Gas Phase Filtration

Equipment & Solutions

  • Fiberglass High Density Scrubber
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    Fiberglass High Density Scrubber

    By Circul-Aire Inc.

    Industrial blower, hopper with chemical media.Rugged construction for severe environments.

  • Gas Phase Filtration
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    Gas Phase Filtration

    By Bry-Air Asia

    Air Borne Contamination is an undesirable by-product of the changing lifestyles of mankind. Greater demand for more efficient products and services has led to rapid industrialization, which in turn has put excessive ...

  • Gas Phase Media
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    Gas Phase Media

    By Climate Technologies Corp.

    Certain environments demand the removal of gaseous pollutants and toxins from the air that can best be achieved with gas phase filtration.

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  • Bioconservacion SA

    Bioconservacion SA

    Bioconservacion provides air purification systems and odour control filters. We manufacture and service gas phase filtration systems to eliminate H2S ...

  • ProMark Associates, Inc.

    ProMark Associates, Inc.

    ProMark Associates is a sustainable manufacturer of cost-effective gas- phase filtration solutions that improve human health and productivity while ...

  • KNH Enterprise Co., Ltd.

    KNH Enterprise Co., Ltd.

    KNH Water & Process Technologies offers proven solutions in wastewater treatment and water purification for industrial and municipal sectors. KNH is ...

  • Bry-Air Asia

    Bry-Air Asia

    Bry-Air, a Pahwa group company, is a global solution provider for complete environmental control with a specialization in humidity control, ...

  • Prisma Services Limited

    Prisma Services Limited

    Prisma Services Limited was formed in October 1992 with the purpose of supplying specialist engineering products and support services. Our initial ...