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NOx control equipment for Air and Climate

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    ECO PHYSICS - Model nCLD 899 CY - SupremeLine Gas Analyzer

    The nCLD 899 CY analyzer is the next generation in high precision nitrogen oxide and NH3 measurement. Unique in speed and reliability, the nCLD 899 CY is modular designed and capable of detecting lowest quantities of NO, NO₂ , NOX , NOX-amines and NH3 in the range of parts per trillion. The new and intuitive graphical user interface ...

    By ECO PHYSICS AG based in Duernten, SWITZERLAND. from SupremeLine Gas Analyzer Product line

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    LEANOX - Lean-Mixture Combustion Control System

    LEANOX is a lean-mixture combustion control. It was developed by GE's Jenbacher and has been patented worldwide. The system ensures the correct air to gas ratio under all operating conditions. This has the benefit of minimising exhaust gas emissions whilst maintaining stable engine operation.

    By Clarke Energy based in Liverpool, UNITED KINGDOM. from Lean-Mixture Combustion Control System Product line

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    De-Nox Kits - Incineration Filtration Systems

    The Addfield De-NOx systems involves the use of Urea – a common, widely available harmless fertiliser to neutralise nitrogen oxides (NOx) formation. NOx is widely problematic in coal plants and diesel vehicles and similarly more commonly found in high capacity diesel incineration plants.

    By Addfield Environmental Systems Ltd. based in Staffordshire, UNITED KINGDOM. from Incineration Filtration Systems Product line

  • Ammonia Vaporization Systems

    Aether DBS develops, manufactures and transports anhydrous and aqueous ammonia vaporization systems. The ammonia vaporization systems are designed to control Nitrous Oxide (NOx) emissions and to change the physical state of ammonia from liquid to gas. Just as the ammonia vaporization systems change the physical state, it also controls the pressure ...

    By Aether DBS, LLC based in Tulsa, OKLAHOMA (USA). from Ammonia Vaporization Systems Product line

  • ProLine - Master Gas Water Heaters

    Built with commercial-grade components, our ProLine® Master gas water heaters come with an 8-year warranty. With their impressive combination of smart design and durability, these models are designed to deliver years of reliable performance.

    By State Water Heaters based in Ashland City, TENNESSEE (USA).

  • Soil-Therm - Model 2010‐EN - Enclosed System

    SOIL‐THERM enclosed systems have a whole new look and are quieter than ever! Starting with a typical looking cargo container, SOIL‐THERM completely rebuilds the inside and doors with 6‐ inches of custom sound insulation that reduces noise levels to less than 60 dBA at 3‐ft. Intake and exhaust fans are installed on the roof ...

    By Soil-Therm Equipment, Inc. based in Agoura Hills, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Enclosed System Product line

  • Model SNCR+SCR - Hybrid Systems

    The SNCR + SCR Hybrid system utilizes the advantages of the SNCR system as well as those of the SCR concept. The objective of the hybrid system is to allow the SNCR section to operate at the top of the optimum curve to achieve maximize possible NOx removal, while NH3 slip is purposely kept high. The excessive NH3 slip allows for the installation ...

    By FlowVision A/S based in Odense N, DENMARK.


    Effective NOx reduction systems offered by INSTAL-FILTER SA are combination of proven technologies based on long-term experiences and innovative technology. They are characterized by low cost consumption and great availability.To meet the binding law, INSTAL-FILTER SA offers the following NOx technologies:• SNCRSelective, non-catalytic reduction ...


  • Duall - NOx Control Systems

    Corrosion resistant BetaNox® scrubbing systems provide a unique, high efficiency wet oxidation/reduction approach to controlling NOx emissions. Single and multiple stage systems provide over 99% efficiency on total NOx removal and elimination of the red/brown NOx exhaust plume.

    By CECO Environmental based in Dallas, TEXAS (USA). from NOx Control Systems Product line

  • ANCR + SCR - Hybrid Reduction System

    The hybrid system is a combination of the ANCR® system with a catalytic system. Most of NOx emissions are reduced with the ANCR® system. The remaining NOx reduction takes place with a controlled NH3 injection in front of the catalyzer. The key advantage of this system configuration is a highly effective mode of operation combined with ...

