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  • Is Your HVAC System Operating The Way It Should?

    Is Your HVAC System Operating The Way It Should?

    HVAC Definition ‘HVAC” refers to the system that supplies heating or air conditioning to the occupied spaces of the building—whether office, factory, warehouse, or residence (HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning). HVAC Systems in Commercial ...


  • Air Filtration Systems

    Air Filtration Systems

    EMCEL provide air filtration solutions that fit into your air handling systems and ensure your air is being filtered prior to entering your building. With the growing information available suggesting that air pollution is exacerbating existing ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • HEPA Filters

    HEPA Filters

    K..P.A.F is introducing innovations in the field of HEPA filters. Using state-of-the-art technology K.P.A.F not only supply conventional HEPA filters but also extended surface HEPA filters, manufactured for a flow rate of 3600 m3/h at an initial resistance of 250 Pa, for example. Depending on the application, we can deliver these filters with efficiencies from 95% to 99.99996% (as per the NaCI ...