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  • Odor Control H 2 S / Sewer Gas Wet Scrubbing Explained

    Odor Control H 2 S / Sewer Gas Wet Scrubbing Explained

    H2S / Sewer Gas / Rotten Egg Smell Control Hydrogen Sulfide, chemical formula H2S. also commonly referred to as 'sewer gas' is frequently a nuisance problem at waste water treatment facilities - and a source of complaints from neighbors of such facilities. Additionally, H2S not only stinks, at high concentrations it incapacitates, blinds and eventually will kill if allowed to ...

  • Bavaria - Case Study

    Over 25 years of smoothly running wastewater treatment at a brewery In 1984, Dutch beer brewer Bavaria needed to increase its wastewater treatment capacity. Paques installed a BIOPAQ®UASB to its ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Advanced Percent Oxygen Analyzers

    Advanced Percent Oxygen Analyzers

    The MODEL 201RS and 201RSP are advanced Percent Oxygen Analyzers loaded with a full suite of standard features. The Analyzers’ compact design includes AMI’s patented ELIMINATOR CELL BLOCK technology, incorporating a complete sample system, and combines it with our industry leading Percent O2 sensors. This combination delivers accurate, reliable and extremely fast response times in a ...