PM10 Particulate Monitoring

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  • PM Mass Monitor
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    PM Mass Monitor

    By Teledyne API

    The Model T640 PM Mass Monitor is the next breakthrough in ambient particulate monitors. The T640 delivers 1-min or better time resolution with exceptional sensitivity and precision. The instrument is very low ...

  • Air quality detector with multi function
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    Air quality detector with multi function

    By Henan Oceanus Import & Export Co., Ltd

    OC-300G air quality detector used to detect the air quality, with multi function: Particle quality inspection of PM2.5 & PM10, Particle quantity measurement of 0.3um & 2.5um. With the function of testing the Temperature ...

  • PM10 Sequential Sampler
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    PM10 Sequential Sampler

    By Aquaria Srl

    Both the European Union (EU, 1996) that the Ministry of Environment (DM 25/11/94), have highlighted the importance of continuous monitoring of exposure to physical finer aerosol or with an aerodynamic diameter less than ...

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