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  • Understanding Air Purification and Activated Carbon Filters

    Understanding Air Purification and Activated Carbon Filters

    Many industries and residential owners look for better air purification to ensure a cleaner environment. This gives respite from strong odours or gases in the environment. Many types of industries use air purifiers and they get the best utilisation from these devices to get the most out of the purification process. This helps to keep the air clean and ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Commercial Reverse Osmosis

    Commercial Reverse Osmosis

    Commercial Reverse Osmosis 100 GPD/380 LPD is a compact RO System and comes with triple 20” pre-filters (Sediment, Activated Carbon, and Carbon Block) to provide better pre-filtration which prevents the Reverse Osmosis Membrane from fouling. This R/O system also includes an activated coconut shell post-filter to improve taste, odor, and clarity of the permeate water produced. This Advanced ...