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  • Archives, Libraries and Museums

    Archives, Libraries and Museums

    DEHUMIDIFIER FOR ARCHIVES, LIBRARIES AND MUSEUMS Dehumidifier for archives, libraries and museum is a device eliminating the excessive moisture from these facilities in order to protect the objects stored and prevent the damage of precious works of arts. WHY NEED DEHUMIDIFIER IN ARCHIVES, LIBRARIES AND MUSEUMS The stability of the surrounding environment is a vital and basic factor in the ...

  • Plastic Production

    Plastic Production

    PLASTIC PRODUCTION Plastics, to maintain the ideal quality, usually require a relative low humidity for the plastic in the manufacture.   Most plastic is supplied as dry materials, only a small ...


  • We Have Biaxial Mixing Machine On Sale

    We Have Biaxial Mixing Machine On Sale

    The biaxial mixer rotated through two sets of shafts with spiral blades. Spraying and mixing the powdered material with water to make the powdery materials reach controllable humidity. This equipment is mainly suitable for the ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Biofilters - The Medium Level Odour Control Solution

    Biofilters - The Medium Level Odour Control Solution

    Used as a stand-alone package, or in combination as part of a DryCat system, ERG`s biofilter provides trouble-free odour control for small to medium sized sewage treatment plants. Filled with either calcified woodchip or peat and heather, all from renewable sources, ERG’s biofilters have been refined and optimised over the years to offer outstanding value for money and simple operation. ...