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Articles & Whitepapers

  • Revamp of fatty acid column - Case Study

    Customer: Producer of Glycerin & Fatty Acid. Location: Western India. Tower Name: Pre-Cut Distillation Column. Tower Diameter: 800 mm. Mass Transfer Equipment: Structured Packing (ME-II 250 Y) and tower Internals. History:The customer is one of the top three largest producer of glycerin and other integrated components of Fatty acids in India.

  • Recovery of phenyl acetic acid - Case Study

    Customer: A leading pharmaceutical company. Location: Western India Tower Name: Extraction Column. Tower Diameter: 700 mm. 4 Packed Beds of 3m height. Mass Transfer Equipment: Medal-Pak tower ...


  • Macrotek selected for two acid scrubber contracts

    Macrotek Inc. has announced receipt of two major contracts for a hazardous waste treatment service provider in Central Canada. Macrotek will design, engineer, and deliver two counter-current packed bed scrubbers for the removal of acids from process ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Bed Limiter

    Bed Limiter

    Bed limiters are safety devices that are available for both random as well structured packing to avoid the expansion of the packed bed, as well as to maintain the bed top surface level.