Air & Climate Equipment in Maine

  • 3M - Model 8233, N100 20/cs - Particulate Respirator

    This disposable N100 particulate respirator is designed to help provide comfortable, reliable worker respiratory protection against certain non-oil based particles. Features 3M Cool Flow Valve, foam faceseal, adjustable straps and individual packaging. NIOSH's highest rated filtration efficiency in a disposable respirator N100. 3M CoolFlow Valve ...

    By 3M Detection Solutions Distributor in MAINE (USA). from General Purpose Respirators Product line

  • Industrial Noise Control Products

    NEVA Associates has extensive experience in mitigating noise from a specific source as well as using engineered noise control systems to permit companies to eliminate 'Hearing Conservation Programs'. Acoustic materials suitable for all environments are available, from clean rooms to offices to manufacturing plant environments. NEVA will visit your ...

    By NEVA Associates Office in MAINE (USA).

  • Mass Flowmeters for Installed Industrial Applications

    TSI Series 4200 mass flow sensors are specifically designed to measure gas flow rates in embedded applications. The rugged housing with sealed electronics and locking connector make them highly reliable in more demanding environments. They feature a very low pressure drop, wide flow rate range and 20 millisecond response time. Series 4200 mass ...

    By TSI Incorporated Distributor in MAINE (USA). from Mass Flowmeters Product line

  • Dust Control Misting Systems

    Probe Industries USA's Rotary Atomizer is a revolutionary wet dust suppression system that uses less water and electricity to control dust than nozzle based systems. The Rotary Atomizer is a low pressure, no-nozzle misting system that produces a spray which covers a remarkable 90 feet by using a spinning head to produce millions of microscopic ...

    By Probe Industries USA. based in Jay, MAINE (USA).

  • Eckel - Gas Turbine Silencers

    The competence of Eckel acoustical engineers in the field of jet engine sound suppression has long been recognized by aircraft engine manufacturers. Eckel provides complete service from initial planning and design through installation and testing. Silencing gas turbine installations in industrial, military, and commercial environments requires the ...

    By Eckel Industries Inc. / Eckel Distributor in MAINE (USA).

  • 3M - Model 8511Pro, N95 40/Case - Particulate Respirator

    This disposable N95 particulate respirator features 3M Cool Flow Valve and braided headbands. Ideally suited for hot/dusty work settings that require long periods of wear. Packaged for store front sales. 3M CoolFlow Valve and adjustable M nose clip, Braided head bands and soft inner materials, Spacious and is durable, Design to increase comfort ...

    By 3M Detection Solutions Distributor in MAINE (USA). from General Purpose Respirators Product line

  • Premium

    Weather Oracle - Model MK III - Displays for Wireless Weather Stations

    The Oracle Display for the MK III Wireless Weather Stations receives the weather instrument data via radio signal from the MK III sensor assembly.

    By RainWise Inc. based in Trenton, MAINE (USA). from MK-III-LR Weather Long Range Stations - Displays Product line

  • Gilian - Model Gilibrator-2 - Air Flow Calibrator

    The Gilibrator-2 System provides users with a convenient and highly automated way to check almost any commercially available air sampling pump for proper air flow function before deployment. The system consists of an electronic Gilibrator-2 Base which is used with any of three sizes of wet bubble cells. These patented interchangeable components ...

    By Sensidyne Distributor in MAINE (USA). from Air Sampling Equipment – Calibrators Product line

  • P-TRAK (IH) - Ultrafine Particle Counter

    TSI’s P-Trak® Ultrafine Particle Counter offers a new tool for industrial hygiene and exposure monitoring investigations. Using Condensation Particle Counting (CPC) technology, this portable instrument detects and counts ultrafine and nanoparticles.

    By TSI Incorporated Distributor in MAINE (USA). from Exposure Monitoring Product line

  • TSI CA-CALC - Multi-Gas Combustion Analyzers

    TSI's Series CA-6200 CA-CALC Multi-gas Combustion Analyzers are rugged, fast-response, easy-to-use instruments ideal for tuning burners for maximum efficiency and safety on large industrial systems to commercial systems. They have advanced features including a graphic display with all data on a single screen, eliminating the need to set-up or ...

    By TSI Incorporated Distributor in MAINE (USA). from Combustion Gas Analyzers Product line

  • Mass Flowmeters for Laboratory and General Purpose Applications

    TSI 4000/4100 Series Mass Flowmeters are designed for a multitude of gas flow measurement applications. Whether measuring gas flows in a laboratory or manufacturing setting, TSI general-purpose mass flowmeters provide accurate results with multiple data output options. The display versions come complete with accessories making setup and operation ...

