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Hydroxyl air purification equipment for Air and Climate

  • Ultraaqua - Model MultiRay Series - Medium Pressure UV Systems for Swimming Pools

    ULTRAAQUA’s MultiRay Series is designed and optimized for advanced photooxidation processes as well as general disinfection. It is also ideal for chloramine reduction in swimming pools and various chemical compounds in industrial wastewater.

    By Ultraaqua A/S based in Aalborg Øst, DENMARK.

  • EN Rx Reagents™

    An innovative chemical to create a catalyzed hydrogen peroxide has been developed by EN Rx, Inc. The EN Rx Reagent™ is comprised of H2O2, SSO™ and Synergist™. H2O2 and SSO™ are the singlet oxygen sources. SSO™ adds a slow release mechanism to the oxygen source. The third reagent component is a proprietary catalyst ...

    By EN Rx based in Flower Mound, TEXAS (USA).

  • International Ozone - Model Titan - Hydroxyl Maximizer

    The Titan Hydroxyl Maximizer uses ultrasonic technology to produce a very fine cold water vapor. The Maximizer is placed right behind a Titan Hydroxyl Generator and will increase the direct intake of humidity which increases the hydroxyl production. The Maximizer will make your Titan 4000 perform as if it is on steroids. Do not worry about raising ...

    By International Ozone Technologies Group, Inc. based in Delray Beach, FLORIDA (USA). from Hydroxyl Maximizer Product line

  • Model AO1 & 2 - Mini Advanced Oxidation System

    Very small footprint, batch processing mobile skid that provides waste destruction and treatment, ideal for removing COD, TOC and VOC’s from equipment wash wastes or concentrated from another process. AO1 and 2 models offer the convenience of 100VAC power requirement which means they can be placed literally anywhere, design, finish, ...

    By HF Pure Water based in Compton, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Mini Advanced Oxidation System Product line

  • Odorox - Model MDU™ - Mobile Disinfection Unit

    The MDUTM (Mobile Disinfection Unit) is the right choice for medical, clinical, institutional, veterinary or hospitality use. The MDU Mobile Disinfection Unit is finely tuned to treat odors associated with bacterial, viral and mold contamination.The ODOROX MDUTM is designed to decontaminate up to a 2000 sq-ft. space. It is equipped with a selector ...

    By Odorox - HGI Industries Incorporated based in Boynton Beach, FLORIDA (USA).

  • Odorox - Model Boss™ - Hydroxyl Odor Processor

    The ODOROX BossTM unit is the right choice for the professional fire and water damage restoration contractor. It can deodorize and decontaminate up to 2000 sq.ft.The ODOROX BossTM unit is designed for heavy concentration processing and operates using only 1.9 amps. The BossTM unit is equipped with a selector switch for 1 or 2 ODOROX hydroxyl ...

    By Odorox - HGI Industries Incorporated based in Boynton Beach, FLORIDA (USA).

  • International Ozone - Model Titan 4000 - Hydroxyl Generator

    Titan 4000 is rated for 40,000 cu/ft treatment area when paired with our Hydroxyl Maximizer Cold Vapor Injector. Titan 4000 Hydroxyl Generator is the only true commercial hydroxyl machine on the market. Unlike other fake Hydroxyl generators that produce ozone and are not safe for occupied areas, Titan utilizes 365nm to 385nm UVA TiO² Coated ...

    By International Ozone Technologies Group, Inc. based in Delray Beach, FLORIDA (USA). from Hydroxyl Generator Product line

  • International Ozone - Model Titan 1000 - Hydroxyl Generator

    Titan 1000 is rated for 10,000 cu/ft treatment area. This is the smallest hydroxyl generator offered and can be used for all residential applications. The Titan 1000 is on of the only true hydroxyl generators on the market. The Titan line of hydroxyl generators uses (UVA lamps in the 365nm-385nm light spectrum reflecting off a (TIO2) coated super ...

    By International Ozone Technologies Group, Inc. based in Delray Beach, FLORIDA (USA). from Hydroxyl Generator Product line

  • Perstorp - Model H2004 - Boltorn

    Boltorn™ H2004 is a liquid fatty acid modified dendritic polymer with 6 terminal hydroxyl groups. This dendritic polyol not only offers the general advantages of polyols in cationic systems like improved flexibility and reactivity, but also further improves the chemical resistance and rheological behavior of flexographic inks while ...

