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  • What are Incinerator Machines? An idiot’s guide

    What are Incinerator Machines? An idiot’s guide

    What is an incinerator machine?An incinerator machine is a mechanical unit that is built to destroy waste. this happens by burning the waste at an extremely high temperature, reducing it to bottom ash. The machines can be manufactured from small garden waste incinerators, all the way to large scale industrial sized machines.Waste of all manners is burned until it is reduced to no


  • Welcome back China!

    Welcome back China!

    Our Chinese team is fully back to work and we are relieved to know they and their families are in good health. There are still some travelling restrictions but China is recovering very quickly, just like our local suppliers!About ENVEA China ...

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  • Numerically Optimized Cyclone Collector

    Numerically Optimized Cyclone Collector

    Cyclones have been mostly designed and improved by empirical means. Computerized Flow Dynamics (CFD) can be used for partial cyclone optimization but it is still incomplete for full cyclone optimization. Notably low collection efficiency results from the fact that particle agglomeration for cyclone modelling has been disregarded until present days. ACS developed a complete line of very different ...