Ozone air purification

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  • Air Purification Ozone Generators
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    Air Purification Ozone Generators

    By Lenntech Water Treatment

    There are three series of air purification generators, ranging from Series 3000 for home and office, to Series 6000 for heavy duty applications. The picture below shows the ACT 3000. (dimensions: 225x110x75mm). All ...

  • Air Purification System
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    Air Purification System

    By RainSoft - part of Aquion, Inc.

    Have you ever thought about the quality of the air your family breathes at home? According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the air quality in the average home can be 4 to 40 times as dirty as the air outside. ...

  • Whole-Home Air Purifying System
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    Whole-Home Air Purifying System

    By ClearWater Tech LLC

    AirWaves is a unique whole-home air purifying system that eliminates household odors and airborne microbes utilizing two of nature’s strongest purifiers - ozone and ultraviolet light.

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  • International Ozone Technologies Group, Inc.

    International Ozone Technologies Group, Inc.

    International Ozone Technologies Group, Inc. is the premier manufacture of air purification equipment in the Restoration Industry. We have been in ...

  • Aqua Sun Ozone International

    Aqua Sun Ozone International

    Aqua Sun Ozone, International was founded in 1994 with a goal of becoming a global provider of ozone technology. Our headquarters are in the United ...

  • Ozone Ecological Equipments

    Ozone Ecological Equipments is a Mexican Original Equipments Manufacturer for ozone generators (air and water purification), reverse osmosis & ...

  • C.M.S.T. Co. Ltd.

    C.M.S.T. Co. Ltd. has been serving Thailand since 1992. We specialize in Electrical Design and Installation, Reverse Osmosis Design, Installation and ...

  • Airfree


    Airfree’s story is really quite unusual. The technology began being developed thanks to the initiative and creativity of a Portuguese businessman in ...