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  • High Intensity Odor Counteractant Spray
    Showcase Product

    High Intensity Odor Counteractant Spray

    By Airx Laboratories

    RX 22 is an instant action odor counteractant that eases foul odors in institutional, industrial and commercial situations. With AIRICIDE® odor coun- teractant it is designed to change the size and shape of odorous ...

  • Stick-On Odor Counteractant
    Showcase Product

    Stick-On Odor Counteractant

    By Airx Laboratories

    RX 17 odor counteractants truly erase foul odors and freshen the air, and they do so for weeks. They are not just perfume, and do not just mask foul odors with a stronger odor. They contain AIRICIDE® (the ...

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  • WasteExpo 2019
    Showcase Event

    WasteExpo 2019

    By Informa PLC

    This should move you. Over the past 50 years we’ve helped usher in more significant innovations in the solid waste industry than any other event. And the future looks even more promising. From big data to big ...

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  • Benzaco Scientific, Inc.

    Benzaco Scientific, Inc.

    Benzaco Scientific, Inc. researches, designs, manufactures and applies state-of-the-art chemical and equipment technology for odor control. We are ...

  • Biotize LLC

    Biotize LLC

    Home of the Biotizer Dispenser used for removing grease buildup from restaurant drain lines in an environmentally friendly manner. Biotize LLC ...

  • GLOBAL environmental solutions, inc.

    GLOBAL environmental solutions, inc.

    GLOBAL environmental solutions, inc. Manufacturer of Odor Control Products & Services. Engage a qualified testing firm such as GLOBAL environmental ...

  • SARGO s.a.

    SARGO s.a.

    We manufacture and sell through local distributors Preventive Odour Control products, that prevent the formation of toxic and dangerous gases such as ...

  • Buffalo Turbine

    Buffalo Turbine

    uffalo Turbine’s Debris Blower, Sprayer / Duster, Dust Control and Odor Control, Equipment are all manufactured at our facility in Springville, New ...