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Air and Climate Equipment

  • Model TFIA-4 - Portable Re-Chargable Battery Pack and Charger

    Portable Air Sampler for indoor and outdoor sampling for all types of airborne particulates including environmental pollutants, nuclear and biohazards, industrial, governmental and military tests and studies, mine air hazards, factory dusts, chemical, radiological and toxicological analyses, as well as innumerable other types of research, quality ...

    By Staplex - Air Sampler Division based in Brooklyn, NEW YORK (USA). from Portable Re-Chargable Battery Pack and Charger Product line

  • Stainless Steel Support Jacks

    BrandTech Scientific introduces BOCHEM Support Jacks constructed entirely of corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel. The stainless lift mechanism with POM rollers provide long service life even in corrosive conditions. Jacks are autoclavable and are resistant to sanitizing agents. The height adjustment handwheel is made of phenolic resin. Our ...

    By BrandTech Scientific, Inc. based in Essex, CONNECTICUT (USA). from Stainless Steel Support Jacks Product line

  • Purafil - Model SIP - Shelter in Place System

    Recirculating air filtration unit designed to sit inside the protective space and purify the air of biological and chemical contaminants

    By Purafil, Inc. - Filtration Group based in Doraville, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Shelter in Place System Product line

  • Sanuvox QUATTRO - Light Commercial In-Duct UV Air Sterilization System

    Inspired by the overwhelming success of the Commercial UV Bio-Wall, the QUATTRO is designed as a Light Commercial / Residential In-Duct UV Air Purifier. The QUATTRO can treat the entire duct at one time, destroying up to 99.9% of the biological and chemical contaminants in the air-stream.

  • Donor Horse Serum

    We recognise the important role played by serum in the manufacture of safe, high quality products. As part of the surveillance system to ensure biological safety of such products, regulatory controls are applied to serum, paying attention to every step from raw material collection to final testing of the finished product. Thorough biological ...

    By TCS Biosciences Ltd based in Buckingham, UNITED KINGDOM. from Donor Horse Serum Product line

  • focus - Model 2 - XCMG Motor Grader GR180

    Detailed Configuration of xcmg gr180 for saleOperating weight :15.4 tons ,Moldboard : 3965×610mm,SC8D190G2B1 engine,XCMG driving axle ,XCMG air conditioner driving cabin ,Imported differentialmechanism .Advantages* New structural design.* The hinged frame design ensure flexible and easy turning of the front wheels with a small turning radius.* ...

  • Aqua-Stream - Side-Stream Filtration System

    The Aqua-Stream filtration system utilizes side-stream high efficiency (centrifugal) technology to remove solid contaminants and control coliform bacteria in cooling towers. Waterborne deposits and bacteria reduce heat transfer efficiency which increases energy costs, accelerates corrosion, and increases pumping energy due to water flow ...

    By AquaShield, Inc based in Chattanooga, TENNESSEE (USA).

  • Siemens - Model SGen-100A-2P Series - Electrical Generators

    Our SGen-100A-2P series features two-pole generators specifically customized to meet industrial requirements. Thanks to their modular design, they can easily be tailored to individual customer requirements. They are available with different types of cooling systems: TEWAC (totally enclosed water-to-air cooling), CACA (closed air-to-air cooling), ...

    By Siemens AG based in Munich, GERMANY.

  • WEGA - Model Two - Brackish Water Desalination

    Wega Two is a compact, easily transportable unit assembled in a container specially designed for harsh and military environments. The container´s construction, meets MIL-STD-810G, MIL-STD2073, MIL-C-4150J, STANAG 4280, DEF-STAN 81-41 and ATA 300. Produces up to 0.33L/min (475L/day) of water. To be used with waters up to 2500ppm of total ...

    By Magic Boats, S.L based in Santa Ponsa - Calviá, SPAIN. from Brackish Water Desalination Product line

  • Bag Filters for Liquid Filtration

    Chemical Industry’s process flow filtration. Drinking water,cooling water,process water and waste water filtration.  Oil,milk and fruit juice and related products’filtration processes in food sector. Industrial and hydraulic oils.  Metal plating sector’s filtration process. Sedimentary filtration processes in the ...

