Air & Climate Equipment available in Guinea-Bissau

  • Aqua Bailers - VOC Tips

    The Aqua Bailers VOC Tips, also known as Slow-Emptying Devices, are constructed of polyethylene or FEP and sized to fit any of our standard or mini bailers. These tips reduce water flow from the bailer, minimizing agitation and allowing a more accurate measurement of VOCs.

    By Aqua Bailers, Inc. based in Knoxville, TENNESSEE (USA).

  • Training Network - Model 2706-DV - Compressed Gas Cylinders in the Laboratory

    The energy possessed by a compressed gas cylinder can make it a virtual missile if it is not handled with the utmost care. And a leaking cylinder or fitting can lead to asphyxiation, a fire or even an explosion. Since compressed gas cylinders are frequently used in many laboratories, employees need to be familiar with the precautions that should ...

    By The Training Network based in Durham, NORTH CAROLINA (USA).

  • Model BAS003 - Directional Sound Source

    The BAS003 Source is designed to generate homogeneous sound fields using random noise in compliance with the following standards: Building acoustics (insertion loss, acoustic absorption area, etc: ISO 140-3, ASTM E90, ISO 140-5, ASTM E966). The BAS003 is typically used to generate a noise in a free-field for the evaluation of the transmission loss ...

    By Larson Davis, a division of PCB Piezotronics based in Depew, NEW YORK (USA). from Sound Sources Product line

  • Hamm - Model 3307 HT P - Padfoot Compactor with Hammtronic

    Spring-mounted driver seat, Double-sided access, Seat console, can be moved and swivelled laterally, Continuously variable hydrostatic all-wheel drive, Excellent engine power with traction control, Automatic traction and slip control, Engine management, Speed pre-selection, Automatic frequency control with digital display, Swivelling steering and ...

    By Hamm AG based in Tirschenreuth, GERMANY. from Compactors Product line

  • Pall Ring - Packing Support Plates

    A random packed bed is held on a Packing Support Plate, whose essential attributes are to have a high percentage of open area so as to not inhibit the capacity of the tower and to allow the unrestricted counter-current flow of both liquid and vapour through it. This is achieved by providing separate passageways for the gas and the liquid. A series ...

    By The Pall Ring Company based in Kings Lynn, UNITED KINGDOM. from Tower Internals Product line

  • Scintec - Model BLS450 Series - Large Aperture Scintillometer

    The Scintec BLS450 Large Aperture Scintillometer measures atmospheric turbulence and heat flux over path lengths between 250 m (with Path Reduction Aperture, otherwise 500 m) and 6000 m. As part of a meteorological station it can also be used to determine the evapotranspiration over extended areas.

    By Scintec AG based in Rottenburg, GERMANY. from BLS Scintillometers Product line

  • Plastic Raschig Rings

    Available in MOC : Polypropylene , PPH etc.

    By Naturegreen Exports based in Rajkot, INDIA. from Plastic Tower Packing Product line

  • Model WMP Series - Large Capacity Wall Mount Combination Systems

    Factory certified for compliance to applicable codes and standards. Spark resistant fan and blower construction. EPA approved, HFC type refrigerants. Single cut-out requirement for building wall. Supply and return air registers for ductless air handling. Through-the-wall controls section for indoor access to operating controls. Built-in, automatic ...

    By Shield Air Solutions Inc. based in Houston, TEXAS (USA).

  • Model WCP Series - Wall Mount Combination Systems

    Certified by CSA (bearing the CSA mark) for compliance to applicable codes and standards. Spark resistant fan and blower construction. EPA approved, HFC type, R-410a refrigerant. Single cut-out requirement for building wall. Supply and return air registers for ductless air handling. Through-the-wall controls section for indoor access to operating ...

    By Shield Air Solutions Inc. based in Houston, TEXAS (USA).

  • VeGA - Model 1-6940 - Control Valve

    VeGA Cryo 1-6940 control valves are designed for very low temperatures (up to -196°C) encountered in the cryogenic industry and in natural gas liquefying plants (NGL).Made with materials selected specifically for this type of service, Vega Cryo valves are normally tested immersed in liquid nitrogen, using helium as the test fluid in accordance ...

    By Parcol S.p.A. based in Canegrate (MI), ITALY.

