Greenhouse Gas Emissions equipment for Air and Climate available in Australasia

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    Waste-to-Energy Solutions

    Turning waste into a resource with cost-effective and sustainable technologies. At Fluence, we have more than 30 years of experience in the design, construction, and operation of waste-to-energy plants for a wide range of industrial and municipal clients. Our proprietary anaerobic treatment technologies process wastewater and sludge to produce ...

    By Fluence Corporation based in White Plains, NEW YORK (USA).

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    Gasmet - Model DX4000 - Portable FTIR Gas Analyzer

    Gasmet DX4000 is portable FTIR gas analyzer for applications where multiple gas compounds need to be accurately monitored in hot & humid sample gas. It is the world’s smallest FTIR emissions monitoring system.

    By Gasmet Technologies Oy based in Vantaa, FINLAND. from Portable FTIR Gas Analyzer Product line

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    Landfill Gas

    Landfill gas is created during the anaerobic decomposition of organic substances in municipal solid waste (MSW) and commercial and industrial (C&I) wastes. Depending upon the landfill design and its management, as well as waste composition, compaction, moisture and several other factors, thousands of landfills are available worldwide to ...

    By Clarke Energy based in Liverpool, UNITED KINGDOM. from Landfill Gas Product line

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    GaBi - Carbon Composites - LCA Database

    Contains 137 processes based on industry data, 58 of which are unit processes, with the most common manufacturing and processing technologies in different geographical regions.The carbon composites (CF) database was created by Fraunhofer IBP and Fraunhofer IGCV and is exclusively available for GaBi Software users. The extension database includes ...

    By thinkstep based in Leinfelden-Echterdingen, GERMANY. from Carbon Composites - LCA Database Product line

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    OSi - Model OFS-2000C™ - Optical Flow Sensor (OFS) - Combustion Air Flow

    The OFS 2000C model is enhanced with temperature and pressure sensors to provide data for mass flow measurement. This latest development of our renowned air flow sensor offers operators more accurate control* of the combustion process resulting in increased efficiency, fuel cost savings and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

    By Optical Scientific Inc. (OSi) based in Gaithersburg, MARYLAND (USA). from Optical Flow Sensor (OFS) - Combustion Air Flow Product line

  • Neste - Pro Diesel

    Neste Oil launched a new premium-quality diesel - Neste Pro Diesel - to the Finnish market in September 2012. The new product is the first-ever to comply with the toughest diesel specification drawn up as part of the Worldwide Fuel Charter (WWFC) by automotive manufacturers in Europe, the US, and Asia. WWFC specifications are based on extensive ...

    By Neste based in FINLAND. from Pro Diesel Product line

  • Model ZRE NDIR/O2 - NDIR/Oxygen Analyzer

    Cftl ZRE analyzers are based on the infrared absorption characteristics of gases. Using a single infrared beam to measure gas concentrations, ZRE analyzers deliver highly stable and reliable results. The infrared light beam is modulated by a chopper system and passed through a sample cell of predetermined length that contains the gas sample to be ...

    By California Analytical Instruments, Inc. (CAI) based in Orange, CALIFORNIA (USA). from NDIR/Oxygen Analyzer Product line

  • Household Carbon Footprint Calculator

    You can use the following online calculator to get a rough “ballpark” estimate of your personal or family’s greenhouse gas emissions and explore the impact of taking various actions to reduce your emissions.

    By The Stella Group, Ltd based in WASHINGTON (USA). from Household Carbon Footprint Calculator Product line

  • Anchor - Model 101 - Electric Piston Pump

    The Anchor Electric 101 piston pump is powered by electricity. The control motor is located at surface grade for easy installation and maintenance. Above-well drive motor provides linear reciprocating pump action from grade through the sucker-rod assembly. The reciprocating pump removes water and product (e.g., oil, solvents, leachate) from a ...

    By Blackhawk Technology Company based in Glen Ellyn, ILLINOIS (USA). from Electric Piston Pump Product line

  • Harris - Model RF - Heating and Solvent Injection Technology

    Harris is implementing a unique thermal-enhanced oil recovery method to improve the economics of heavy oil production while reducing environmental impact. This process combines radio frequency technology with solvent injection, allowing for cleaner and more economical oil production from heavy oil and oil sands reservoirs at lower operating ...

    By Harris Corporation based in Melbourne, FLORIDA (USA). from Heating and Solvent Injection Technology Product line

  • Kurz - Model 454FTB-WGF - Single-Point Insertion Flow Meter

    The Series 454FTB-WGF represents the first thermal mass flow meter intended for use in Wet Gas and condensing environments. This product is specifically designed for Biogas measurements in digester and landfill applications. By utilizing advanced signal processing and sensor technology, the process flow signal is independent from the effects of ...

