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  • Accurate Particulate Detection
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    Accurate Particulate Detection

    By Total Air Pollution Control Pty Ltd. (TAPC)

    CPM 700 Series monitors are advanced detection devices that measure changes in particulate concentration. Using a unique emissions detection technique, CPM 700 Series instruments maintain calibration because they remain ...

  • Jet Engine
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    Jet Engine

    By HNO Green Fuels, Inc.

    Jet engines are a source of gaseous and particulate emissions being released into the atmosphere. The number of species emitted by jet engines depends on the kind of fuel and the design of the jet engine. However, ...

  • Incinerator System
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    Incinerator System

    By Tanner Management Corporation - TMC Manufacturing

    This PYROTECHNIX incinerator is designed to process 2270 kg/hr. (5000 lbs/hr. US) solid waste, based on a typical waste with a gross heating value of 3600 kcal/kg (6500 BTU/lb). This incinerator is a two-chamber, ...

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  • Modelling Diesel Combustion

    This book is a detailed discussion of the Diesel Combustion phenomena like ignition delay, fuel air mixing, rate of heat release, and emissions of ...

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  • Eduwhere


    Providing online regulatory compliance and safety training to corporate, university, government, medical, military and non-profit organizations ...

  • Tanner Management Corporation - TMC Manufacturing

    Tanner Management Corporation - TMC Manufacturing

    Tanner Management Corporation offers the PYROTECHNIX incinerators. The PYROTECHNIX Incineration System has been developed over several decades. It is ...