Industrial Air Treatment

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  • It’s Time to Push for Greater Use of Higher MERV-Rated Air Filters

    Technological advances over the last 30 years have increased the amount of sub-micron particles in the air we breathe. Manufacturing processes, material off-gassing and emissions are all adding to the airborne particulate matter that human bodies are not designed to filter. These particles can enter our bloodstreams through our lungs and cause a range of health problems.Indoor air pollution has ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Two Shaft Ripper

    Two Shaft Ripper

    When processing electronic scrap, the aim is not merely to ensure the highest levels of process reliability and performance, but to salvage components such as capacitors and batteries intact where possible. Here, the the RM 1350/2 coarse shredder really struts its stuff: with the especially slow-running twin-shaft rotor/shredder system, the machine is especially resource-friendly and so ensures a ...

Upcoming Events

  • 2019 West (Chongqing) Hot Water Heating Exhibition

    2019 West (Chongqing) Hot Water Heating Exhibition

    According to Avi Cloud (AVC) monitoring 300+ city research, in the third quarter of 2017, 128 real estate projects in the real estate decoration market were equipped with water heater products, a total of 115,000 sets, with a configuration rate of 33.6%, up 15.1% from the previous month. On the other hand, the National Energy Administration proposed in the “Northern District Winter Clean ...

Aquatherm Moscow - 2020

Feb. 10rd - 13th | Moscow

ARBS 2020

May 18rd - 20th | Melbourne