Air and Climate Equipment in Louisiana

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    NEO Monitors LaserGas - Model III SP NH3 DeNOx - Ammonia Analyzer (3rd Generation)

    NEO Monitors LaserGas III ammonia analyzer (3rd generation) is specially designed for operation in hazardous areas and it provides real time in-situ NH3 measurements for virtually any type of DeNOx systems. The configuration is transmitter/receiver units for cross-duct/stack installation. An external junction (cable connection) box simplifies ...

    By NEO Monitors AS Distributor in St. Gabriel, LOUISIANA (USA).

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    WET WELL WIZARD - Wastewater Collection System Aeration

    Every modern town or city has a wastewater collection system of some type. The collection system is the conduit for used water, both sanitary and gray (relatively clean, including storm water) water, which initiates at the individual homes and businesses in the community. A primary part of the collection system is a number of “wet ...

    By Reliant Water Technologies based in New Orleans, LOUISIANA (USA). from Collection System Solutions Product line

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    Sewper Rx - Odor And Solids Reducing Bacteria

    A wastewater treatment plant gives off two end products – relatively clean water and sludge, a collection of untreated solids residue. The latter is a primary problem in almost every wastewater plant in the world. Sludge and organic solids within the wastewater process cause offensive odors and always add major processing costs due to ...

    By Reliant Water Technologies based in New Orleans, LOUISIANA (USA). from Bio-Augmentation Product line

  • Diesel or Electric Powered Hydraulic Power Packs

    Diesel or electric powered hydraulic power packs are available for powering boom reels, oil skimmers, pumps, etc. Horsepower ranges from 4.8 – 30 HP.

    By American Pollution Control Corp. (AMPOL ) based in New Iberia, LOUISIANA (USA). from Oil Stop Products - Blowers & Power Packs Product line

  • Model 622 - Direct Inserted High Reliability Flow Switch

    The Delta Controls Type 622 produces on/off switching action in response to liquid or gas flow rates in horizontal or vertical pipelines and ducts. A target extends into the flowing stream and operates an output switch at the setpoint flow rate. These switches protect pumps, blowers, heat exchangers, etc. They are factory calibrated to switch at ...

    By Delta Controls Corporation based in Shreveport, LOUISIANA (USA). from Flow Product line

  • Model A/SA333 - Wall Seamless and Welded Carbon and Alloy Steel Pipe

    ASTM A333 covers nominal (average) wall seamless and welded carbon and alloy steel pipe intended for use at low temperatures. Several grades of ferritic steel are included. Some product sizes may not be available under this specification because heavier wall thicknesses have an adverse affect on low-temperature impact properties.

    By American Piping Products Inc. Office in Gonzales, LOUISIANA (USA). from Steel Pipe Product line

  • Air Filter

    Replacement filter for the disc centrifuge

    By CPS Instruments Inc. based in Prairieville, LOUISIANA (USA).

  • Kenco - Model K512 - Oil Level Controller

    The KENCO Oil Level Controllers are designed to maintain the running oil level in the crankcase of stationary engines, compressors, and mechanical lubricator boxes. The KENCO oil controller works in conjunction with an overhead oil supply system which feeds the oil level controller. As the oil is consumed, the oil controller supplies the required ...

    By Kenco Engineering Office in Baton Rouge, LOUISIANA (USA). from Engine & Gas Compressor Equipment Product line

  • Aegis - Model LPG Series - Lined Plug Valves

    The Aegis LPG series valves are ideally suited for the stringent performance requirements demanded with wet chlorine gas and aqueous hydrochloric acid applications. The LPG series is designed to offer long-term maintenance-free security against the harmful effects of fugitive emissions. Our standard innovative three point system has revolutionized ...

    By AEGIS Flow Technologies, L.L.C. based in Geismar, LOUISIANA (USA). from Lined Plug Valves Product line

  • Enviro-Shell - Walnut Filters

    Enviro-Tech Systems (ETS) offers the Enviro-Shell, Walnut Shell Filter, product line replacement parts, and service. The Enviro-Shell deep bed nut shell filter brings major improvements to filtration technology. By utilizing “Black Walnut Shells” as the media, the Enviro-Shell removes greater than 98% of the oil contaminants and ...

    By Enviro-Tech Systems (ETS) based in Covington, LOUISIANA (USA).

