Air & Climate Equipment in Pennsylvania

  • THERMOX - Model TM2000 - Trace Oxygen Analyzer

    The TM2000 Net Oxygen Analyzer protects industrial processes by quickly responding to changes using an industry proven zirconium oxide sensor.  It operates within a wide range of 0.1 ppm to 100% oxygen, and can accurately respond from atmosphere to low ppm oxygen levels in just seconds.  In addition, the TM2000 can detect excess ...

    By AMETEK based in Berwyn, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Furnace and Inert Atmosphere Control Analyzers Product line

  • LANDTEC - Model DAQ - Universal

    Cost effective stationary monitoring in the LANDTEC System is easily accomplished using the Universal DAQ. This streamlined platform, enables monitoring, data collection and reporting of stored data from a wide variety of devices and manufacturers at remote locations. Ideal for monitoring continuous operation as well as periodic flare shutdowns ...

    By LANDTEC Distributor in PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Landfill Gas Product line

  • Model ACCU-FLO - Wellhead

    Prefabricated flow control devices specifically developed for installation on LFG extraction system wells. These easily-installed wellheads incorporate a built-in gas flow measurement device, gas temperature port, quick-connect gas sample and pressure ports, flow control gate valve and flex-hose. Both horizontal and vertical configurations are ...

    By LANDTEC Distributor in PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Landfill Gas Product line

  • Mass Flowmeters for Installed Industrial Applications

    TSI Series 4200 mass flow sensors are specifically designed to measure gas flow rates in embedded applications. The rugged housing with sealed electronics and locking connector make them highly reliable in more demanding environments. They feature a very low pressure drop, wide flow rate range and 20 millisecond response time. Series 4200 mass ...

    By TSI Incorporated Distributor in PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Mass Flowmeters Product line

  • MiniRAE - Model 3000 - Wireless Handheld VOC Monitor

    Whether for industrial hygiene, leak detection, or HazMat response, the MiniRAE 3000 delivers the most advanced VOC monitoring capabilities on the market. With a photoionization detector (PID) that has an extended detection range from 0-15,000 ppm, a rapid three-second response time, built-in correction factors for more than 200 compounds, and ...

    By RAE Systems by Honeywell Distributor in PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Survey Monitors Product line

  • Model AMI-300Lite - Catalyst Characterization Instrument

    Based on our successful AMI-300 instrument, the AMI-300Lite provides rapid catalyst characterization in a compact, affordable package. The AMI-300Lite was designed specifically for the price-conscious customers with applications that are more routine or less demanding. As always, full automation and powerful data-handling software assure data ...

    By Altamira Instruments based in Pittsburgh, PA, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

  • Hichrom - Model PAH2 - HPLC Columns

    Polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) are widespread environmental pollutants produced by the incomplete combustion and pyrolysis of fossil fuels and other organic material. These are of particular concern due to their carcinogenicity, so government legislation is demanding an increasing number of PAH analyses to be undertaken.

    By Hichrom Limited Distributor in Chadds Ford, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Hichrom Manufactured HPLC Columns Product line

  • Aqua Bailers - VOC Tips

    The Aqua Bailers VOC Tips, also known as Slow-Emptying Devices, are constructed of polyethylene or FEP and sized to fit any of our standard or mini bailers. These tips reduce water flow from the bailer, minimizing agitation and allowing a more accurate measurement of VOCs.

    By Aqua Bailers, Inc. Distributor in PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

  • Spire Metering - Model Regal Series RH40 - Handheld Ultrasonic Flow & BTU Meter

    Spire Metering is proud to present the smallest yet powerful portable flowmeter /BTU meter on the market! Our innovation never stops! This Handheld Ultrasonic flow and BTU meter, RH40, is a revolutionary portable meter with numerous features and powerful functions. It is the most compact and mobile portable flow/BTU meter on the market. The meter ...

    By Spire Metering Technology Distributor in Exton, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Portable Ultrasonic Flowmeters Product line

  • Manning - Model EC-F2 - Ammonia Sensor

    An Ammonia sensor that exhibits excellent accuracy and precision. The Manning EC-F2 Sensor is a three-wire, 4/20 mA sensor for Ammonia available in ranges of 0-100 ppm, 0-250 ppm, 0-500 ppm and 0-1,000 ppm.