    By M.A.L. Environmental Technology based in Vienna, AUSTRIA.

  • Reliable Rudder and Nozzle Systems

    Becker Marine Systems is the market leader in high-performance rudder and manoeuvring solutions for all types of vessel.

    By Sandfirden Technics BV based in Den Oever, NETHERLANDS.

  • CataStak - Model SCRs Series - Watertube Boilers

    With emission limits continuing on a downward trend, the Nationwide Boiler CataStak SCR System is the choice for ultra low NOx emissions compliance. After years of field testing on numerous rental projects, selective catalytic reduction was recognized as the one solution that met all of Nationwide Boiler's objectives: It was economical, reliable, ...

    By Nationwide Boiler Inc. based in Fremont, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Watertube Boilers Product line

  • Pyrotex - Model KE - Filters

    Pyrotex KE filters can withstand high temperatures up to 850°C and ensure efficient dedusting in your dust collector. They are 100 % spark-repellent and non-flammable - at peak temperatures of 1000°C.

    By BWF Tec GmbH & Co. KG / BWF Envirotec based in Offingen, GERMANY.

  • Nationwide - Skid-Mounted Boiler

    Nationwide Boiler’s low NOx 200,000 pph, 750 psig design, superheat steam, skid-mounted package watertube Babcock & Wilcox boiler is set to burn natural gas or #2 oil.

    By Nationwide Boiler Inc. based in Fremont, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Skid-Mounted Boiler Product line

  • Fired Heaters

    For over forty years, Thermal Transfer Corporation has supplied fired heaters for a wide range of industrial applications. Each is custom-made for the specific conditions involved, taking into account process and material temperatures, flow distributions, corrosion potential, plant space constraints and, of course, the degree of efficiency and ...

    By Hamon USA based in Somerville, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Fired Heaters Product line

  • Johnson Matthey - NOx Adsorber Catalysts

    NOx can be removed from a lean gas stream by chemical adsorption onto a catalyst, hence the term NOx adsorber catalyst (NAC). The process of adsorption releases CO2.

    By Johnson Matthey Emission Control Technologies based in Royston, UNITED KINGDOM. from NOx Adsorber Catalysts Product line

  • Varmodan - Model SKV(G) 15-400 - Duoblock Rotary Cup Low-NOx Burner

    Where the combustion of liquid and gaseous fuels makes high demands on economy, operational reliability, control range, and environmental consciousness, SAACKE rotary cup atomising burners are the first choice. Environment-conscious and economic use of the energy that is made available to us by nature - that is what SAACKE’s rotary atomising ...

    By Varmodan A/S based in Vojens, DENMARK. from Duoblock Rotary Cup Low-NOx Burner Product line

  • Tower Boilers

    GE originally introduced the tower boiler design in the mid-20th century to utilize high moisture lignite in Europe. With standardization and modularization, tower boiler equipment can be sourced and constructed cost-effectively around the globe while meeting high quality standards.

    By GE Power & Water based in Schenectady, NEW YORK (USA). from Tower Boilers Product line

  • Indeck - High Temperature Hot Water Boiler

    Indeck continues to lead in the field of high temperature hot water generation. We have installed more than 1,000 Indeck International-LaMont high temperature hot water generators units since 1948. The TJW-C design provides maximum efficiency and exceptional fuel cost savings. The Indeck International-LaMont is suited for several industrial ...

    By Indeck Power Equipment Company based in Wheeling, ILLINOIS (USA). from High Temperature Hot Water Boiler Product line

  • ETEC - Model FGR - NOx Control Technologies

    Entropy Technology & Environmental Consultants, LP. (ETEC) offers a far less costly NOx control FGR technology, which eliminates the need for a separate FGR fan and windbox mixing device. This technology, known as induced flue gas recirculation (IFGR), utilizes the FD fan to pull (induce) flue gas from the boiler exhaust duct into the ...

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