Multigas Monitoring Articles

  • Toxic gas analysis - new video, white paper and case study

    Dangerous levels of toxic gases in freight containers represent a major threat to port and transport workers, customs officials, warehousemen, store employees and consumers. However, the risks posed by these gases can be effectively assessed with Gasmet FTIR multigas analysers. Gasmet has therefore published a video, a white paper and a case study; providing comprehensive help and advice for any ...

    By Gasmet Technologies Oy

  • Analyzer underpins growth of container inspection company

    After a career as a customs officer in the Netherlands, Wim van Tienen was well aware of the toxic gas hazards presented by some freight containers, so in 2009 he started a company, Van Tienen Milieuadvies B.V., offering gas analysis and safety advice. The company grew quickly and now employs 23 staff. Wim attributes a large part of this success to the advanced FTIR gas detection and analysis ...

    By Gasmet Technologies Oy

  • All in One Unit for GC Applications

    Leman Instruments is a leading European company, specialised in standard products, OEMs and in custom designed realisations involving high purity H2, N2, zero air, combined solutions for FIDs, GCs, purge air generators, CH4 & CO2 scrubbers, N2 and multigas for LCMS with high level of communications involving Ethernet, USB, RS 485 and ...

    By Leman Instruments SAS

  • Air monitoring in the Bosnian valley of the pyramids – part 2

    In the first part of this series, ‘Air monitoring in the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids—Part 1’, I recounted my trip to Visoko in March 2015. Bosnia and Herzegovina is a fascinating country and well worth going to—not only to experience Tunnel Ravne and the nearby ...

    By Analox Sensor Technology

  • Performance and mechanism of anaerobic biotrickling filter for removal of sulfite, sulfate, and hydrosulfite

    A biotrickling filter (BTF) was designed for removal of sulfite (SO32−), sulfate (SO42−), and hydrosulfite (HSO−3) produced from flue gas adsorbent during dual-alkali flue gas desulfurization. With an SO32− concentration of 0.89 g-S/(L packing), BTF could completely remove SO32− within 3 h with an ...

    By IWA Publishing

  • Pollution monitoring in Cement Industry

    The rising use of waste based fuels in the cement industry, both for economic and Environmental objectives, combined with the strengthening of air emission regulations around the world is pushing many operators to face a wider list of pollutants to monitor this, with associated costs. The design of appropriate solutions meeting local regulation is the key to maximize the cost benefit of the fuel ...

    By Environnement S.A

  • High temperature operation In(Ga)As quantum dot infrared photodetector focal plane arrays passivated with 6.5 nm–thick Al

    Quantum dot infrared photodetectors (QDIPs) have been shown to be a key technology in broad infrared wavelength (3-12 µm) detection due to their potential for normal incidence operation, low dark current density and higher temperature operation. In our research, we have been investigating infrared detectors based on intersubband transitions in a novel InAs/In0.15Ga ...

    By Inderscience Publishers

  • PureAire Combines Oxygen and CO2 Sensors to provide a Dual Gas Monitor to the Marketplace

    As a recognized leader in O2 safety monitoring, PureAire recently explored the need for an O2 monitor where carbon dioxide is used. There are four key cryogenic gases; nitrogen, helium, argon, and carbon dioxide (CO2), which can create an oxygen deficient atmosphere. Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) covering cryogenic gases cite that a cryogenic leak can create an unsafe ...

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