    By Perstorp based in Perstorp, SWEDEN. from Boltorn Product line

  • International Ozone - Model Titan 2000 - Hydroxyl Generator

    The Titan 2000 Hydroxyl Generator is used to remove odors, purify the air, and improve indoor air quality. The Titan 2000 produces no ozone and is 100% safe for use in occupied areas. Capable of treating an area up to 20,000cu/ft. The technology creates a reaction between titanium dioxide (Ti02), UVA light, and H20 to create hydroxyl radicals. The ...

    By International Ozone Technologies Group, Inc. based in Delray Beach, FLORIDA (USA). from Hydroxyl Generator Product line

  • Klozur - Model CR - Combined Remedy

    Klozur CR is a single, formulated product consisting of high-pH activated Klozur Persulfate and PermeOx Plus engineered calcium peroxide, uniting the strengths of both products to treat contaminant source zones and down-gradient plumes. It is formulated to provide a self-activated persulfate oxidation system which couples chemical oxidation with ...

    By PeroxyChem based in Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Combined Remedy Product line

  • DO2E - Ultra Violet Ozone with Hydroxyl Free Radicals

    DO2E has revolutionized the delivery and use of Ultraviolet Ozone (UV Ozone) with Hydroxyl free radicals for advanced remediation for Odor, Corrosion, and F.O.G. control within the wastewater industry. Anywhere water is contaminated with unwanted chemicals, bacteria, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, ammonia, Hydrogen sulfides, and many other ...

    By DO2E Wastewater Treatment based in Stapleton, ALABAMA (USA).

  • Vapex - Model E-Fog - Fogging Systems

    Vapex’s Radical Odour Control Technology is a vapor phase treatment that treats odours, remediates surface fats, oils, and grease and mitigates microbial induced corrosion. The centerpiece of the Vapex technology is a the patented three-fluid nozzle that produce less than 5 micron-sized water particles. The water particles combine with ...

    By Emission Treatment Solutions Pty Ltd based in Dandenong South, AUSTRALIA.

  • Aero - Model 1100 OD - For Removal ofH2S (The Killer Gas), NH3, CH4 and Odours

    The Aero 1100 OD is designed for removal of odours and harmful gasses at the source or within the exhaust air. As a result of reducing the H2S gas at a location, corrosion is also reduced significantly. Using the system at indoor locations results in a healthier environment for the workers. When the odour/ gas emission is reduced at the source, ...

    By ProAir Oy Ltd based in Inkoo, FINLAND.

  • Odorox - Model Boss XL3™ - Hydroxyl Odor Processor

    The ODOROX Boss XL3 unit is the right choice for large area odor control resulting from fires, flooding sewer backup contamination, toxic odors and chemical spills. This unit is designed for use with your existing air mover (air mover is NOT included). The Boss XL3 unit will provide a heavy concentration of ODOROX hydroxyls to treat large areas ...

    By Odorox - HGI Industries Incorporated based in Boynton Beach, FLORIDA (USA).

  • Ultraviolet System

    Light waves travel in the form of electromagnetic radiation, and ultraviolet (UV) energy is found in the electromagnetic spectrum between visible light and x-rays. In water treatment applications, 254 nanometers (nm) is required for disinfection and ozone destruction, while 185 nm is required for TOC reduction and breaking down chlorine.

    By Wigen Water Technologies based in Chaska, MINNESOTA (USA).

  • Model AO3 & 4 - Medium Capacity Advanced Oxidation Systems

    Full Automation, continuous onboard water quality monitoring, UV exposure designed for small continuous processing plants to polish out organic materials such as Arsenic and Cyanide. If the amount of organic material is fixed we can determine from testing of samples the exact amount of UV power required to eliminate these contaminants. AO3 and 4s ...

    By HF Pure Water based in Compton, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Medium Capacity Advanced Oxidation Systems Product line

  • Puralytics - Water Bladders Purifiers

    Puralytics has developed a next generation advanced oxidation process, AOP PLUS, using light energy to activate an advanced nanotechnology coated mesh. Water is purified through simultaneous photochemical reactions, creating hydroxyl radicals and destroying emerging contaminants such as volatile organic chemicals, pesticides, ...

    By Puralytics based in Beaverton, OREGON (USA).

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