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Hot Gas equipment for Air and Climate

  • ECM ICBP - Model FLEX - Multi Chambers Furnaces

    ICBP Flex is the most innovative and popular solution of ECM’s range of Low Pressure Carburising furnaces. The modular and compact design of the ICBP Flex meets the highest demands in terms of productivity and part quality. The ICBP Flex can receive oil quenching cells (hot or cold), simple gas or reversible dual stream (up to 20 bar) ...

    By ECM Technologies based in Grenoble Cedex 2, FRANCE. from Multi Chambers Furnaces Product line

  • Model CCS-HT Series - Combustion Chambers for High Temperature Applications

    Hot gas generators are used if hot gases are needed for direct drying or for other processes. Additional processes can also take place in the gas flow. For example flue gas, exhaust air or exhaust vapors (called mixed gas below) can be disposed of thermally.

    By SAACKE GmbH based in Bremen, GERMANY. from Combustion Chambers for High Temperature Applications Product line

  • Inox Flat Stainless Steel Powder Filters

    Copor has reached a high level of specialization and is especially equipped to manufacture metal filters, since 1980. Stainless steel powder filters are processed by blending fine powdered materials, pressing them into a desired shape ,compacting, and then heating the compressed material in a controlled atmosphere to bond the material by ...

    By COPOR Snc based in Vertemate con Minoprio, ITALY. from Inox Flat Stainless Steel Powder Filters Product line

  • NORAM - Stainless Steel Converters

    Stainless Steel Converters. Reduced corrosion. The NORAM converters are constructed entirely from stainless steel, which largely eliminates corrosion, while reducing maintenance requirements and extending service life.

    By NORAM Engineering and Constructors Ltd. based in Vancouver, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Stainless Steel Converters Product line

  • Evapco - Model SSTHB Series - Medium to Large Size Unit Evaporators Coolers

    Designed for larger industrial product coolers in low, medium and high temperature applications. These models utilize axial fans and have advanced features such as: One to Four Fan Models with Cast Fans. Sloped Top Panels and Dual Sloped Drain Pans. Certified Performance in Accordance AHRI Std 420. Small Dia. Tubes for Reduced Refrigerant Charge.

    By Evapco Inc. based in Westminster, MARYLAND (USA). from Medium to Large Size Unit Evaporators Coolers Product line

  • Evapco - Model SSTWB Series - Workroom Evaporators Units

    Designed for low-velocity and high occupancy applications, such as processing rooms, the SSTWB maximizes working comfort while minimizing maintenance downtime. SSTWB Series evaporators offer improved accessibility features, clean cabinet/pan design and corrosion inhibiting materials of construction. SSTWB Evaporators are offered with stainless ...

    By Evapco Inc. based in Westminster, MARYLAND (USA). from Workroom Evaporators Units Product line

  • Rotary Dryer

    GEA Barr-Rosin offers a diverse range of direct and indirect rotary dryers, all custom engineered to suit specific requirements. The directly heated rotary dryer operates on the principle of lifting and showering the product through a hot gas stream moving either in parallel or counter-flow. In the indirect dryer, which is more suited to fine and ...

    By Brad Thompson Company based in Seattle, WASHINGTON (USA). from Rotary Dryer Product line

  • HAZEMAG - Model ADS - Rapid Dryers

    The HAZEMAG Rapid Dryer provides thermal drying (water vapourisation) for a diverse range of applications in a wide spectrum of materials. These materials are produced, amongst other things, as moist filter cake (25 - 30 % moisture) or paste products and must be processed to a dry product with specific residual moisture for further process steps.

    By IMS Engineering Ltd based in Kempton Park, SOUTH AFRICA.

  • Venti Oelde - Hot Gas Circulation Fans

    Effective fans for hot processes. Our circulating fans can withstand temperatures of up to 1,000°C and are used for tempering, annealing and hardening furnaces, as well as for core drying. To operate the furnace system economically an even and fast exchange of heat is required. The air cooling system used by Venti Oelde has proved itself again ...

    By Ventilatorenfabrik Oelde GmbH based in Oelde, GERMANY. from Hot Gas Circulation Fans Product line

  • Saubatech - Hot Gas Filtration System

    Multiple industrial processes produce emissions, containing products which are hazardous to people’s health, or pollute the environment. Most countries have instituted regulations that limit these emissions, requiring these gasses to be filtered.