  • Liquid Coalescers

    When gravity forces alone do not produce an efficient separation of immiscible fluids, adding a KOCH-OTTO YORK® liquid-liquid coalescer system can improve separation efficiency. High separation efficiency can result in only a few parts per million (ppm) liquid dispersion in the liquid effluent stream. Created using combinations of KOCH-OTTO ...

    By Koch-Glitsch, LP Office in Baton Rouge, LOUISIANA (USA). from Mist Elimination Equipment - Coalescers Product line

  • FLEXICHEVRON - High Capacity Mist Eliminators

    FLEXICHEVRON styles 250 (horizontal) and 350 (vertical) mist eliminators can efficiently remove droplets smaller than 10 microns in diameter in clean service even at higher pressures. Style 250 and 350 designs rely on separate liquid drainage channels for their high capacity. These designs offer higher allowable velocities and different ...

    By Koch-Glitsch, LP Office in Baton Rouge, LOUISIANA (USA). from Mist Elimination Equipment - Mist Eliminator Product line

  • YORK-EVENFLOW - Vane Inlet Device

    In retrofitting situations, inlet nozzles are a common problem area. Higher gas flow volumes create poor gas distribution in crowded drums or distillation towers. This frequently results from under designed inlet distributors that allow localized high velocities and severe liquid reentrainment. YORK-EVENFLOW vane inlet devices decrease the ...

    By Koch-Glitsch, LP Office in Baton Rouge, LOUISIANA (USA). from Mist Elimination Equipment - Vane Inlet Device Product line

  • FLEXICHEVRON - Conventional Mist Eliminators

    FLEXICHEVRON mist eliminators collect essentially 100% of all particles greater than 8 to 40 microns in diameter, depending on design parameters and operating conditions. These mist eliminators are baffle or zigzag blade modules tailored for either vertical or horizontal flow installations. Manufactured in virtually any size from a wide range of ...

    By Koch-Glitsch, LP Office in Baton Rouge, LOUISIANA (USA). from Mist Elimination Equipment - Mist Eliminator Product line

  • Solar Air Conditioner

    Amordad Solar launched the first Solar Air conditioning unit, generating some incredible savings. This new solar conditioning unit manages to use the Sun´s heat to produce cold. This solution takes advantage of solar radiation and transforms it into solar energy, using the technology of de solar device, which emits cold. The solar cooling ...

    By Amordad Holdings S.L Office in Livingstone, LOUISIANA (USA).

  • NLB Ultra-Clean 40 - Model 40201D - Ultra-High Pressure Water Jetting System

    The NLB 40201D was one of the first units to combine the power of UHP waterblasting with the dependability of a slow-running plunger pump.  It operates at up to 40,000 psi at 6 gpm (2,800 bar at 23 lpm).

    By NLB Corp. Office in Gonzales, LOUISIANA (USA). from Diesel Units - Dedicated UHP Units Product line

  • Blue-Stream Temperature Control Solutions

    Blue-Stream is a leading provider of portable temperature control solutions, including air conditioner rentals and water chiller rentals . Our rental air conditioner / heaters and water chiller units provide temporary climate control or cold water solutions for a wide variety of applications. From air conditioning for hospitality tents at special ...

    By United Rentals Inc. Office in New Iberia, LOUISIANA (USA). from Rental Division & Rental Water Chillers Product line

  • Bag and Cartridge Combo Filtration

    Industrial and commercial process fluids, urban runoff, groundwater discharge from construction sites or stormwater and environmental applications.

    By BakerCorp Office in Geismar, LOUISIANA (USA). from Filtration Systems Product line

  • Opti-Float - Liquid Level Detector

    Combining new technology with a familiar device, the Opti-Float® level detector is a revolutionary innovation in discrete level detectors. It’s made of safe, recyclable materials. It’s mercury and lead free and is built to last for years of service.

    By Cox Research & Technology Inc. based in Baton Rouge, LOUISIANA (USA).

  • MAG - Mobile Attached Growth BioReactor

    The Bio²Bloc system has performed successfully in removing BOD and ammonia – where alternatives would have been too expensive or have taken too long to implement. The Bio²Bloc provides a rich and stable environment to bolster microorganisms that naturally exist in your wastewater. Unlike other treatment devices, the aerated media ...

    By FBC Technologies, Inc. Office in Baton Rouge, LOUISIANA (USA).

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