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  • Indoor Climate Control Wiki

    Indoor Climate Control Wiki

    Indoors climate control wiki generally refers to houses, offices, industries, movie theaters, restaurants, shopping malls, cars, ships, and planes. Because different air pollution sources are exhausted indoors or outdoors continuously or from time to time, the pollutants will be accumulated in sealed places under the circ


Equipment & Solutions

  • VOC Concentrator with Multiple Zeolite Rotor System

    VOC Concentrator with Multiple Zeolite Rotor System

    For large process exhaust flows, Munters manufactures concentrator equipment with zeolite rotors arranged in parallel.  Single concentrator boxes can be shipped to treat exhaust streams as large as 100,000 cfm (160,000 m3/hr). The concentrated air from each rotor is combined into one stream and sent to a common oxidizer for VOC destruction.  Additional concentrator boxes can be added as ...