    By PROSES T.İ.M. based in Çiftlikköy, TURKEY. from Bag Filters for Liquid Filtration Product line

  • AquaGuidance - Model APB-O-G-937-F - Filter Block Components

    Replacement Lead, Mercury, Chloramine, Chlorine, Taste & Odor Reduction Filter Cartridge For The Agct-1000 System

    By AquaGuidance, Inc. based in Fort Lauderdale, FLORIDA (USA).

  • CL Free - Model POE-111-G-0 - Whole House Water Treatment System

    Fresh filtered water to every tap in your house. The system descales your pipes, hot water heater, faucets, dishwasher and shower heads. It eliminates hard water deposits by keeping the calcium in the bicarbonate form. It also kills bacteria (E-coli, Pseudomonas, etc.).

    By CL Free Water Systems based in Fountain Hills, ARIZONA (USA).

  • Disinfector Sprayer

    DIS.INFECTOR is a 12 litre sprayer designed especially for cleaning and disinfection in inventory buildings. The sprayer is highly efficient, durable and comfortable to use. It is equipped in a steel lance and viton seals so it can be used with strong chemicals and caustic detergents. This quality device can be used for antibacterial spraying and ...

    By GM-R Sprayers Ltd based in Buxhall, UNITED KINGDOM. from Disinfector Sprayer Product line

  • Pretreatment System

    Here is an example of a designed filter system that offers protection to the RO membranes. The filters are sized to treat a flow of 3,576 gpm and remove 3 mg/L of iron and 0.06 mg/L of manganese. Hungerford & Terry’s system includes four (4) 10’ diameter x 30’ long 2-cell horizontal filters and a custom forced draft ...

    By Hungerford & Terry, Inc. based in Clayton, NEW JERSEY (USA).

  • Model KL - Butterfly Valve

    Sigeval has developed this new type of valve using the experience of more than 40 years, designing and producing butterfly valves and the latest technology. The KL type butterfly valve covers all the HVAC field: cold and hot water, air conditioning and more. The valve offers reduced weight and is suitable for the most common drilling norms in the ...

    By Sigeval S.A based in Torrejón de Ardoz, SPAIN. from Butterfly Valve Product line

  • Activated Carbon Adsorber

    Micro filtration. Area of application: Chemical industry and drinking water treatment. Flow rate: Various filter sizes and the modular design enable any required flow rate.

    By Faudi GmbH based in Stadtallendorf, GERMANY. from Activated Carbon Adsorber Product line

  • Sewn Ends

    These are manufactured from a metal centre core with handsewn fitler media and gaskets. They can serve in high temperatures or environments with aggressive chemistry that might otherwise degrade filters with moulded ends. Optional fittings of a backwash screen, which is useful for reverse cleaning in situ and extend the service life.

    By O I Filtration Ltd based in Barlaston, UNITED KINGDOM. from Sewn Ends Product line

  • Bags Filters

    The bag filter “PES” provides automatic cleaning through istantaneous jets of compressed air, blown into the bags. These jets, due to the Venturi effect, drag in secondary clear air, causing the shaking and the backwashing of the bags at the same time.

    By Air Ecosystem S.r.l. based in Cernusco sul Naviglio, ITALY. from Bags Filters Product line

  • Activated Carbon Filtration System

    HZR TECHNO Series Activated Carbon Filtration systems are processes that remove bad color, taste, odor, organic substances, chloramines known as carcinogens, chlorine organic substances and free chlorine from water by using adsorption method. As known, most of the organic compounds are toxic. Organic molecules are completely retained by activated ...

    By Hazar A.S- Hazar Water Treatment based in Beyoğlu, TURKEY.

  • Mikropor - Model Makroline Series - Air Intake Filters

    Mikropor Makroline Air Intake Filters are designed to provide maximum performance for those customers with extremely high dust capacity and low pressure drop air intake filter demands. These Makroline filters are also suitable for higher temperature use.

    By Mikropor, Inc. based in Ankara, TURKEY. from Air Intake Filters Product line

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