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CDTi Unikat - Model Actifilter DB™ - Diesel Particulate Filter System

by CDTi - Cleantech Emissions Control     based in Oxnard, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Unikat Actifilter DB™ is a diesel particulate filter system which efficiently removes particulate matter, or soot, from diesel exhaust gas and also functions as a silencer.

Nett - Model S-Series - Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF)

by Nett Technologies Inc     based in Mississauga, ONTARIO (CANADA)

Nett's S-Series Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) utilize cordierite and silicon carbide wall-flow monoliths to trap the soot produced by diesel engines. The cylindrical filter element consists of many parallel channels running in the axial direction, separated by thin porous walls. The channels are open at one end and plugged at the other, ...

CDTi Cattrap - Integrated Diesel Particulate Filter

by CDTi - Cleantech Emissions Control     based in Oxnard, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Cattrap from CDTi is an integrated diesel particulate filter and silencer, which efficiently removes particulate matter from the diesel exhaust. The separated particulate (soot) is automatically burned off at exhaust temperatures reaching or exceeding 360° C for at least 25% of the equipment duty cycle. The Cattrap system was originally ...

Model DPF - Diesel Particulate Filter

by Caterpillar     based in Peoria, ILLINOIS (USA)

A wall-flow ceramic filter coated with a high performance catalyst and housed within a stainless steel canister. Optional silencing available. Applicable to diesel engines. A series of alternately blocked  channels forces the  exhaust gas to flow through  the channel  walls, capturing and oxidizing PM together with CO and HC by ...

Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF)

by Logical Clean Air Solutions.     based in Agoura Hills, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Diesel Particulate Matter (PM) emissions pose serious health concerns and are under strict environmental regulations. Diesel Filter after-treatment technology is currently used to remediate PM emissions.

Model RPF - Active Diesel Particulate Filters

by Rypos, Inc.     based in Franklin, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

Rypos Active DPF emissions filtration systems that achieve California Air Resources Board (CARB) Level 3+ emissions reductions for particulate matter, carbon monoxide, NO2 and RH408Lhydrocarbons are installed on 200kw to 3,000kw diesel engines in critical applications worldwide.

Model JT-CDPF - Cordierite Diesel Particulate Filter

by Jiangxi Jintai Special Material Co., Ltd.     based in Pingxiang, CHINA

JINTAI Cordierite Diesel Particulate Filter (hereinafter called DPF) is designed to remove black smoke (soot, hereinafter called PM) form diesel engine exhaust, making great contribution to clean the exhaust gas from diesel cars while attracting much attention from worldwide car manufacturers. In order to satisfy environmental regulations that ...

Model MARINE-X - Diesel Particulate Filters

by DCL International Inc.     based in Concord, ONTARIO (CANADA)

The MARINE-X diesel particulate filter is specifically designed for high efficiency removal of black soot from on-board diesel engine exhaust in luxury yachts, ferries, tug boats and other vessels. A diesel engine outfitted with a MARINE-X diesel particulate filter can operate as normal while heat from the engine exhaust is burnt off the diesel ...

Model DPF - Active Diesel Particulate Filters

by Rypos, Inc.     based in Franklin, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

Rypos Active DPF emissions filtration systems that achieve California Air Resources Board (CARB) Level 3+ emissions reductions for particulate matter, carbon monoxide, NO2 and hydrocarbons are installed on 500kw to 3,000kw emergency diesel generators at hospitals, data centers, and mission critical facilities worldwide.

Unikat Combifilter - Integrated Diesel Particulate Filter and Silencer

by CDTi - Cleantech Emissions Control     based in Oxnard, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Unikat Combifilter is an integrated particulate filter and silencer, which typically removes > 90% of diesel particulate (PM) from engine exhaust. The filtered particles (soot) are stored in the filter until the vehicle is plugged into a wallmounted regeneration station on a daily basis either once a work shift (8 hours), or overnight. The S ...