    By Safurnco (Pty) Limited based in Northriding, SOUTH AFRICA.

  • Porous Ceramic Filter Media

    We offer two main porous ceramic material grades, these being Permalith and Hydralith. Together they cover a wide spectrum of application opportunities. Permalith Porous Ceramics offer high chemical resistance, capable of high temperatures and withstand high mechanical loading. Various shapes, sizes and pore sizes are available as well as ...

    By O I Filtration Ltd based in Barlaston, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Caldo - Specialised Incinerators

    Collaboration with EODS; One of the first pollution control systems that Caldo supplied was a ceramic filter for the removal of particulates and acid gases from waste gas produced by the incineration of ammunition at the MoD site at Shoeburyness. It was clear at the time that the incineration end of the process was quite basic, with potential to ...

    By Caldo Consultants based in Bromsgrove, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • CobbLloyd - Protective Encapsulation Systems

    Where hot gas or chemical erosion is present within the operational atmosphere, COBB LLOYD has options to combat and reduce this attack on refractory lining systems. Our products range from specialist tiles that utilise our “patented” ceramic screw bolt system, to specialist refractory coatings systems that are all manufactured in ...

    By Cobb Lloyd Refractories Ltd based in Staffordshire, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Constant Temperature Anemometry (CTA) / Thermal Anemometry

    Constant Temperature Anemometry (CTA), also known as Thermal Anemometry, is a technique for the measurement of turbulence in 1, 2 or 3-dimensional gas and liquid flows, using hot-wire or hot-film probes inserted in the flow. CTA is particularly suitable for the measurement of flows with very fast fluctuations at a point (high turbulence) and the ...

    By Dantec Dynamics based in Skovlunde, DENMARK. from Constant Temperature Anemometry (CTA) / Thermal Anemometry Product line

  • Hot Gas Generator With Patented Secondary Burning Chamber

    Installed firing capacity: Reciprocating grate: 49.9 MW, Granulate burner: 2 x 4.0 MW. Fuel consumption per year: approx. 200,000 t. Fuels: Bark, production wood (MDF, particle board). Range of heat values: 2.1 - 3.2 kWh/kg. Year of commissioning: 2007. Location: Belgium.

    By Richard Kablitz GmbH based in Lauda-Königshofen, GERMANY. from Hot Gas Generator With Patented Secondary Burning Chamber Product line

  • Filter Cartridges for Hot Gas Filtration

    The filter cartridges are constructed to meet the special requirements of temperatures higher than 140 °C. They are suitable for a maximum operating temperature of 450 °C. Their metal parts are made of galvanized or stainless steel. As filter media needle felts or weaves of stainless steel are used. The cartridges can be cleaned by jet ...

    By R B Filter GmbH based in Langenbrettach, GERMANY. from Filter Cartridges for Hot Gas Filtration Product line

  • FIREFLY - Refractory Products

    High performance, low thermal conductivity Refractory Thermal Insulation for all hot processes.

    By Tenmat ltd based in Manchester, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Four-Pass Rotary Drum Dryer

    Wet feed is exposed to the hot furnace gases in a controlled “lift and fall” manner. The particles are exposed to the hot gas as they fall, but not while they are resting in the flight-ing. This exposure to high heat, followed by a brief rest, prevents the gases from heating the solids too long.

    By MIS Industry based in Soganlık Kartal, TURKEY. from Four-Pass Rotary Drum Dryer Product line

  • Model TSE Series - Scroll Compressor Industrial Central Liquid Chiller

    The compact size of our newest central chiller minimizes floor space; while its modular design allows up to 12 refrigeration circuits to be combined into a single system for over 1,000 tons of cooling capacity. The chiller's innovative high flow design assures consistent process leaving water temperatures from 20F to 80F and as low as 5F ...

    By Thermal Care, Inc. based in Niles, ILLINOIS (USA). from Scroll Compressor Industrial Central Liquid Chiller Product line

  • Evapco - Model SSTLB Series - Industrial Evaporators Coolers

    Medium to Large size unit coolers for freezers, coolers and docks requiring low, and medium temperature applications. SSTLB Series evaporators combine high capacity with maintenance-friendly features including improved accessibility features, clean cabinet/pan design and corrosion inhibiting materials of construction.

    By Evapco Inc. based in Westminster, MARYLAND (USA). from Industrial Evaporators Coolers Product line

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