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Articles & Whitepapers

  • All at sea?

    This blog post was timetabled to happen just after I got back from fieldwork in the Antarctic peninsula, a gratuitous excuse to show-off my penguin photos, whilst also discussing some of the ...


  • Effects of Intraborehole Flows

    Effects of Intraborehole Flows

    Two new research papers published in 2019, by an Australian research group led by David Poulsen, build on earlier work by McMillan et al (2014) and others in improving our understanding of the depth origin of water samples collected from ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Cartridge Adsorbents

    Cartridge Adsorbents

    Radiello Cartridge Adsorbents for sampling ammonia (NH3), matrix microporous PE impregnated with phosphoric acid, pk of 20.