Air and Climate Equipment available in Romania


    Adwest Technologies, Inc. provides zeolite and carbon modular VOC Concentrator systems with RETOX Regenerative Thermal oxidizers for cost effective VOC abatement on high flow processes having low inlet VOCs Major served processes include paint manufacturing, pharmaceutical plants, solvent coating, composites and aerospace applications. Older, ...

    By CECO Environmental based in Dallas, TEXAS (USA).

  • Mass Flowmeters for Laboratory and General Purpose Applications

    TSI 4000/4100 Series Mass Flowmeters are designed for a multitude of gas flow measurement applications. Whether measuring gas flows in a laboratory or manufacturing setting, TSI general-purpose mass flowmeters provide accurate results with multiple data output options. The display versions come complete with accessories making setup and operation ...

    By TSI Incorporated based in Shoreview, MINNESOTA (USA). from Mass Flowmeters for Laboratory and General Purpose Applications Product line

  • LI-COR - Model LI-7500RS - Open Path CO2/H2O Gas Analyzer

    The LI-7500RS Open Path CO2/H2O Gas Analyzer is designed for high-speed CO2 and water vapor measurements in ambient air. Low power requirements and low maintenance make it ideal for field deployments.

    By LI-COR based in Lincoln, NEBRASKA (USA).

  • RainWise - Model MKIIICC-LR - Long Range Computer Interface

    The MKIIICC-LR computer interface is a device that will record and store weather data received from MK III sensor assemblies. The MKIIICC-LR has 32K of memory which allows the device to log data independently of a computer for 3 months. Connecting the Wireless Computer Interface to a dial-up modem will permit remote access to locations such as ...

    By RainWise Inc. based in Trenton, MAINE (USA). from Long Range Computer Interface Product line

  • RainWise - Universal Serial Bus (USB) Converter

    This unique cable allows you to use bridge/connectivity between the Universal Serial Bus (USB) and Serial Port Interface.

    By RainWise Inc. based in Trenton, MAINE (USA). from Universal Serial Bus (USB) Converter Product line

  • TSI VelociCheck - Air Velocity Meters

    TSI's line of VELOCICHECK® Air Velocity Meters provides a reliable, accurate and easy way to make air velocity measurements. The VELOCICHECKs are small, pocket-sized meters that require no training; just pick up the meter and start taking readings. These meters provide a cost-effective way to quickly take the measurements you need. Models ...

    By TSI Incorporated based in Shoreview, MINNESOTA (USA). from Air Velocity Meters Product line

  • Certifier - Air Velocity Calibrator

    TSI's Model 8392 CERTIFIER Air Velocity Calibrator gives you reliable and convenient in-house calibrations at a reasonable cost. You can have the confidence of high accuracies over a wide velocity range with the CERTIFIER Air Velocity Calibrator. It enables you to calibrate your probed air velocity meters or transducers at velocities as low as 30 ...

    By TSI Incorporated based in Shoreview, MINNESOTA (USA). from Air Velocity Calibrator Product line

  • RainWise - Short Haul Modems

    The short haul modem is used in applications where a serial connection to a weather station or data logger is required and it is possible to run a cable between points. Rainwise offers a number of different models. Please contact us with your specific application requirements.

    By RainWise Inc. based in Trenton, MAINE (USA). from Short Haul Modems Product line

  • Poop Off - Superior Stain & Odor Remover

    A ready to use, surface and fabric cleaner that uses naturally occurring enzymes and fragrances to safely and effectively remove the toughest stains and odors from all types of surfaces. Poop-Off contains more natural cleaning enzymes that the three leading brands combined. These enzymes 'digest' the stain and odor causing organic ...

    By Nixalite of America Inc. based in East Moline, ILLINOIS (USA). from Superior Stain & Odor Remover Product line

  • Aqua Bailers - VOC Tips

    The Aqua Bailers VOC Tips, also known as Slow-Emptying Devices, are constructed of polyethylene or FEP and sized to fit any of our standard or mini bailers. These tips reduce water flow from the bailer, minimizing agitation and allowing a more accurate measurement of VOCs.

    By Aqua Bailers, Inc. based in Knoxville, TENNESSEE (USA).

