Particulate Matter Regulations

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  • Compliance Particulate Matter Monitor
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    Compliance Particulate Matter Monitor

    By AMETEK Land

    High-sensitivity, forward-scatter laser measurement for particulate matter, for use in combustion processes where condensed water is not present (for sale in the USA and China only). 4650-PM provides the stable, ...

  • Lint Removal System (LRS)
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    Lint Removal System (LRS)

    By Air Dynamics Industrial Systems Corporation

    Commercial laundry systems are typically found in high occupancy, institutional facilities. Common problems associated with commercial laundry operations are fugitive laundry lint emissions polluting the exterior of the ...

  • Dust Emission Measuring System
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    Dust Emission Measuring System


    The StackGuard continuously monitors the scatted light intensity of an extracted, withdrawn sample of gas. The laser light source minimized stray light and improves sensitivity to the µg/m³ level, the ...

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  • Eco Elementum (Pty) Ltd

    Eco Elementum (Pty) Ltd

    Eco Elementum has a range of services available to our clients to ensure total compliance with not only the requirements of national and ...