-proof powder coating on the outer side. High pressure carbon steel housings (XH series) are manufactured by means of iron phosphate passivation and have a nickel-coated finish. This multi-layer surface ...

    By Xebec Adsorption Inc. based in Blainville, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Natural Gas Dryers for NGV Fueling Stations Product line

  • Model RPF - Rotary Pressure Filter

    The BHS Rotary Pressure Filter (type RPF) is a continuously operating filter for pressure filtration. It facilitates gas-tight cake handling in a series of separate process steps. Cake discharge can take place at atmospheric pressure. The rotary pressure filter supports a broad range of process steps during a single rotation of the drum. Further ...

    By BHS-Sonthofen GmbH based in Sonthofen, GERMANY. from Filtration Technology Product line

  • Ulpatek - Activated Carbon V-Compact Filter

    Activated carbon filters are used for wall and duct installation in ventilation and air conditioning systems. Filters absorb gaseous odors and toxic substances (such as body odors, food odors, smoke and fumes), which are often disgusting and harmful to humans, animals and plants, from the air entering supply systems. Activated carbon filters are ...

    By ULPATEK Air Filter Manufacturing Inc. based in Esenyurt, TURKEY. from Gas Filtration Product line

  • Model APS-1000 - Air Purification System

    Circul-Aire’s APS-1000 comes standardized with advanced gas phase and particulate filtration technology. Its design offers maximum contaminant control efficiency. The multi-stage design allows for selection of the required filters in a specific sequence to meet the requirements of each application.

    By Circul-Aire based in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Gas Phase Filtration Equipment- Air Purification System Product line

  • Model EGF Serie PN1-PN6 - Gas Filter

    EGF model gas filters are the elements that seperates the dust particles carried by the gas or very small particles spread within the gas (for example: dust and rust), holds these and protects the burner, gas counter and adjustment devices which may possibly be damaged. Dust, woodchips, smut and other physical substances and dirt in the gas are ...

    By Eska Valve Ltd. Sti. based in Kurtköy Pendik / Istanbul, TURKEY. from Gas Filters Product line

  • Entegris Linegard™ - Model Max FP - Gas Filtration

    Filter element - PTFE membrane supported by polypropylene structures - provides a cost-effective solution. Large inside diameter of filter element is designed for high flow rate/low pressure drop, resulting in up to 1000 SLPM with compact housing. Various fitting and length configurations provide ease of installation without design changes of the ...

    By Entegris GmbH based in Dresden, GERMANY. from Gas Filtration Product line

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