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Air and Climate Equipment

  • Model 47mm - 2.0um - PTFE Filter

    PTFE Filter, PMP Support - 47mm - 2.0um 50 per pack.

    By Casella based in Kempston, UNITED KINGDOM. from PTFE Filter Product line

  • Saubatech - Gold Recovery System

    During the elution process, activated carbon that is deemed too fine for re-use is removed. This fine carbon residue contains on average between 50 to 200 grams of Gold per ton. In the past these carbon fines were discarded, or had to be recovered in chemical plants that cannot achieve industrial scale and had high operating costs.

    By Safurnco (Pty) Limited based in Northriding, SOUTH AFRICA.

  • Casella Guardian2 - Model 208177D - Particulate & Vibration System

    The Guardian2 Site Boundary Monitor is designed to help you remain compliant with site emission levels, using remote monitoring and reporting of noise, dust and vibration levels. Powered by mains, solar or battery, the Guardian2 is ideal for any construction noise monitoring or environmental dust measurement location, no matter how remote. For ...

    By Casella based in Kempston, UNITED KINGDOM. from Particulate & Vibration System Product line

  • Biological Activated Carbon-B.A.C

    Granular activated carbons are utilised, in conjunction with ozone, in an advanced water treatment process known as the “Biological Activated Carbon” (BAC) process. The basis of this process is the breakdown, by oxidation with ozone, of a wide range of organic species into compounds which are degraded biologically on bacterial biomass ...

    By James Cumming & Sons Pty Ltd based in Auburn, AUSTRALIA. from Biological Activated Carbon-B.A.C Product line

  • B-Air - Model RA-650 - Air Scrubber Pre-Filter (5 Pack)

    Air scrubbers can be transformative tools when you are doing water damage restoration work. But air scrubbers are only as good as their filters, including the vital pre-filter. When pre-filters and other filters need to be replaced, your air scrubbers are only doing a fraction of what they could do with a fresh pre-filter. Make sure you always ...

    By B-AIR based in Azusa, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Air Scrubber Pre-Filter (5 Pack) Product line

  • Omatch - Model 100 - Ozonation Systems

    Ozonation Systems virtually eliminate microbiological contaminants without using potentially hazardous chemicals. Bacteria, viruses and other microbiological organisms are destroyed safely inside a factory tested stainless steel cell.Ozone is the most powerful oxidizer commercially available, up to 1.5 times stronger and many times faster acting ...

    By Enviromatch, Inc. based in Murrietta, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Ozonation Systems Product line

  • Stripping Towers

    To complete its water conditioning systems or as stand-alone units, Idroconsult is also able to offer stripping towers of various potentials. Our company has acquired a certain amount of experience in the stripping of carbon dioxide and ammonia. The stripping towers are mainly sold as post-conditioners for osmosis systems or as pre-conditioners ...

    By Idroconsult S.r.l. based in San Giorgio di Piano, ITALY. from Stripping Towers Product line

  • LanzaTech - Gas Testing Station (GTS)

    LanzaTech provides mobile gas testing services as part of our project development process. The Gas Testing Station (GTS) is capable of testing the compatibility of the gas streams from your industrial process with our gas fermentation process.

    By LanzaTech Inc based in Skokie, ILLINOIS (USA).

  • iMETOS - Model pro - Weather Station

    The iMETOS® pro weather stations can be equipped with up to 80 sensors, and can therefore deal with almost all established micro meteorological challenges.

    By Umwelt-Geräte-Technik GmbH (UGT) based in Müncheberg, GERMANY. from Weather Station Product line

  • µMetos BLUE - Weather Station

    A full weather station with a wide range of sensors for on-site measurement of key parameters for irrigation and plant protection. Easy download through Bluetooth connection to your smartphone Management made easy.

    By METOS by Pessl Instruments based in Weiz, AUSTRIA. from Weather Station Product line

  • Model WS-GP2 - Advanced Automatic Weather Station System

    The new advanced WS-GP2 Automatic Weather Station is based on the powerful GP2 Data Logger. It is an ideal solution for research and environmental monitoring applications. It provides a highly rugged and flexible system - users can select the optimal combination of sensors, logger, power and communications.

