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  • Vane-Type Mist Eliminators
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    Vane-Type Mist Eliminators

    By Munters

    DH Series droplet separators when assembled into units form a vane type separator for horizontal flow. The streamlined profiles ensure low levels of pressure drop combined with high separation efficiencies. The profile ...

  • Vane-Type Mist Eliminators
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    Vane-Type Mist Eliminators

    By Munters

    DF-Series droplet separators are ready-to-install droplet separators for use in many application areas, e.g. in HVAC, marine & offshore and land based applications.

  • Scrubbers
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    By GCER

    GCER does not develop all parts relating to the design of the scrubber and gives no guarantee to that.

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  • Thiel Air Technologies

    Thiel Air Technologies

    Thiel Air Technologies specializes in design and application of equipment to solve your industrial air quality problems. Thiel Air Technologies ...

  • Koch-Glitsch, LP

    Koch-Glitsch, LP

    Koch-Glitsch is a global leader in the design and manufacture of mass transfer, mist elimination, and liquid-liquid coalescing equipment for the ...

  • Knitwire Group

    Knitwire Group

    Specialist manufacturer of knitted mesh filtration media, demisters, mist eliminator pads and framed filters in stainless steel, high grade alloys ...

  • Boegger Industrial Limited

    Boegger Industrial Limited

    Mist Eliminator is a kind of separation devices with high efficiency, used throughout all kinds of process industries, to remove liquid droplets from ...

  • MECS, Inc

    MECS, Inc

    MECS is the global leader in sulfuric acid process technology and related high performance products custom engineered for acid plant environments. A ...