Landfill Gas Cleaning

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  • Landfill Gas Clean-up and Upgrading to Hydrogen System

    Landfill Gas Clean-up and Upgrading to Hydrogen System

    Quadrogen has extensive knowledge of and experience in biogas and landfill gas clean-up systems technology, design and development. Quadrogen’s Integrated Biogas Clean-up System will remove all sulfur species, siloxanes, chlorides, water, oxygen and other impurities from biogas to the parts per billion level required for reliable and long term operation. Quadrogen also has extensive ...


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  • Oxygen Depletion Process Unit

    Oxygen Depletion Process Unit

    AirScience experience with oxidation with precious metal catalyst goes back to the early years of the company with the supply of large catalytic reactors for the oxidation of hydrogen bromide (HBr) in the purified terephtalatic acid (PTA) industry. Such as the PTA plants in Montreal, Canada and Altamira, Mexico have used AirScience CaTox units for many years.