    By Honeywell Analytics, Inc. Distributor in PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Commercial Solutions Product line

  • Pentek Compact-Vac - Portable HEPA Vacuum for Spot Cleaning Operations

    The Compact Vac is designed to support one shrouded power tool approximately ten feet away from the vacuum system. The Compact Vac utilizes an air venturi design powered by a 

    By Pentek Inc. based in Coraopolis, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from HEPA Vacuums Product line

  • NESTEC - Scrubber Systems

    For more than two decades, Bionomic Industries has been engineering and manufacturing scrubbing equipment, 'prepackaged' skid-mounted scrubber systems, HEI™ (High Energy Ionizer) wet electrostatic and dry collection systems for a wide range of air pollution control, abatement and product recovery applications.

    By NESTEC, Inc. based in Douglassville, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Air Pollution Control Systems Product line

  • Climatronics - Industrial Weather Station

    In many industries the ability to accurately monitor, assess and record ambient meteorological conditions can be of vital importance to improving operating efficiency and productivity, minimizing downtime and overhead, and settling complaints or litigation. Climatronics Corporations Industrial Weather Stations provide complete and continuous data ...

    By Climatronics Corporation Office in Newtown, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Weather Stations and Systems (Industrial Applications) Product line

  • Premium

    Wet Odor Control Scrubber Systems

    De Nora Water Technologies - EST™ Wet Odor Control Scrubbers are engineered to treat malodorous gases emanating from municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities. The Type 'SOS' - SideWinder Odor Scrubber™ - is a lowprofile, multistage, packaged system capable of treating air rates from 250 to 20,000 CFM. Larger air flow ...

    By De Nora Water Technologies based in Colmar, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Industrial Process Product line

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    Testo NanoMet3 - Portable Solide Nanoparticle Counter for Vehicle Exhaust Emission

    Portable Emission Measurement Systems – PEMS have been proven for certain applications to better identify in-use performance of vehicles than standard laboratory measurements. They are designed to measure emissions during the actual use of an internal combustion engine vehicle or equipment in its regular daily operation under real-world ...

    By Testo SE & Co. KGaA Distributor in PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

  • Premium

    Testo REXS - High Mass Soot Generator

    REXS: Reproducible EXhaust Simulator – generates nano-sized soot particles which are very similar to diesel soot. But unlike soot from a diesel engine, REXS soot is consistent time after time. Going this artificial route can reduce cost of ownership by as much as 80% compared to the traditional method of using exhaust from a real combustion ...

    By Testo SE & Co. KGaA Distributor in PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

  • Premium

    Model 28221-U - DSD-DNPH Diffusive Sampling Device

    DSD-DNPH Diffusive Sampling Device of pkg of 10 ea.

    By Sigma-Aldrich Co., LLC based in Bellefonte, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from DSD-DNPH Diffusive Sampler Product line

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    OmniAire - Model OA2200C - HEPA Air Filtration Machine

    OmniAire 2200C is a construction grade negative air machine with two speeds, strong housing and full size, 12” deep HEPA filter. This is a powerful, well constructed and reliable air filtration machine with many accessories to assist you on your projects. OmniAire 2200C housings have a durable finish and are structurally strong. They ...

    By Omnitec Design, Inc. Distributor in Radnor, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Air Filtration Systems Product line

  • Premium

    MonoGard - Tribo Electric Quantitative Dust Monitor

    The advanced electronics of the SiteGard detect the signal and present it to the operator using a modulating LED at the local sensor and an LCD display on the MonoGard processor. SiteGard / MonoGard is a quantitative particulate monitor which can be used either as a dust emission monitor or as a simple broken bag detector. The MonoGard signal ...

    By Codel International Ltd Office in Keswick, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Dust Monitors Product line

  • Premium

    DuoSphere - Biogas Storage

    Over the years, WesTech has supplied our customers with anaerobic digestion equipment that has added value to their plant operations. WesTech continues to provide valuable solutions with the DuoSphere™ Dual Membrane Gasholder. The DuoSphere™ offers innovative designs for digester gas storage and alternatives for conventional digester ...

    By WesTech Engineering, Inc. Distributor in PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Anaerobic Digestion Product line

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