Hydroxyl Air Purification

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  • THE DO2E devices/products & technologies

    THE DO2E devices/products & technologies

    DO2E devices are used to increase the dissolved oxygen content of input streams to respective devices as well as to modify the input streams to facilitate the removal of offending and/or hazardous substances. The DO2E Technology is designed to deliver oxygen to an input stream, and the Digesters are designed to do a similar function as well as to reduce the size of any particulates in the input ...


  • Our key, our solution h2o.TITANIUM

    Our solution, the h2o.TITANIUM reactors, is also our main competitive advantage: the manufacture of MONOBLOCK TITANIUM DIOXIDE REACTORS for the production of hydroxyl radicals through the action of UV radiation, with much greater simplicity and ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • UltraViolet Ozone with Hydroxyl Free Radicals


    UltraViolet Ozone with Hydroxyl Free Radicals

    DO2E has revolutionized the delivery and use of Ultraviolet Ozone (UV Ozone) with Hydroxyl free radicals for advanced remediation for Odor, Corrosion, and F.O.G. control within the wastewater industry. Anywhere water is contaminated with unwanted chemicals, bacteria, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, ammonia, Hydrogen sulfides, and many other contaminates, the DO2E Advanced UV Ozone delivery System ...