    By TSI Incorporated Distributor in MAINE (USA). from Mass Flowmeters Product line

  • Model 3031 - Ultrafine Particle Monitor

    To better understand the health effects associated with ultrafine particles, there is a need to complement traditional parameters (PM10 and PM2.5) by establishing networks to routinely monitor ultrafine particles. The Model 3031 Ultrafine Particle (UFP) Monitor has been specifically designed for long-term, air quality monitoring networks. The UFP ...

    By TSI Incorporated Distributor in MAINE (USA). from Particle Counters & Detectors Product line

  • Aerosol Electrometer Model 3068B

    The Aerosol Electrometer provides accurate measurements of electrical current and flow rate. It measures total net charge on aerosol particles from 0.002 to 5 µm. When paired with a TSI Electrostatic Classifier, the Aerosol Electrometer measures the number concentration of monodisperse aerosol. This configuration is used primarily for calibrating ...

    By TSI Incorporated Distributor in MAINE (USA). from Particle Counters & Detectors Product line

  • NEFCO - Odor Control Cover Systems

    NEFCO’s Odor Control Cover Systems are walk-able, load-bearing platforms that enable operators to safely reach covered areas, including launders, grit chambers, UV channels and others areas where personnel access is required. Our walk-on covers feature non-skid surfaces with large hinged hatches that provide ready access to for inspection ...

    By NEFCO, Inc. Distributor in MAINE (USA). from Launder Covers Product line

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    TAPI - Model T700 - Multigas Dilution Calibrator

    The Model T700 is a microprocessor based calibrator for precision gas analyzers. Using highly accurate mass flow controllers combined with compressed sources of standard gases, calibration standards are provided for multipoint span and zero calibrations using up to 4 gas sources.

    By Teledyne API Distributor in MAINE (USA). from Zero Air Generators and Multigas Calibrators Product line

  • 3M - Model 8271, P95 80/Case - Particulate Respirator

    This disposable P95 particulate respirator features 3M proprietary advanced electret filter media, foam faceseal and 3M Cool Flow Valve to help provide comfortable worker respiratory protection against certain oil and non-oil based particles. NIOSH Approved P95, 3M CoolFlow Valve helps keep wearer cool, Adjustable M noseclip, Comfortable foam ...

    By 3M Detection Solutions Distributor in MAINE (USA). from General Purpose Respirators Product line

  • GilAir - Model 3, 5 - Air Sampling Pumps

    The GilAir pumps (GilAir-3 & GilAir-5) have one of the largest user bases of any air sampling pump worldwide. These reliable 3 and 5 liter per minute air sampling pumps have automatic constant flow assuring sampling is maintained within +/- 5% of the initial set point. Setting the flow rate on the GilAir-3 & GilAir-5 is ...

    By Sensidyne Distributor in MAINE (USA). from Air Sampling Equipment – Pumps Product line

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    TAPI - Model T100U - Ultra-Sensitive UV Fluorescence SO2 Analyzer

    The Model T100U Ultra-Sensitive SO2 analyzer has been developed specifically to address the challenges of low level monitoring as required, for example, in the US NCore network. It uses the proven UV fluorescence principle, and is designed to allow ultra-sensitive SO2 measurements while still meeting the requirements for use as a US EPA compliance ...

    By Teledyne API Distributor in MAINE (USA). from Ambient and Source Gas Monitoring Product line

  • AirAssure - Model PM2.5 - Indoor Air Quality Monitor

    From TSI, the world leader in particle measurements, the AirAssure™ PM2.5 Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Monitor can provide real-time, reliably accurate measurement of indoor PM2.5 dust concentrations, one of the greatest health risks in the world today. The AirAssure Monitor is the ONLY cost effective on-the-wall instrument to meet the needs of ...

    By TSI Incorporated Distributor in MAINE (USA). from Indoor Air Quality Product line

  • Premium

    1 RainWise - Model IP-100 - Network Interface for Real Time Weather Data

    The IP-100 facilitates unprecedented transmission and access to real time weather data through multiple formats. Whether connecting online through your computer to our data hosting portal, RainwiseNet, to the RainWise iPhone & iPad app, or by instantly uploading your data to the Weather Underground network,, the IP-100 makes ...

    By RainWise Inc. based in Trenton, MAINE (USA). from RainwiseNet Web Solutions Product line

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