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  • Gasoline Engines
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    Gasoline Engines

    By HNO Green Fuels, Inc.

    Gasoline engines use a pre-mixed combustion process which produces negligible levels of soot, so particulate emissions have not been an issue for gasoline engines, particularly with modern port fuel injected (PFI) ...

  • Goyen Network Systems
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    Goyen Network Systems

    By PENTAIR Environmental Systems

    Goyen Network Systems are a range of products based on our regular stand-alone particulate measurement products but which benefit from network technology. These networked versions offer significant cost savings when ...

  • Battery Load Haul Dump Vehicles
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    Battery Load Haul Dump Vehicles

    By GE Transportation

    GE battery-powered vehicles are leading the way towards green mining by eliminating diesel particulate emissions without sacrificing performance or flexibility. Our technology cuts ventilation costs and outperforms ...

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  • Modelling Diesel Combustion

    This book is a detailed discussion of the Diesel Combustion phenomena like ignition delay, fuel air mixing, rate of heat release, and emissions of ...