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  • Non-Compliance Dust Emissions Monitor
    Showcase Product

    Non-Compliance Dust Emissions Monitor

    By AMETEK Land

    Simple, lightweight dust and opacity monitor designed to measure emission levels in combustion processes where regulatory compliance is not required (for sale in Asia only). The 4200 dust and opacity monitor is AMETEK ...

  • Non-Compliance Opacity and Dust Monitor
    Showcase Product

    Non-Compliance Opacity and Dust Monitor

    By AMETEK Land

    Dust and opacity monitor, designed for measuring dust emission concentrations in combustion applications where automatic calibration checks are not required. The 4200+ is the most accurate and reliable monitor available ...

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  • Opacity Certification Services, LLC

    OCS offers opacity audit filter recertification services as well as new or replacement opacity audit filters. We stock many different opacity ...

  • Eastern Technical Associates, Inc.

    Eastern Technical Associates, Inc. is to be the global leader in opacity services by providing the most comprehensive Visible Emissions Certification ...

  • Cal Check

    Cal Check

    Cal Check offers top quality opacity monitor test equipment for a single opacity monitor or an entire CEM network. We are your single source to fill ...

  • MIP Electronics Oy

    MIP Electronics Oy

    MIP Electronics Oy is an innovative and high-tech company situated in Kerava, Finland, 30 km north of Helsinki. Since the company was established in ...