Bekaert - Closed Diesel Particulate Filter for Passive Regeneration

by Bekaert Group     based in Zwevegem, BELGIUM

Efficient, tunable, adaptable, metal filter medium for Diesel Particulate Filter. A low weight solution. A plug and play solution standing for lower assembly costs. The closed filter concept guarantees compatibility with current and future legislation. Reference tests prove: at FEV and at Flanders Drive. This means time and costs reduction of ...

NOx Adsorber Catalyst And A Diesel Particulate Filter (NAC - DPF)

by Johnson Matthey Emission Control Technologies     based in Royston, UNITED KINGDOM

A NOx adsorber catalyst and a diesel particulate filter may be used together to give effective removal of CO, HC, PM and NOx from a diesel exhaust. Different system configurations using the two technologies have been developed by Johnson Matthey to achieve a suitable balance between performance, durability and size.

Corning DuraTrap - AT Filters-Particulate Filters for Light-Duty Diesel Emissions Systems

by Corning Environmental Technologies     based in Corning, NEW YORK (USA)

Corning DuraTrap AT diesel particulate filters use advanced materials and monolithic design to deliver high filtration efficiency, excellent pressure drop performance and enhanced durability.

Diesel Perticular Filter Catalytic Converter

by Standard Teco Limited     based in Guangxi Prov., CHINA

This product has two kinds of cordierite and silicon carbide material, as the national 863 project, is a kind of special structure of honeycomb ceramic filter body wall, used in the diesel engine exhaust gas purification device, using the hole wall of the pore wall flow filter body, intercept and capture the carbon in the diesel exhaust smoke ...

Model RD003 - Disel particulate filter

by Jiangxi Runda Petrochemical Technology Service Co.,Ltd     based in Pingxiang City,, CHINA

Diesel Particulate FiltersRUNDA filters are used in trap systems that remove particulate matter (soot) from diesel exhaust emissions. These filters have a cellular structure with individual channels open and plugged at opposite ends. Exhaust gases enter the open end, flow through the pores of the cell walls, and exit the filter through the ...

Particulate Filter-Water Separation Vessels

by AXI International     based in Fort Myers, FLORIDA (USA)

AXI RV Series Filter Vessels offer a versatility of both bulk filtration, or water separation for all hydrocarbon fuel streams. These filters are usually deployed as first stage filtration downstream in fuel storage lines to remove emulsified water, dirt, rust, scale, and other solids from diesel fuel, Bio-Diesel, and hydraulic fluids.• Versatile ...

PURItech - Model DAS-DBS - Diesel Particle Filter

by PURitech Gmbh     based in Waldshut-Tiengen, GERMANY

The DAS-DBS system is a combined regeneration filter system, comprising an active regeneration component (external fuel injection) and a passive component (catalytic filter coating or fuel borne catalyst). The filter system is designed for vehicles and machines operating often on a severe duty cycle (low exhaust gas temp.). It is intended for ...

Racor - Model CCV™ & CRANKVENT - Filters

by Incofin srl     based in Origgio, ITALY

Contaminated crankcase emissions are a serious problem for diesel engine owners and the environment. These emissions are a result of gas escaping past the piston rings due to high cylinder pressures into the crankcase. In the crankcase, these gases are contaminated with oil mist, water, etc.

Bekaert - Diesel Exhaust Filtration System

by Bekaert Group     based in Zwevegem, BELGIUM

Efficient medium for diesel particulate matter filters, offering OEMs the required level of efficiency (mass & number) without fuel penalty (CO² neutral) (Euro V emission standards and beyond).

Petroleum Filters

by Cim-Tek     based in Bement, ILLINOIS (USA)

Cim-Tek Petroleum Filters are designed for gasoline, diesel & bio-fuels (biodiesel & ethanol). For particulate and water removal, Cim-Tek filtration offers your best choice of options with our Microglass (particulate removal), Hydrosorb and Hydroglass (water and particulate removal), Cellulose (particulate removal) and Wire Mesh ...

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