    By Toragon AB based in Umea, SWEDEN. from Advanced Automatic Weather Station System Product line

  • Model X Monitor HC - Dissolved Organic Carbon

    Environmental pollution with volatile organic compounds (VOC, POC) must be avoided and contaminated sites have to be cleaned up. This makes a robust, reliable and sensitive monitor to detect this compounds most desirable. On application of the Organic X Monitor HC numerous organic compounds can be easily detected as summary parameter.

    By Prozess Analysen Instrumente (PAI) based in Hipstedt, GERMANY.

  • Model WE800 - Weather Station Data Logger

    Global Water's WE800 Weather Station data logger is a fully integrated, easy-to-use, economical, computer-based weather station for monitoring and reporting many weather conditions.

    By Global Water Instrumentation, Inc. - a Xylem brand based in Gold River, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Weather Station Data Logger Product line

  • Atomx - Automated VOC Sample Prep System

    The latest advancement in VOC instrumentation by Tekmar is the Atomx Automated Sample Prep System.  The Atomx combines an Autosampler and Purge and Trap into a single instrument for the analysis of VOCs in soils and waters. This is the first of its kind and only system that employs a unique methanol extraction automation feature for high ...

    By Teledyne Tekmar based in Mason, OHIO (USA). from Automated VOC Sample Prep System Product line

  • FutureGen - Power Plant

    One of the things that makes the FutureGen power plant unique is its ability to capture the CO2 created during the electricity generation process, compress it and pump it into deep geologic formations thousands of feet below the earth’s surface where it is permanently stored. This technology is known as carbon storage (sometimes also called ...

    By FutureGen Alliance, Inc. based in Washington, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA (USA).

  • Skye - MiniMet Automatic Weather Station

    Low cost weather station utilising precision components and sensors. Permanent or temporary installation kits. Easily portable – ideal for short term research or monitoring projects. Completely weatherproof – no other enclosure required. Units are supplied with internal batteries, solar or mains power options. Optional software ...

    By Skye Instruments Limited based in Llandrindod Wells, UNITED KINGDOM. from MiniMet Automatic Weather Station Product line

  • Model 102 - Snap-On Analyzers

    The Model 102 is a considerably upgraded replacement for earlier Models PI101, HW101, DL101, 101N, & IS101.  It has enhanced features such as a faster response time, extended range, elimination of any moisture sensitivity, capability of having up to 4 sensors plus a ppb range, and improvements such as a pump & datalogging. The Model ...

    By Quadrex Corporation based in Woodbridge, CONNECTICUT (USA). from Snap-On Analyzers Product line

  • Model 650 - Chemiluminescent NO/NOx & Paramagnetic Oxygen Analyzerr

    The California Analytical Model 650 NOxygen NO/NOX/NO2/O2 digital analyzer is designed around a state-of-the-art 16 bit microprocessor, with 16 digital inputs, 16 digital outputs, 16 analog inputs and 4 analog outputs. The analyzer can be manually operated from the keypad or remotely via TCP/IP, RS-232C communications and discrete inputs. The ...

  • Goyen, Asco and Turbo Valves

    C.P. Environmental (CPE) offers wide range of accessories for your dust collection equipment.  We keep a large inventory of Goyen, ASCO, and Turbo Diaphragm Valves, Solenoid Valves, and Rebuild Kits. Our customer service professionals are available to get you unbeatable pricing and help you process your order for quick delivery.

    By C.P. Environmental, LLC (CPE) based in Romeoville, ILLINOIS (USA). from Goyen, Asco and Turbo Valves Product line

  • Filter Bag Cages

    C.P. Environmental (CPE) offers durable filter bag cages to support your specific OEM baghouse. Our designs, available to fit all baghouse brands, come in vertical supports ranging from 10 to 40 wire. Choose from mild, galvanized or stainless steel as well as epoxy, or zinc coatings. A wide variety of oval and screen designs are also ...

    By C.P. Environmental, LLC (CPE) based in Romeoville, ILLINOIS (USA). from Filter Bag Cages Product line

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