  • Model Spiromatic 90USA - Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus

    SPIROMATIC 90USA is a simple but effective breathing apparatus (SCBA) for industrial and maritime environments. Spiromatic 90USA is built upon proven and reliable components, with decades of solid performance and reliability. The Spiromatic facemask, breathing valve and regulator deliver real performance at a competitive price. The facemask ...

    By INTERSPIRO, Inc. based in Pleasant Prairie, WISCONSIN (USA). from Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus Product line

  • Model CE351 - Atmospheric Multi-Band Imager

    CE351 imager measures the sky radiance in 6 bandwidths from 406 nm to 628 nm. Its original patented design of its telecentric optics (Fish-eye +/- 92°) ensures an absolute measure with high angular resolution The instant measure of sky radiance brings complementary information in observation networks for the optical properties of the ...

    By Cimel Electronique S.A.S (Cimel) based in Paris, FRANCE. from Remote Sensing Instruments Product line

  • TECHNO - Self-Supporting, Articulated Arm

    Self-supporting, articulated arm for extracting welding fumes. Supplied with wall mounting bracket and hood complete with positioning handle and damper. The externally mounted support system guarantees low noise levels, eliminates turbulence andprolongs the working lifeof the joints. Available with a 'flag-type' extension tor lengths exceeding 5 ...

    By FILCAR S.p.A. based in Cella Reggio Emilia, ITALY. from Welding Fume Extraction Product line

  • 4 Barrel Sump Pallet

    Range includes 1, 2, 4 & 8 barrel models, IBC pallets and sump flooring (leaflet available). Sump Pallets are needed as part of compliance with the Oil Storage Regulations. Size: 1280mm x 1280mm x 275mm.

    By Highspeed Group Ltd based in Keighley, UNITED KINGDOM. from Safe Storage, Fume Extraction, Tools & Equipment Product line

  • 212˚F Steam Condensate Return Stations

    Roth 212 ° F (100 ° C) Steam Condensate Return Stations are designed to handle water near or at the boiling point. Low NPSH submerged pumps provide full capacity at any liquid temperature up to 212 ° F (100 ° C). These units will deliver hot water at temperatures up to 212 ° F (100 ° C) and will not vapor bind at 212 ° ...

    By Roth Pump Company based in Rock Island, ILLINOIS (USA). from Steam Condensate Return Systems Product line

  • SprayCannon - Model 5 - Fog Machine for Dust Cleaning

    The SprayCannon 5 is a fog machine that produces a curtain of micro-droplets. The curtain suppresses dust in open and closed spaces by binding dust particles in the air so they fall to the ground through gravity (air cleansing). The SprayCannon suppresses dust in an environmentally friendly and efficient way at crushing sites, demolition sites, ...

    By MB Dustcontrol BV based in Voorschoten, NETHERLANDS.

  • Model DKS / KS - Concrete Sumps

    Buoyancy-proof sewage collection chamber.Sewage collection chamber made of sulfate-resistant concrete B 45 for land drainage, and industrial and communal applications.

    By Jung Pumpen GmbH based in Steinhagen, GERMANY. from Sumps Product line

  • Hengs - Model RSK Series - On-Gird System Kit

    RSK is an on-gird system kit range from 1.84kw to 4.14kw and also can mix to accomplish more capacity, made by aluminum with anodized to prevent ageing designed by Hengs Technology cop. There are advantages of high performance, ling lifetime, low maintenance cost. (RSK-G system applies to build on ground or the flat area on top floor / RSK-R ...

    By Hengs Technology Co., Ltd. based in Tainan City, TAIWAN.

  • Double Membrane-Gas Storage On Tanks

    Tank covering with integrated gas storage for high pressures and large volumes. Outer shell protecting against climatic conditions – spherical or cylindrical is external loads such as wind, snow and climatic conditions. With the help of clamping rails the outer and inner membranes are clamped to the tank in such a way that they are leak-proof and ...

    By SATTLER AG based in Graz, AUSTRIA. from Biogas Storage Systems Product line

  • Gas Storage Membranes

    SATTLER gas membranes are used in different blank cuts and shapes for different special solutions. Guided internal membranes clamped in the centre of the container are a typical example. Membranes can be adjusted to a variety of container geometries and clamping conditions.

    By SATTLER AG based in Graz, AUSTRIA. from Biogas Storage Systems Product line

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