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  • HCl Hot Wet Gas Monitor
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    HCl Hot Wet Gas Monitor

    By ETG Risorse e Tecnologia S.r.l.

    HydrogenChloride (HCl) extractive gas analyzer tunable diode laser based. Sample hot &wet. 19” Rack mounting. Minimum Standard range 0-50/100/500 ppm. Maximum Standard range 0-500 ppm. Limit of detection 8 ...

  • Hot and Tropical Countries
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    Hot and Tropical Countries

    By Clarke Energy

    Hot and tropical counties can pose challenges for the operation of the generator. If the generator exceeds certain temperature limits de-rating will occur. In order to overcome the challenge of high ambient temperatures ...

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  • Marine Geochemistry

    Marine Geochemistry

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  • Advances in the Study of Gas Hydrates

    Advances in the Study of Gas Hydrates

    Preface - Section I Modeling of Hydrates - 1. Towards a full dynamic model of CO2 hydrate formation in aqueous solutions - 2. Statistical ...

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  • ETG Risorse e Tecnologia S.r.l.

    ETG Risorse e Tecnologia S.r.l.

    ETG is a leading supplier of high performance reliable gas analysis solutions. Our business is based on extensive and long standing experience of ...



    MORTELECQUE have specialised in industrial filtration since 1830. Making the most of their experience and innovative technologies, they have through ...



    KERMEL, the European market leader in the manufacture of meta-aramid fibres for protective clothing, diversify its activities on the hot gas ...