  • Carbon Adsorbers

    The carbon adsorber system uses activated carbon to remove low levels of hydrogen sulfide and other odor causing constituents. The adsorber may also be used as a “polisher” after chemical or biological trickling scrubbers.

    By CECO Environmental based in Dallas, TEXAS (USA). from Carbon Adsorbers Product line

  • Air Gap Spacers & Cushion Pipes

    Air Gap or 'Twin Wall' pipes are often used for the manufacture of insulated down pipes. 'Air gap' or 'twin wall' pipes are often used for the manufacture of downpies. Insulation is provided by the air gap between inner and outer pipes, reducing heat loss from the exhaust gas prior to the catalytic converter. This results in improved light off ...

    By Knitwire Group based in Runcorn, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Pinnacle - Model LF-2000 - Multi Stage Centrifugal Integrally Geared Compressor

    The Pinnacle is an API 617, multi-stage centrifugal integrally geared compressor. Flows to 10,000 ACFM (17,000 AM³/hr), Max working pressure 4,000 psia (350 bar).

    By Sundyne Corporation based in Arvada, COLORADO (USA). from Multi Stage Centrifugal Integrally Geared Compressor Product line

  • Spiroflow - Vacuum Conveyors

    Although Spiroflow was founded on and has spent many years developing mechanical conveyors for a whole host of applications, we have long recognised that there are many applications where the optimum solution is either Vacuum or Positive Pressure Pneumatic Conveying. As a result, these conveying methods have been included in our portfolio for ...

    By Spiroflow Ltd based in Clitheroe, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Schutte & Koerting - Model 7025 - Packaged Scrubber Systems

    Packaged Scrubber System is a completely “packaged”, movable gas scrubber separator system that is especially designed for use in pilot plants, laboratories, or temporary locations in full size processing plants. The Fig. 7025 Packaged Scrubber System uses water or other liquid to clean large quantities of objectionable gases that are ...

    By Schutte & Koerting based in Trevose, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Packaged Scrubber Systems Product line

  • LAB-IES-1000 Intensity/Irradiance Calibration Lamp Standard

    The LAB-IES-1000 Intensity/Irradiance Calibration Lamp Standard provides on-site, reliable calibration for spectral irradiance and spectral intensity systems. The LAB-IES-1000 is a tungsten-halogen based point source standard used to calibrate the spectral response of spectral irradiance and spectral intensity optical heads, including the ...

  • Model OZ-L - Ozone Generator

    Air cooled ozone generator for Vacuum operation with air (Air dryer incl.), or Pressure operation with compressed air (Air dryer incl.), orPressure operation with oxygen. High-quality materials for virtually unlimited life span. Horizontal or vertical applicable. Ready for operation.

    By Kaufmann Umwelttechnik GmbH based in Wehr, GERMANY.

  • Nederman Portable High Vacuum P300

    P300 has long filter lifetime - 4000 - 6000 hours with bag filter. It is robust but easy to transport and has micro filter as option. Convenient accessory box for brushes, nozzles ets on the rear of the unit. Robust - easy to transport. High filtration efficiency. Ergonomic trolley with adjustable handle.

    By Nederman based in Helsingborg, SWEDEN. from Nederman Portable High Vacuum P300 Product line

  • Nederman - Model KSA 70 - Metal Chips Separator

    The KSA 70 should be equipped with a valve at the outlet, controlled pneumatically or electrically. The bottom lid which opens downwards is kept closed by the vacuum when the top valve is open. Pre-separation of metal chips and cutting fluids or similar materials near the work station to prevent wear on the pipe system.

    By Nederman based in Helsingborg, SWEDEN. from Metal Chips Separator Product line

  • Model F2000 - Air Decontamination System

    Our most versatile F-series model, the Sol-Air F2000, with its patented proprietary Ultraviolet system, is an upgraded version of the F1000 featuring the ability to run under variable conditions. It includes dual processing chambers and a variable 1000 cfm blower. The F2000 is ideal for residential, medical, hospitality and restoration sectors.

    By Sol-Air Systems Inc. based in Kelowna, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Air Decontamination System Product line

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