    By Kurz Instruments, Inc. based in Monterey, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Single-Point Insertion Flow Meter Product line

  • Atlas - Model 2.5 - 101 - Pneumatic Piston Pump

    The Atlas 2.5 Pneumatic Piston Pump is Blackhawk’s most powerful pneumatic reciprocating piston pump. It is designed for difficult and heavy-duty applications, including hot and/or harsh environments, remediation, high discharge pressure, deep wells, angled or horizontal pumping, winter running and extended duty. Model 101 maintains steady ...

    By Blackhawk Technology Company based in Glen Ellyn, ILLINOIS (USA). from Pneumatic Piston Pump Product line

  • PRIMEROY - Motor Driven Dosing Pumps

    During the development of the PRIMEROY dosing pump, our R&D engineers performed a comparative study of the advantages and disadvantages of the various existing concepts. The following points (besides aspects relating to standards and regulations) were taken into account:Cost Compactness Weight Number of parts Footprint Painted surface Oil ...

    By Milton Roy Europe based in PONT SAINT PIERRE, FRANCE. from Motor Driven Dosing Pumps Product line

  • Bioprocess Control - Gas Endeavour - Automatic Gas Flow Measuring System

    The Gas Endeavour allows users to measure low gas volume and flow whenever there is a demand for highly accurate and precise measurements. The instrument can be used for research and industrial applications related to animal nutrition, wastewater, ethanol fermentation, hydrogen production, greenhouse gas emissions, evaluation of microbial ...

    By Bioprocess Control Sweden AB based in Lund, SWEDEN.

  • FLIR - Model GF 306 - FLIR Detection and Electrical Inspections Infrared Cameras

    The FLIR GF306 detects and visualizes SF6 (Sulfur Hexafluoride) and 25 other harmful gases quickly from a safe distance and without the need to interrupt your plant's production process. SF6 is a gas used in electrical substations at electric power plants as an insulator in circuit breakers and switchgear. The gas is also used in magnesium ...

    By FLIR Systems Inc. based in Wilsonville, OREGON (USA). from FLIR Detection and Electrical Inspections Infrared Cameras Product line

  • Model EGAS FTIR-ER2000S - Turnkey Monitoring System

    A turnkey system designed for the analysis of raw or dilute gases, subject or not to standards, such as CO, CO2, HC, NO, NO2, N2O, NH3, H2O, acetaldehydes, formaldehydes, alcohols etc. for engine, fuel and catalyzer development.

    By Norditech Pty Ltd based in Arndell Park, AUSTRALIA. from Turnkey Monitoring System Product line

  • Blackhawk - Model V-2 - 101 - Pneumatic Piston Pump

    The V-2 Pneumatic Piston Pump is Blackhawk’s most versatile pneumatic. It is designed for the broadest range of pumping applications and environments, including hot or harsh landfill leachate, gas-well dewatering, condensate-recovery sump and hydrocarbon remediation. Model 101 maintains steady flow to depths of 555 feet (169 meters).

    By Blackhawk Technology Company based in Glen Ellyn, ILLINOIS (USA). from Pneumatic Piston Pump Product line

  • Biosolids Management Technology

    GeoEnvironment Technologies has developed, patented, and successfully demonstrated an innovative new technology to manage municipal sludge with significant environmental benefits. We call this technique Deep Earth Digestion / Sequestration. Through appropriate geological formation selection, well design, and advanced geophysical monitoring, the ...

    By GeoEnvironment Technologies based in Houston, TEXAS (USA).

  • CambiTHP - Thermal Hydrolysis Processes System

    Cambi’s thermal hydrolysis processes are at the heart of advanced treatment of sewage sludge and bio-degradable waste, whether planning new or upgrading existing wastewater treatment, food waste or co-digestion projects. Conventional problems are reduced, and the material itself becomes a truly valuable resource. Through Cambi’s well ...

    By Cambi Group AS based in Asker, NORWAY. from Thermal Hydrolysis Processes System Product line

  • Gasholders

    Safely store and regulate biogas from anaerobic digestion. Geomembrane Technologies is the exclusive distributor of VSO Biogas Technologies’ double-membrane gasholders in the United States and Canada. Geomembrane Technologies' cover experts can deliver, install, and commission these gasholders, and provide advice on how to maximize the use of ...

    By Geomembrane Technologies, an Evoqua brand based in Fredericton, NEW BRUNSWICK (CANADA). from Gasholders Product line

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