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  • Importance of Dust Control Polymer For Mine Tailings

    Importance of Dust Control Polymer For Mine Tailings

    While separating the minerals from the ore, the residue is a concern for the environment. Tailings are the leftover material after the process. Mine tailings are toxic therefore are recommended to be kept away from the environment. While leaching, the chances are high that the toxic material might get into the water. It pollutes the streams and leads to destructive environmental conditions. The ...

  • Dry dust control systems - Case study

    Two gold mining companies each chose multiple Tri-flow systems for dry dust control on thermal treatment systems that exhaust to atmosphere.The Tri-Flow units range in capacity from 2000 to 20,000 ...


  • Wits bestows Senior Doctorate on icon of mining research

    A formidable career’s worth of mining research achievements was recently documented by one of South Africa’s leading academics in his field, Professor Emeritus Huw Phillips; the thesis earned him a Doctor of Engineering from Wits ...

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  • Soil Stabilizer Elements Polymers

    Soil Stabilizer Elements Polymers

    Envirotac II, when applied, will penetrate into the soil, bonding the soil particles, and binding them in place. The treated area becomes very resilient to wear and our unique elasticity ensures the road will survive the onslaught of vehicular traffic, rain, snow, and various conditions that can wear down a road. The product is non hazardous, dries odorless, and transparent.