Industrial Air Pollution

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  • Facilities Under Positive Pressure

    Facilities Under Positive Pressure

    Building pressure is the difference between the outside air supplied to a building and the air removed from inside a building. Typically, a facilities managers are trying to achieve a building with slight positive building pressure, meaning more air is supplied to the building than is removed from the building. Negative Pressure Indicators Negative building pressure means outside air is ...


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  • High Clearance Landfill Liquid Pump

    High Clearance Landfill Liquid Pump

    The new High Clearance AutoPump® AP4.5 Ultra delivers superior performance, running many times longer between service events. A pump installed for field testing needed just 30 minutes to clean after 220,000 minutes (348,965 cycles!) of uninterrupted run time – in a well that had been out of compliance for the previous 3 years, requiring pump cleaning every 3 to 5 days.